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  1. It’s clever marketing from car manufacturers that encourage people to change cars long before they become an issue. Most warranties run out after 3 years or 60,000 miles. I see 60,000 miles as just being run in! My current A4, that I will be selling for our new towcar is currently on 115k and I wouldn’t be getting rid except for the fact it won’t tow what we want. I’ve had many company cars go to 150k+. Generally the only issue I’ve ever had is with car air conditioning systems failing. My next car will be an A6 Avant with a shade over 50k on the clocks. I’m hoping given the future of ICE vehicles that it will see us through to 200k miles towing and for work. The secret is oil changes every 10k miles irrespective of manufacturer guidelines - 20k servicing intervals is only for the benefit of fleet managers who want to reduce costs of managing their fleet. Keep it serviced and maintained - happy days!
  2. Still bizarre that a rule like the 1997 legislation was never retrospectively applied. Especially given driving test standards get better every year that goes by. The fact my Dad aged 64 could go and tow a caravan even though his driving test consisted of a couple of laps of a housing estate is bonkers.
  3. We’ve got 2 kids similar age and we are considering the Sprite Major 6 or Adria Altea Dart layout. Middle bathroom will be best. A bit of a random one. But I don’t suppose your username correlates with the same person on a motorcycling forum?
  4. Sounds like a challenge to me! According to the towcar info site. Your tow limit is 1,500kg and the combo will be 90%+. Also, good chance it will push over the 3,500kg GTW requiring a B+E if you passed your test after 1997.
  5. I find this whole shebang really quite bizarre. Surely it must be the short trips? On my 2013 Audi A4 I’m still on original battery with 114,000 miles clocked up. Before lockdown most of my journeys were long motorway jaunts and 40 mile round trips to the office. That said, since early March I’ve only done 190 miles. I haven’t checked voltage and it hasn’t seen a charger. Yet starts bang on every time. Either I’m very lucky or it does indeed correlate with vehicle use pre-COVID.
  6. I’d sooner drive at 1.6mm on premium tyres than 7mm on budget tyres. They are called ditchfinders for a reason.
  7. Bodster


    Surely BMI is just the same as the “85% rule” for towing. It’s not perfect, but as a simple metric - it does the job. I work in the food industry, developing new products to end up in both restaurants and on supermarket shelves. The hoops you have to go through with regards to salt, sugar and fat is incredible. At some point, people will have to start taking responsibility for themselves - we cannot rely on business and the state. As for cycling, it’s rarely been any good for losing “fatty” weight unless you are pushing hard. Running is best for me and I’ve both cycled 300km in a day and run a marathon - so have pretty good experience of both.
  8. I don’t tow with it. Because it restricts our choice of caravan and I have a young family - I am changing it for an A6 Avant. Sad really as my A4 has given me a largely trouble free 114k Miles. That said clutch is on its way out now.
  9. You make a good point David. I do try to buy British built where possible. My wife owns a British built Mini, even if the parent company is German. I’ve generally always had German cars myself as but there are other factors that come into play given I drive 25,000 miles per year - so maybe that was your point, it is whatever is suited to our needs. We really like the Avon layout. However they are heavy beasts at 1,650kg MLPTM. With me and the car weighing in at 1,795kg that puts us in 92% territory. I have to take a B+E course and test, but will still be a novice - seems maybe too much to chew for a first van?
  10. I have exactly the same car currently (which I will be getting rid of for impending tow car). It only has a plated tow capacity of 1,300kg. Mine is a manual. Image from my V5: - Although engine plate suggests 1,370kg when subtracting the MAM value from the GTW value. Who knows?!
  11. I have never taken the protected NCB option. A claim will always increase your premium, if you have over 5 or 6 years NCB, you won’t lose it all after a claim anyway - it might go down to 2 or 3. The NCB is just an elaborate discount multiplier. I would rather pay a little extra for insurance to reduce my excess in the event of an actual claim as opposed to taking protected NCB.
  12. ADMIN COMMENT - Moved from caravan Chat Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I am interested in the proposition of Adria. Reading the above, if you had an Adria dealer 3 miles from your house - would they be a realistic contender? On a more local level, I feel morally obliged to buy a Bailey to support our local economy as they are made here - however, Adria seem to have a good reputation for quality - even if the interior is a bit “ikea” to my eyes. They are also a tad heavy - but towcar isn’t fully nailed down yet - so a moot point. I’m going to have to do a B+E test anyway.
  13. First post for a while. We had to put our caravan plans on hold until late 2021 due to a number of factors! However, yes we are looking to buy. I have been offered to buy my father in law’s Audi A6 Avant at the end of it’s PCP plan. I’ll pay off the balloon payment which currently is much less than market value. Will be perfect for towing, I feel. The only downside to COVID is the effect it is having on the value of my current vehicle. I know cats depreciate like crazy, but my Audi A4, which has been losing say £50/month according autotrader has shed about £400 of value since lockdown started! As a percentage it’s quite high as the part ex value is only £4,500. There will be definitely some good deals about for the next 6 months or so. I’m hoping the same will apply in the used caravan market! Just need to sort B+E training and test... No. Just taxed it online, with no issues. Have you received the renewal letter from DVLA?
  14. You can get 7/8 year old top spec (EX) CRV 2.2 iDtec with less than 60k on the clock for less than £8k.
  15. 1.6dci, but if budget stretched I’d probably try and go for the 2.0
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