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  1. Yep history is full of luddites saying it can't won't happen; fortunately the world is full of talented and ingenious minds and ways are generally found. No one said we'd be receiving a covid vaccine by now-couldn't be done. NB this is not referring to anyone on here-but just a reflection of how history has a habit of throwing up solutions to problems-even ones we didn't know existed.
  2. Saracasm will get you everywhere-but £9995 otr with the 1.6 petrol and the Nissan X trail 4x4 system. kept for 4 years did 36000 miles-other than routine servicing it never had a single fault. You can't argue with that -and servicing was fixed price £150. The only expense we ever had was to pick up a puncture=and guess what the spare was included and was full size. Just needed to replace it when it was convenient. IMO they are massively underrated and the new Sandero has just won small car of the year award-looks very Polo like and has the chassis of the newest Clio so it won't be a bad litt
  3. Totally agree Sureflow and power gen and charging will be solved too.
  4. Yes we are lucky to have more than one car, and the ev arrived in November. When we can't tow with our Navara there will be a Tesla X equivalent 2200kg tow capacity and currently(!no pun intended )300mile range but it won't do that towing of course. We can't afford an 80k car but our intention is to run a diesel well after the 2035deadline that tows unless of course Mr Tesla provides an alternative. Petrol and diesel's I think will be in huge demand come the ban tbh .I am really not panicking quite the opposite ,just hope I live long enough to see it all take off. An old shape Leaf is around
  5. I am very optimistic; as you know we have an EV-a Mini-it isn't our only car but it's the car of choice for most journeys at the mo-rediculously cheap to run and rediculous fun and for our needs 100mile (140 max) range is absolutely fine till we are out of lockdown. Then the diesel towcar will tow says he hopefully. But , the Mini is the best car to drive I have ever had. The rapid improvement in car and battery technology will continue, and capacitors/ solid state? storage methods will become available. The national grid may have to be improved-it will happen, and we will develop better mean
  6. That's what they all say about kerbweight and caravans; but there are now at least 2 of us on here to disprove the theory. It's an urban myth and to think that just because a car is heavier than what it is towing means it can control it in a swaying situation is dangerous. Our Duster towed brilliantly at 113% kerbweight ratio. Our Navara is 94% and tows brilliantly even though most kerbweight supporters that's too close a ratio with a truck since the back end it light-it certainly doesn't feel light. Kerbweight is simply a guide. A starting point and a rule of thumb-car manufacturers don't us
  7. I'll bet the Superb, was well, Superb; this kerbweight thing-again. The Kodiaq got amazing reviews and is a good tow car-I would most definitely have it on my list-great car.
  8. The material is different but the Prima does get great reviews-as above you need to go and see them installed somewhere to compare.
  9. We didn't like the wishy washy interior or the vfm which was way behind the Buc, but some prefer that design so if it wows you ,Nice caravan.
  10. BUT if you're only doing short journeys on a day to day basis and it's a plug in hybrid you save a fortune and save running the diesel engine with associated DPF issues. Could make a lot of sense for some.
  11. It won't go far on electricity when towing but it might help-so then it'll run on diesel-if the diesel engine alone has enough power ie good enough and it suits you then go for it-Q7 is a great tow car-and of course when on site -if you can charge up or at home you;ll be able to tour the area for free.
  12. Ours groans too and always has . Not been away for a while now but can't remember if it's always or on mains hook up etc. seems normal to me.It all works a treat. Don't worry.
  13. As above you shouldn't have any issues getting on site. Most just stipulate no commercial vehicles . You can then read between the lines. A local traveller family near us live in a Bucanneer.
  14. I think this is a great idea but there are quite a few pitfalls and caravanners take serious pride in their kit , hence the concerned replies. Insurance and gas etc could all be issues but I see many hotels and b n bs and rentals are doing this. Our local very smart hotel was full of Openreach vans this morning about 30 perhaps and I'd say that would be a lot comfier than a caravan and trying to educate a novice on how to use caravan kit. I wonder if they are doing discounts? My wife is a key worker and considered an overnight stay at a very nice hotel and they were doing great rates. Rest
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