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  1. May be ring Coachman-some vans have reinforced areas specially for the TV bracket-and eg Bailey pegasus a special tv bracket too. ?
  2. SOLD our PEgasus now but all my car wax is Carnauba and I had to buy alternatives ! Wish I had known!! GRRRR
  3. We ALWAYS drink our tap caravan water; as long as you wash out your Aqua hog -we always put some Milton type disinfectant in there after every trip and wash out before next use on site arrival, is it only taste that is the issue-ours rarely tastes of plastic and if it does we rinse and refill.
  4. I know that the CMHC have gone for a different product BUT given their reputation and their need to maintain this I don't think they will be any worse than any insurer out there. Really tricky one this as unless you do a lot of internet trawling it is difficult to get a true picture on how good a claims dept is. Being a firm disbeliever in insurance anyway ie a sceptic who thinks you will always be out of pocket anyway and end up paying for it ie reduced NCB etc etc, we lock every wheel and hitch and pay the minimum we can for insurance-the costlier the van the costlier the insurance the newer the van the same and of course new for old costliest! HOWEVER we have always shopped around hard and gone for the cheapest that meets our needs at the time and make sure you compare like for like-ie excess size etc! Just my philosophy-I never buy insurance cover for electrical goods etc-some you win some you lose but on those at least am a net winner! Have developed a dislike for Panasonic disc players ie dvd/blu ray !
  5. Re the whale pump-if it's the o ring housing male part that is on the caravan wall you can buy that as a unit. If it is the body of the whale pump that is then plugged in to the caravan wall then not so sure you can get that as a separate part; however a complete new pump is less than £50 esp if you trawl ebay and some people carry two pumps anyway-keep the old one and then if anything else broke you have a spare you can make up from the two-unlikely you would do the same sort of damage again!
  6. As above they don't -you can peg the rear pegs just behind the van if the ground is soft and not tarmac-to help hold it against the van walls and poles are available t help too. Some people use Kampa limpets-suckers that attach to the awning material then stick to the caravan wall but really you can't get rid of every draft!
  7. Not good for Lunar owners over 3 years old but sad if dealers have dumped Lunar too. There are some mega bargains to be had out there and since most of the ranges are being carried on at the mo I wouldn't worry about buying one-huge savings to be had at Grantham caravans for eg 9000 off an Alaria TS. Only Venus have been dropped from what I can see and therefore cupboard doors and trim etc will all be available-and of course since caravans are kits of parts ie Thetford, Dometic Truma and Alde there will be no issue finding parts for these. WE ran an Avondale Argente-lovely van-bargain price-as no one wanted them as they 'don't make them any more'. EVERY single issue we had was a simple repair-new tap cartridge, Thetford Toilet pump all sorted very easily from standard caravan shops! 9k savings pays for your damp insurance plus more besides!
  8. Dont use the cover; we've had ice on the top of it but unless it is very very very cold you'll be ok -or keep an eye on the weather and disconnect and use the cover when needed. I know they keep going on about a mega winter but it doesn't happen very often!
  9. WE tow with a Nissan navara-early days yet but seems fantastic 190bhp seems plenty good enough, and though the kerbweight isn't much above the Buc towbar limit is 140kg and the legal towing figure of 3500kg give plenty of reserve-we don't bother much with kerbweight-having in the past towed near to 100% with a Dacia Duster 4x4 and found that rock solid even in Hurricane Brian on the way up to Scotland.!!!!
  10. I wouldn't worry at all-after sitting at the Lawns in September buying a brand new van in the 20mins we did this we saw 3 other Bucaneers sold-deposits paid-we are talking some of the most expensive therefore highest profit vans here-incredible-the down turn is pushing more people to holiday in the UK from what I see and you can't get in sites these days ! our local dealer met their targets at the NEC too!
  11. We take the aquaroll and all the water containers home with us and take them and a bucket of shampoo etc with us to storage and clean it with that-all the containers we have plus roll is pretty much sufficient. Every 6months a wax polish followed by carplan supergloss makes it easy to clean next time; am going to try waterless wash at some point for a lightly soiled van but wouldn't use it on a muddy etc van!
  12. Same in the UK re idling with no one behind the wheel!
  13. As said the dealer deserves recognition regardless and there are bound to be some out there who haven't had the same treatment ; Robinson's of Worksop are the dealer and the van a Bucaneer Cruiser. So far so good! Early days though!
  14. We were impressed with service dept on the last van we had from them-VERY, that is one reason we stayed put-actually cost us a little more than the best deal but we trust this lot! Don't worry we know the dealer and have previous with them-very impressed then! Happy to name if allowed !
  15. Plus one here for Baileys-we loved our Pegasus so much and no issues that were Bailey's fault and no really major issues at all-all sorted by minor diy ness! . But that wasn't the question-or first van was a lovely lovely Avondale Argente (DALE) 2 birth to try out caravanning.. We hadn't caravanned before but had camped. We were limited on towing weight as we bought the Dacia Duster-1500kg limit before the van. ONLY SOLD THIS as the father in law and daughter expressed an interest in coming with us and we were fed up with making up a bed so bought a fixed bed 4 birth we could tow- the lovely Buzby, Bailey Pegasus Verona. Since we have had it my daughter refuses to sleep in the van -awning only and father in law -refuses full stop-cottages only! The poor old Dacia was racking up the miles so SWMBO decided it was change car-Nissan Navara.Stupidly I said-well now we can tow anything, and once she starts looking that is it. The new Bucanneer Cruiser is lovely has a better bed layout for us and is a hotel on wheels. PLUS we got nearly as much in px for the Pegasus as we paid after 2.5 years of use-we couldn't say no!(she said!) Oh and Avondale 3 years, Bailey 2 1/2 years Buc, 2months and counting.
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