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  1. We always got a good phone signal in our Bailey2916 and now in our 2020 bucaneer so think your idea may notwork .you may need to line the whole van or go airstream?
  2. Forks ; thought they were for eating with or held the front wheel on a bike/motorbike. What/where are they in a car?
  3. Probably a bit of excess gas burning off after the first go?
  4. We have the power touch evolution on our buc and were advised to add the extra ie 4wd. not as nifty as a single axle van but very good.You wont get much selling the pwr touch. Great mover so upgrade it is my humble advice.
  5. Saw a tow car stolen; the van and car were sited next to a hedge boardering a fairly busy public footpath; the thieves obviously saw the keys for the car were in the caravan-and the site was fairly quiet in the middle of the day with people out and about, prised open a window, took the keys and drove away! Nasty. We always hide or take valuables with us and don't leave them lying around the caravan.
  6. I really don't think if you drain the system after use as we do, and leave taps etc open there is a great problem; even legionaires will then be flushed out once you run the water so on arrival at site run all the taps for a short period of time-gently preventing aerosol ejection of the water droplets and inhalation which could cause legionella. Other than that there really isn't a problem; our water safety officer at work insists the taps are flushed in this way if they've not been used for 2 weeks or more but that's it. We've always drunk our caravan water as we would the house water straight from the tap.
  7. Nope never-and I can't see a thief even bothering with a pair of scissors or knife-just pop out and few tent pegs and in you go. On awnings with zip out areas eg windows you'd have to lock every single one and still it wouldn't be secure. Our soft top car has a perimeter alarm-roof off, if anyone puts so much as an arm in while the car is locked and armed away it goes but can't even see that working too well in an awning due to the temp changes and movement.
  8. Blimey-we've had a Bailey 2016 Pegasus Verona-nicely made and we were really pleased. VERY few faults- a bit of a bubble on a chrome tap and a leaky Thetford Toilet cassette both instantly rectified by the dealer. And we kept the faulty parts. My only criticism of the Bailey was the amount of sealant around every joint-it didn't leak though! Our new caravan is an Elddis Bucaneer-same dealer ; we've been away 3 times so far-totally faultless in every way and the build quality-don't know how much work was done on the pdi of course, is amazing-every shutline perfect and the beads of sealant look as if done by robot-I pride myself in finding fault but just can't even find a loose screw so far. It is by far and away the most beautifully constructed caravan I have ever had the pleasure to inspect. For the op your gripe is with the dealer of course but having been to shows and chatted to staff I get the impression they do care.
  9. Ours was the polar opposite-could not believe how much sealant was slapped EVERYWHERE-took me a while to get the excess off side panels above the awning light, and the awning rail was a mare! One tube per item for our Verona. And on the roof the saddle straps were litererally swimming in the stuff but you couldn't see that so felt it a good thing-maybe I was right!
  10. I just think that the weight is focused on one small area whereas the awning stresses are right across the whole van length. I don't do it just in case but can see why I might be being over cautious.
  11. As Alan says-we had a Bailey-moved to Elddis-the Bailey spares and parts dept is Prima and is totally amazing-Elddis don't do anything. We bought screw covers, a TV bracket purpose made for the van and a towing cover by Specialized branded Bailey from the site-and it was cheaper than buying from Specialised direct! Bailey caravans are in our experience lovely; go see both but bear in mind that dealer proximity for service etc is important too. Plus buy a Bailey-and it is a fantastic and unique design , and you are supporting UK jobs. BUT it's your caravan you have to in the first instance, buy what you love-bit like a house-first impressions-does it feel like you!?
  12. I'm not panicking- if they do what has been suggested it is only a ban on sales-if you have one and the majority still will , then petrol and diesel will still be readily available-we may tow with our Navara-buying one just before the end of sales and sub it with a cheap electric car (!!!???) for short journeys. Don't panic.
  13. Your tow bar will be fine; tell the fitter what you are towing-ie Alko compatible (probably a swan neck ball) but for any extra info check out the Alko website. For the weight on the tow bar check the spec of your car and caravan and pick the lowest of the two when you weigh it to check it.
  14. We just visit outside the midge season; far safer given swmbo 's reaction to any bite!
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