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  1. I think we may take that with a pinch of salt-there is an awful lot of fake news and exaggeration around; they keep saying this drug or that is promising but there seems not consensus and the gossip about it then disappears. We will know more but it's taking some time!
  2. We really have our dream combo; Nisan Navara towing our Bucanneer Cruiser. We wouldn't change the Cruiser for anything-it really is a hotel on wheels and that underfloor heating-just superb. HOWEVER while the Nav is brilliant for us with having a very messy dog, However as things progress I would change this to the Tesla Model X but I'd want a bit more than the current approximate towing range of 100miles before that happened!Currently we'd probably go for the Range Rover Sport or Velar with the biggest petrol engine or the top of the range Rangey.
  3. Sorry but this situation requires an enforced lockdown; people just don't seem to be getting it!
  4. I really don't think after this weekend anyone should; we have a booking but will cancel even if they don't refund us after the government quite clearly stated-avoid unncecessary travel eg caravans and holiday homes.
  5. Our Bailey was well made and no issues with locker doors. I would say our Bucanneer is even better made though. The sealant on Bus is applied so beautifully. I spent hours cleaning it off our Pegasus.
  6. Hope we have Never checked nose weight either!
  7. Have to say the CMC have been excellent-we are booked to go away this weekend and they have said we can cancel without loss. Aiming to go thought!
  8. Really good they are prioritising the over 70s. Time to start being creative-visit the smaller shops/farm shops etc perhaps. I was visiting in hospital last night-interesting that the general comment was that suddenly A and E was a lot less busy-makes you realise how many people probably didn't ought to be going there in the first place!!!
  9. Having towed Pegasus Verona at 1450kg with a Dacia Duster 1.6(109bhp) petrol for over 30I miles in every type of condition ( overweight 1280kg so 113%) I can vouch for the op! yes we had emergencies and no the van never ever deviated from the line I wanted it to take. Average towing mpg 24mpg. We load the car not the Van and am fastidious about three erc. No atc on a verona either. To dispel another urban myth we now tow a Buccaneer with a Nissan Navara. There is no lack of rear grip when towing nor any tail light induced sway. Rock solid!
  10. Brilliant solution John!
  11. As I can't seem to reply or add to Tunigrew's excellent report on the Navara, I would like to add that we have the new 2019/20 Tekna and many of his findings have been addressed by Nissan-the gearbox (manual ) has been reworked and is now very very good-much better than the previous model which I found VERY baulky! There is now a very good DAB radio which can also read your texts and has a stock of supplies-voice control which I never use as they never understand me (bit like many aspects of my life!!!) and upgraded ie twin rate rear springs, to counter criticism by farmers etc that it was wallowy when heavily loaded. We love ours!Oh and they have added trailer assist too.
  12. As above the only really important things are the van lights-that's all I ever check even with a new towbar. The ATC of course lets you know! I do however occasionally check it is tight after one came loose on us.
  13. Nor is a water leak from the roof going to be visible by marking wall paper as the wall is a plastic coating over the aluminium and simply wipes clean-neat solution-the only worry you have with a Bailey is the floor. We have a coated floor in the Buc-now i worry about the wallpaper!
  14. I think the whole thing is nuts; healthy people should go about their normal business-if they fall ill stay at home. Vulnerable people need the utmost protection and anyone who might think they have any virus should stay well away-and the vulnerable should be imo be self isolating. The rest of us-I am afraid we need to experience this to build up our immune systems else it'll be back! Probably yearly and could be worse.
  15. As above bu t also covered ours with a plastic spiral cable tidy just in case.
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