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  1. Until I see any evidence to the contrary and there is VERY little caravan overturning data out there, I will base my decisions on my experiences. I have seen a tyre blow out and the sway on the caravan from that but the car slowed and recovered and have seen some wobbly caravans that were being towed by vehicles I know should have coped. I also refer to tractor units on articulated lorries; I know full well the connection is very different but given that the trailer outweighs the tractor unit I will remain devil's advocate but would simply advise any beginner to read up on the 85% advice BUT to not take it as gospel that sticking to this will ensure safety or otherwise! The results of the continent and USA seem to confirm my feelings-is it only the Uk who has this advice?
  2. YES in fact i think they all have led lights; from experience lights/radio wipers etc don' t make much difference BUT the heater takes 10miles off the range-very high draw. if he had run out of juice Nissan would have recovered him-they do for flat batteries if you don't do it too often. The other great idea they do is free fossil fuelled car for 2 weeks a year for the first 3 years so you can go on a long journey!!!
  3. As Will deBeast says. We towed 1450kg Bailey Pegasus with our 4x4 DAcia Duster 1.6 petrol 109bhp. It s kerb weight was circa 1300kg I think though I NEVER bother with that figure. It was rated to tow 1500kg and tow it did VERY VERY well. WE never had a wobble or any issue and happily travelled at the speed limit up to Ben Nevis in Hurricane Brian a few years ago! 30,000 miles of happy caravanning and one of the best cars we ever had. The Pegasus didn't even have ATC or shock absorbers either. My advice is have a read up to see what your car is like towing. Can you let us know what it is? My opinion-the 85% guidance-it is not a law was 'invented' when cars were far less advance and had much soggier suspension!
  4. We've always had a new van and hence microwave; the turntable always comes in a folded cardboard envelope type thing and we simply keep it in that in the front drawer.
  5. Yes I'd look at upgrading the existing suspension; firmer springs even?
  6. More often the little awing rail and webbing things are used along the side of the van at slightly increasing lengths so there is a fall, to keep the waste pipes neat and tidy; great idea! Will be making my own at some point.
  7. That's what I always think-by the time you finish faffing plugging in a powered pump you've done-and that is with our 4 separate valves Outdoor revolution from 2016-single point inflation these days!
  8. I read somewhere that a white lego brick and acetone mixed creates a melted plastic adhesive/filler but google it as could be wrong or get in touch with experts such as those at Sth Yorks Caravans whose body shop know how to do repairs like this.
  9. Yes but you still have to charge the battery-bit more efficient i grant you but for most people for most journeys simply adding a charging socket which since the engine charges the battery anyway shouldn't be the end of the world, means that you very rarely have to visit a petrol station and burn any fossil fuel. Just seems to me if a car maker goes to the effort of a battery power for say 30miles having it charge from a socket too as an option makes it so much more efficient. in the real world hybrid drivers are getting 60mpg -yes a bit more than a small diesel but if it were chargeable this would be hugely better if people bothered to charge up. Seems to me like having a charge point powered by a fossil fuelled generator-does exist and is a bit more efficient than a pure fossil fuel powered car but only a bit more efficient, not massively more.
  10. We always used a cheapo electric drill-never disassembled it just left as was in the garage and dumped in the car footwell or boot. Saves time and effort for swmbo whose job that is(was now we have the EP system)with the torque set really low to avoid damage! Nice and easy, effective and safe.
  11. WE love our Outdoor REvolution-really well made and the tube valves auto adjust so if it gets hotter the bladder doesn't burst as the pressure sensitive valve lets some air out!
  12. AND don't forget , as well as being great towcars as per above-totally agree with all points, they are an absolute hoot to drive. Have had unlimited access to a Nissan Leaf-the new version but the slower one with lower battery power and it was fantastic fun to drive with all that torque from standstill-enjoyed embarrassing many a cocky Audi and BMW! To 30mph it flew, but tails off after that but top speed of 90mph plenty fast enough imo!! Never tested that but it was absolutely fine on the motorway at legal speeds.
  13. You would get a dealer warranty if you buy from a dealer-only as good as the dealer though. You could buy an insurance backed warranty independently as some Lunar owners are doing since they went and reemerged. You could pay a mobile service engineer to inspect the van and damp test it-and they will then advise accordingly-bit like the RAC will do for a car-peace of mind for a small fee?! They'll check other things too. Check re the original damp warranty-some makers ask you to pay a fee and reduce the time it is covered for.
  14. Good move you won't be disappointed .
  15. Big one on our Pegasus; never had any issue at all but we did fit a towing cover as we didn't want a stone through it!
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