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  1. Even I wouldn't do this and if you read the forum I am a firm believer in ignoring the 85% rule, but the car is rated to tow 1500kg only and any more than that is actually illegal-so no, don't do it!
  2. You can diy-check out the cost of the van it's based on and the cost of extras and then decide-but of course only if you find the extras desirable to you.
  3. Yes same with us in the Leaf-regen braking at max means brakes are very rarely needed at all.
  4. i cannot imagine the ontroller taking that amount of juice.
  5. It is totally untrue to say that the towing capacity of the vehicle is based simply on a series of hillstarts and pulling away. Manufacturers go much further than this and are as you will see developing stabiltiy systems etc trailer assist that have to be tested. Also not true to say that the capacity is high due to the loads being less high ie vertically or easier aerodynamically or they are travelling slower. Farmers tow trailers with horrendous loads -bales of straw , machinery and yes horse boxes. Many don't hang around. We now have a Navara and tow a 2000kg Buc-we don't know it's on whe towing (except the fuel guage drops faster!) yet internet forums all chitter about how trucks have no weight in the back and are flighty-total rubbish. I would happily tow with your proposed outfit-have done so with far greater differential between tow car and caravan and would put money on it being a brilliant combo. Ignore the 85% blinkers. It is purely a sensible cautious starting point and towing over 100% is from many mile of experience perfectly safe-and the caravan didn't even have ATC!
  6. Poor you Les; that is awful for you-can it be corrected?
  7. I have to say that BMW option at £850 seems pretty good value and a very impressive piece of kit!
  8. Totally agree-criminal that in a country with so many rivers and disused water wheels they're not resurrected.
  9. The batteries in the valves last about 5 years-in cars -which are used much more so they must last longer in caravans which don't move so often-they are motion activated in our car at least and look the same. If you google it you can buy the monitor but it has to be the correct one to work with the frequency of the valves -all based on mini ownership of course. WE haven't got them on the van. it is a tyrepal unit-same price on ebay as from Bailey as far as a quick glance shows.
  10. We happily towed a 1450kg with a 109bhp dacia duster 4x4, kerbweight 1280kg and never had the slightest wobble in any situation and we did a lot of driving and holidays. I would think it would be more than up to the job-plenty of power, manufacturer rated towing capacity of 1700kg if it's the dsg, but only 1500 for the manual-still by my experience it would be fine. Kerbweight is around 1480 so the 85% rulers will say no! I'd say yes!
  11. I wouldn't let a storm put me off if i were there already-don't be bullied into driving any faster than conditions allow and you'll be ok in almost anything in the Uk imo. We've sat out howling gales in our van though if we know it's going to be that windy we don't choose the cliff face site-ie the Wirral, but a more sheltered one and we've only once made the mistake of putting the awning up when we shouldn't have-never again-it's not nice taking down an awning in your pj's at 2am!!!! In a howler plus rain!
  12. Our main dealer actually advised us go to a towbar firm rather than them as they fit so few!
  13. Look great -just undo the top clamps and drag the bar out as far as it needs to be to see past the caravan sides.
  14. Never had this issue-only the bathroom in our Verona was a bit cooler and that was sorted as above by adjusting the flaps on the outlets. I think if I am reading your post correctly you stand the risk of overheating the unit and causing it to shut off completely. Just buy a little electric extra heater for the area you find cold perhaps?
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