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  1. kahravan

    CRiS Issue

    Just a quick update. My CRiS document releases to print facility exactly on day 31 :) There hasn't been an issue. Thanks very much for all answers.
  2. kahravan

    CRiS Issue

    Hello. I will be buying our very first caravan. We saw one, had a deal with private seller and I personally checked CRiS number with CRiS and git back there is no issue with the caravan. The only point is 1/3 of the document (CVR8 New owner part) is missing but the actual owner part (CVR7) is still there. Do you think if that would be an issue?
  3. Hi Gordon, Thank you very much for sharing your experience about your child. This helps me a lot! My mind is clearer right now I will be looking for the one with side bunk beds as well. Thanks again Hello Blackhart. Thank you very much for your reply. Do you think if a fixed bed much more better on a long trip? Btw thanks for sharing the story of yoyr friend. It helps us a lot to hear similar stories. Hi Joanie. Thanks for your answer. Well we have been thinking about this for a year. I could arrange everything to leave for a year. I started reading nearly everything because I know nothing about it Thanks for sharing the website. Looks great!
  4. Hello everyone! This forum is so great for newbies like me. I would like to thank everyone for giving a lot of information. We (My wife, 4 year old son and me) are not even newbies yet. We haven't towed in our life. We haven't even been in any campsite! :) But we are planning (not dreaming) to have a 365 days journey around Europe starting on May 2020. I hope you don't think that we are bunch of idiots! (Please support our idea lol) We have been in some caravan dealers and I think we kind of found our favourite type. 4 berth, end washroom, twin beds, single axle. I have some questions if you can answer. - Can we find any caravan with a layout above under £5.000? - If yes can you suggest me some brands and models? - Would you suggest us to choose another layout? - Do you think if we are dreaming? Thank you very much in advance for your time.
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