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  1. Err new caravan so not an issue you'll need to worry about for a good few years-likewise the floor has a plastic underside so completely waterproof unlike the ply of Baileys for eg. As it's a new caravan follow the same procedure as if you were buying a new car-check cosmetically it's to your liking-not marks or scratches dents or dings from transit , pdi has been done well and listen carefully to the handover-which i then proceeded to forget-hence the video of it is a good idea!
  2. Yes you'll have underfloor heating. Enjoy!!!!
  3. Totally agree Volvovanner; and are great vfm when you look at the kit-I know Coachman have started supplying ep levelling but there's still no underfloor heating and it's really amazing-we're cozier in our van now than at home . We totally love ours and as you say standard of build, in my opinion is outstanding. I too am fussy and I just love the quality of application of sealant -perfection, and the cupboard and door hinges/closers and dovetailing. Very impressive. In our first year we've encountered 2 issues-a slightly moved window rubber and the alarm awning relay stuck on on-both sorted on
  4. Absolutely agree, Andy or in the USA where you pay in advance of fuelling. Can't remember how it worked with not knowing how much, but it did. Prepayment by credit card I think. It isn't really jumping through hoops to get a plate is it? As far as I am aware it's simply a case of taking in proof of id and the vehicle V5-not even sure proof of id was needed.
  5. Also don't look for the flush tank for the loo-there isn't one-it comes from the water supply . One less job! But most of all enjoy-we are out in ours now with feet warmed by the underfloor heating cosy and enjoying the sunrise.
  6. Not sure how much reading you have done already but there is a lot of new stuff on the Buc-so make sure you know how the levelling works-nose down to start-etc by maybe reading first so when they show you it makes more sense? film it too. Putting the wheel locks on is simply a case of chock offside wheels raise the side on ep hand brake off rotate wheels and fit, drop and level. Our dealer had it up and running to show us how to fill on board tank, and use it or outboard etc. Most imp check all round for faults in and out-we found the grand total of none! Love it-ask away if you get stuck as
  7. Woulld rather not have abs?mmm yes a racing driver can brake better but after honing their craft at the edge of performance-we can't and don't -abs allows you to steer around an accident rather than lock the brakes and oversteer into a ditch or understeer into said accident. I class myself as a good driver /rider BUT wish I had abs on my KTM-the one time i fell off-yes diesel-big mistake was to dab the brake and off i went-less than 5mph so no harm done! But it was like glass.
  8. I wouldn't say 16% is a worry is it? Std figures are 10-15 and it's bound to have more condensation around all of the windows?
  9. Essentials yes, awing probably no-nor pegs-I'd always put that in the car along with any other heavy items your clothes and food. In our van we have toaster kettle, cutlery tv bedding wash kit-towels and the caravan pump, waste master and aquaroll plus hoses and that's about it-only 1 gas bottle-never weighed it as cannot get excited about a few kg nor feel the risk of being stopped and being dreadfully over weight at that is very high. BUT we always try to load the car not the caravan.
  10. It isn't from what I read cruise(active) used rear brakes and stability control too. Electronic diffs and torque factoring use fronts.
  11. It's the reason mini teccies give for the rapid wear rate of rear pads in the f56mini. Not sureabout its accuracy but seems a common occurrence.
  12. Cruise control too, not sure how they're driving but cruise on the way uses rear brakes if active.
  13. Having a 193 bhp Navara I have to agree with Tom; tows a 2000kg Bucanneer like a dream. I can't agree with Xtrail man that it'll feel sluggish. It'll pull the chassis off the Van! HOwever of course there is never a subsitute for power and the higher powered version will feel even more relaxed. Looks at the pros and cons-the higher powered version might be harsher (some VW engines are apparently ) less fuel efficient, higher tax and insurance rate etc etc-bit of research needed
  14. Yes exactly-worked a treat-expensive though as they were about the most expensive tyres you could get and wore the fastest too! Premiums went on the front too but not so grippy! Was going to say something when I saw premium and nexens then read the last sentence-can't fault you-having had landsail on a golf r32-why would you , (i bought second hand) i did the same.
  15. I agree with that-the rev 1 got hammered but the rev 2 had wider rears than the fronts and while not perfect by playing with tyre compounds I felt the situation almost completely cured with Bridgestone F1 s on the rear-mega soft -only lasted 8k miles compared to Pirelli etc more ordinary rubber which always did 15k easily. I give in-the opinion on here is that it was my bad driving and I was too fast although a Corolla did the same in front of me at the same speed. Believe what you like (it never happened after the tyres were replaced and the pressures were right and the car never felt unstab
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