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  1. I ended up using a patch. The area that needed repair would’ve meant removing a lot more wood ver joints then I was happy with, so I patched up the missing polystyrene with some designed for under laminate flooring, covered the holes and screwed them into place, then use yacht varnish to protect the wood. It’s doing an awesome job!
  2. This is the problem, I can’t easily follow it back up. The wiring from pump to switch to pressure switch stretched the fill length of the caravan and I can’t see where to follow it a sits all wrapped in brown tape...
  3. Luckily, that’s something I’ve already done. The motors are both working fine, and I could’ve saved myself £20 by testing before buying another.
  4. So, testing with the multimeter for current, I have ensure the BK/OR cable between the pressure switch and pump is fine, and the pressure switch carries a current fine also. I’m not sure how to test from the OR out to the switch, as the pressure switch is under the bench half way along the caravan, and the pump switch is at the back in a unit... Same for the WH/OR from the extractor fan to the pump. Extractor fan is next to the pump switch. The light turned on always, so the circuit seems complete still...
  5. I bought one recently, for diagnosing this issue. That’s now I know I have 12V on the connection luckily Ive tested back to the pressure switch also and gotten 12V there too. The toilet and red indicator light are also working, so beyond looks to be fine.
  6. I wish! That would be easier to fix! Unfortunately I cannot get the pump to run at all on either my existing or new pump. Just changed the fuses, no luck.
  7. I don’t think that’s right. The pump was never running while trying to investigate an issue. The pump just suddenly stopped working, so definitely not a blocked pipe. I don’t remember saying anything about investigating with it running either, only that the pump died entirely and had never powered on since. I’m continuing down the fuse route currently. Should know more later.
  8. Well it’s not a corroded connection. Just been out and filed back to shiny copper, but still no connection. Can anybody think of anything else?
  9. I think your right though Paul, just noticed the underside of the connections are black. I’ll try filing them down and feed back soon.
  10. I’m getting a 12V reading on the external connection pins, but it was a brand new one. It is indeed possible I received a faulty one when ordering though. The pump didn’t run at all when connected though. I guess I should try connecting the pump straight to the battery also.
  11. Hoping someone can offer some advice, as we’re a bit stuck. Our water pump is not pulling up water, but the pump light is on inside the caravan and the connection to the water is good on the outside. It started earlier today when it kept pumping but there was no water being drawn and the heater tank was full, and has now stopped pulling water entirely. Currently we have no water flow. We’ve bypassed the pressure switch so we know it’s not a micro switch problem. The power circuit is fine as the pump light comes on and the external connections are giving a reading. I disconnected everything from the filter so it just a pipe, but nothing gets pumped up. I’ve tried a brand new submersible pump, but that still doesn’t bring up any water. I’m running out of things I know to check...
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I’ve got some planning to do now
  13. I always go gently with expanding foam, as it can be so violent 😂
  14. That’s pretty much what I was thinking of doing also Jaydug, so may follow that through. I was also trying to backfill the missing polystyrene also.
  15. It is only the very outer layer that has been damaged. As you can see, the ply is quite thin.
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