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  1. You can get 7/8 year old top spec (EX) CRV 2.2 iDtec with less than 60k on the clock for less than £8k.
  2. 1.6dci, but if budget stretched I’d probably try and go for the 2.0
  3. Is the CVT in the X Trail really as bad as this thread suggests? Is it because they drive differently to a standard auto in that it maintains the same revs Looking on autotrader, you can pick up a two year old, mid range diesel model for around £16k with less than 20,000 on the clock. Yes, the auto model is limited to 1,500kg towing capacity (although 100kg on the nose), but other than that seems a really good vehicle for towing.
  4. A bit late now, but did your other half ever consider opting out of the company car scheme and taking a car allowance instead. Opting out of the company car tax racket was the best decision I made two years ago. If you are a higher rate taxpayer doing less than 30,000 miles a year, it’s a no brainer.
  5. I did a five day intensive course as soon as I turned 17 to get my motorcycle licence. Passed (just). Scary when I think back to it, just turned 17 with 600cc between my legs. But yes, it was good and you go to the test with it all fresh in your mind. That said, I found learning to ride a motorcycle easier than driving a car, so not directly comparable.
  6. We are now considering taking a day off work each and leaving kids at childcare (no family live nearby). Plan isn’t to buy a caravan until late 2020, so going this time round as a prospective customer to look at various models, layouts and understand level of discount available at shows with so we can go reasonably informed next year.
  7. The “second car” market will be the first to move “en-masse” to EV. Recently my wife bought a Mini Cooper S, which we feel is a final fond farewell to the ICE. A shouty 2litre twin turbo petrol which never fails to put a smile on our faces, but we are 95% certain her next car in 5-10 years will no doubt be an EV. Range anxiety will never be a problem on the mileages she does.
  8. Hi all, Wife and I would like to go to this show this year, we’ve never been before so wondered if anybody clear up the following: How busy does it get? We have been to the good food show at the NEC where you can barely walk round as it is so busy - is this show like that? We are planning to go on the Saturday due to work and school commitments - yes, we are planning to take our 5 and 3 year old with us - is this wise? TIA.
  9. Although not in a caravan, it felt like our holiday in France this year felt cheaper than it did 2 years ago, even though the pound was even worse. I got diesel at Auchan, Cherbourg for €1.33/litre a fortnight ago which when converted to pounds was about 10-12p/litre cheaper. For me UK = short breaks, EU = summer holiday We’ve got kids and a typical entry fee for day out in France was around €50. Good luck finding anywhere half decent in the UK where a family of four can get in for less than £100 without some Weetabix voucher or similar!
  10. Fair enough. I guess that makes sense - I suppose additional guidance of that it is better to put the majority of payload in the car (within the legal limits of course), rather than on board the caravan to increase the ratio of car->caravan in terms of weight. There probably is, I just haven’t found it yet. My observation was more of that as a complete novice to towing and caravans in general.
  11. As a newbie to this towing lark, all I can say is that all of the advice that I’ve researched over the past few days has been extremely confusing. Unless I am still mistaken, I can’t understand why the “85%” figure pits the caravan’s MTPLM figure against the car’s kerbweight. To me it is nonsensical. Surely the caravan’s MiRO weight versus car kerbweight is more appropriate for the simple reason that in both cases the car is more than likely to be laden with people of varying weights (ours would be around 170kg in humans alone) and a degree of bootfill. Given the measly payload most caravans offer unless on a short break a lot of stuff will need to be stowed on or in the vehicle. I guess what I am trying to understand from a personal point of view is that to a certain extent you can ignore the 85% rule if you know that 99 times out of 100, your tow vehicle will be much heavier than the stated kerbweight?
  12. Hi all, Our family loves a holiday, 2 or 3 per year with usually a couple in the UK and an annual summer holiday in France. After having stayed in gites, cottages, statics, hotels and Airbnb’s - we’ve realised that it doesn’t matter what luxuries you have, you rarely spend a lot of time in your accommodation (weather dependant, I guess) and love the idea of owning a caravan. We have a young family (2 and 5) and they have enjoyed camping trips with my parents. Although a Cub Scout at heart, camping just doesn’t appeal to me! Although we feel that in time caravanning will potentially reduce the cost of a holiday, albeit with increased frequency - it is clearly an expensive hobby to start out in, so although one could class this decision as sensible (or more likely boring), we are looking at buying a caravan in late 2020/early 2021. I need to buy a new car anyway, so looking at double expense so we double down on saving so that we are not reliant on credit for the whole venture! Flip side is it gives us a lot of thinking time to research layouts, necessary equipment, go to shows etc and ultimately decide whether this is the lifestyle we want. I also need to look at taking a B&E test with associated training. Anyway - this site has already been invaluable for initial information, so thanks! Jon
  13. I’m not sure the B+E is particularly an issue. Aged 31, I have no choice but to consider it. Courses are around £500-600 inc test, so given the cost of caravans in general it’s hardly extortionate! Half the cost of an iPhone XS that most of my peers own! As as someone else said, if you want it bad enough - you’ll do it! My only gripe with the B+E is that it only applies to tests passed since 1997. Given the experience my dad shared of passing his driving test in the 70’s and knowing the length of tuition I went through in passing my own car and motorcycle test, it seems barmy to me! For me, the niggle in my head about potential ownership are two-fold and both relate to environment issues. Firstly the demise of the ICE, but I hold hope that EV/hydrogen could address that. But at the moment it is the decreasing kerbweight of vehicles in the interests of efficiency which I fully support, however really limits options of caravans. Thanks.
  14. Thanks all for the quick and helpful responses! I’d be looking at the 2.0tdi with DSG as I’m sick of manuals, so 1545kg kerbweight. I’m guessing the 1.6tdi will be a bit gutless to tow. Looks like the Passat could be a good choice then!
  15. Hi, i’m really sorry to drag up an old thread - thought it better than starting a new one? Myself and my wife have started the fateful journey of looking at entering the world of caravanning. After initial excitement, it looks like a minefield!!! I currently drive a 2013 Audi A4 Avant which to be honest I’m looking at to trade in. However, my job involves lots of driving on motorways (30,000 miles/year), so I didn’t like the thought of buying a 4x4 or SUV for daily driving just because I want into the caravan lifestyle. I’ve always liked the Passat and assumed it’d be a good tow car, however the caravans we seem to like seem to have a MLPTM of between 1,300 and 1,500kg!!! I passed my test in 2005, so looking likely I may need to do a B+E anyway which isn’t an issue, the issue is that I’m really nervous about the “85%” guideline for towing. I’m clearly an experience driver, but I’m not going to lie - towing scares me a little!!! Am I being unrealistic looking at caravans so close to kerbweight on the Passat B8 estate? You get so much kit on a 2018 SE Business model as well.. Thanks in advance - I’ll get round to introducing myself shortly! Jon
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