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  1. As Woodentop says-if you want a good picture and smart for a sensible price then go Samsung/LG and you can't go wrong at Richersounds for their 6 year warranty-which is amazing but sometimes they don't have small TVs and so Currys might be your source-compare the two. Even though many rate AVTEX I can't ever imagine the price justifying the TV-consider their actual panel will be made by one of the larger companies ie LG/Samsung or maybe the cheaper ones cropping up now and not them.
  2. I agree with Dave S -Somehow and this is press confirmed-in spite of the very racey Civics Honda still have an old person image-Toyota perhaps though they are working hard to shed it with the Gazoo Racing Yaris and Supra etc, but definitely not Ford -they are the boy racer go to with the Fiesta St and Focus ST/and was the Rs much sought after and very quick and highly rated. The Vauxhall range isn't very inspiring at the mo!
  3. Exactly as Mr P says-quite easy to put back -as we found to our cost when one of our stays stuck and swmbo got carried away-over extended the window and it popped out-simply hold it up enough and it'll go back in!
  4. I don't think you have much comeback but if sorted properly you'll have no issues going forward-we bought a lovely Avondale that had damp in the rear corner, from a dealer who then repaired it-absolutely perfect from there on-and a great caravan for us.
  5. Funny isn't it-we actively don't want the light light wood effect doors-loved our Verona -they seem to be copying Coachman and that's why we didn't buy one-getting lighter all the time. We like a bit of colour-shame they can't offer a colour option on cupboards etc, but hey ho. Looks nice and we do like Baileys.
  6. I know some very happy lorry drivers-depends who you work for and of course what you transport. And they don't seem massively poor either-hides under a parapet here. Add the fact that there is a national shortage and they seem to be able to move jobs fairly easily and are in demand. Not all are complaining and not all are hard done to from what I see. What does annoy me is that they are at the mercy of idiot car drivers-quite often, and terrible traffic jams, plus of course the crazy public who at any hint of an empty shelf cause absolute mayhem by binge buying. There needs to be a ban on news involving any shortage of foods! Or shps need to be far quicker to ration.
  7. WEll said Whomer-it's all a bit mad. And Plodd-we'll be avoiding them on principle! and we're no where near 100%
  8. A vinyl wrap company would replace them surely. But at a cost. You could mask and paint perhaps?
  9. HAve never knowingly had ATC activate on any of our caravans-had one without it which towed equally as well as the ones with it-but it's there just in case and am glad it it! I'd rather it never had to work, just like abs or a seat belt.
  10. Welll said Flatcoat88-just seen a bucanneer towed very stably by a 5 series BMW.
  11. Temp sensor is behind that panel i think-not the best-and we have our offset set to -4 From memory-that makes it far more accurate.
  12. WE towed 1400kg with a 110bhp DAcia Duster 1,6 petrol normally aspirated-had to work the gears and keep revs up-something I actually enjoy-and think ahead on hills-but there was no difficulty keeping up with traffic if you did so. IT was a great car. Not so much thinking to be done with the Navara , Buc combo BUT I still prefer a petrol engine anyday to a diesel. We nover got less than 24mpg either.
  13. That's lovely and we're not really laughing at the old but the disorganised or innocent caravanner-and how wonderful his friend was to give sterling help-really lovely tale-let's hope he learns from his lack of preparedness though some people do simply live like that!
  14. It's also a total nightmare getting spare parts at the mo apparently-they can't get parts for new caravans to keep up with demand -let alone supply spare parts-perfect storm of Brexit, virus and a stuck ship in the canal apparently are all being blamed. Hope you get a solution soon.
  15. I really like the way you've done that Andy-and 1300kg on a Karoq would seem ideal. Should be a good selection of vehicles for the op on that sort of basis that will tow 1600kg or circa that. interesting to see the variation of weights for the car too.
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