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  1. I think i would try very hard to simply find storage-personally wouldn't want to leave my caravan on the street nor live in a house having to look at one.
  2. Most importantly clean your roof-muck from the rain ie soot etc collects there and runs down set places hence the streaks. Autoglym super resin polish shifts it immediately and if you polish the whole van then keep it topped up with a top sealant or proper wax eg Bilt hamber speed wax, or Carplan number one top gloss-which is so easy and fast, a simple wash will remove the black streaks-our Bailey PEgasus was a nightmare for it but our Buccaneer far less so. .
  3. Touareg/Kia Hyundai would be where I'd be looking if we didn't have our Nissan Navara-190bhp tows our 2000kg Buccaneer with ease-loads of kit inc leather heated seats, (electric drivers) with a canopy so much space and 26mpg towing and 35 every day with 40 achievable on a good solo run-we just love it!
  4. You really can't win-you simply need to buy the caravan that floats your boat, from a good dealer just in case!
  5. I would be like you-diy-you know you've done a proper job!
  6. Bear in mind 10-15 is normal damp readings so 5 is very low, 28 is cause for concern though but they'll dispute it because damp meters aren't the easiest or most accurate to use. Open the drain plug on the loo flush and stick a hosepipe in the fill and flush it gently out then add some pink stuff or puriclean and run that through a few times-good luck! If it came with warranty they should fix it but maybe won't believe your damp readings.
  7. Poor you-want a total pain. Wonder what happened there?
  8. So many features on our vans and so much comes as standard with a new one-post 2019 anyway , thought this may help some What comes as standard with the van-that you might not on lesser vans! Leisure battery-yes top quality-since it has EP levelling it has to have a battery to operate it Outdoor shower outlet-COLD, with the shower attachment Outdoor BBQ point with quick fit adapter tie wrapped to the outlet Aquamaster-ie to hook up direct to the mains Waste master-provided because of the above Knife and fork holder in the drawer Solar panels and Tr
  9. Yes-all fine and good to go!
  10. Plus one here for the Worx-there are three levels-lowest has just one setting mid one has low and higher pressure-but neither chuck out enough to come close to a car-ideal though for caravan washing as the power is basically hosepipe. Then the brushless which as above is the business but I decided i couldn't quite justify. I put water in our aqua roll and clean the caravan with it-which is why i bought it-but it's great on cars too-just love it and highly recommended with a superb warranty-the one in the caravan mags ?Agri? looks the same tbh with a rebadge. I did a lot of research online when
  11. WE have a 2019 Cruiser-no teething troubles-fit and finish amazing-so far we've been very impressed. The sorts of teething troubles you describe sound familiar in all makes of vans these days-very sad for you-and along the lines of our experience with our Bailey we had before this. Silly issues which make me wonder why your dealer didn't pick these up in the pdi? After all it's now their job to sort in retrospectively. With regard to bedroom heat not good enough I don't think that's a fault perse-could be wrong ie airlock in the water but it's at the end of the run-always going to get the
  12. If you have newish Alde heating on the panel you'll see a greyed out underfloor electric heating box-in the options list-so you can buy it from Alde! Or buy a Bucanneer-hot water pipes under the floor-we love it!
  13. And make sure the cable won't touch the floor it grinds through on tarmac very quickly as we found out early on to our cost. Lovely caravan-superb awning-we love our Outdoor rev-still going strong after a lot of use-and the beauty of these is you can't over pressurise the bladder-pump till the release valve kicks in. Mind we usually go just under. ENJOY!
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