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  1. hi all it was that pipe under the van and it has a internal pump with filter to draw the water in from water container outside after me buying a submersible pump but it did look like a drain pipe but not inlet only . but thanks everybody
  2. I'll get bk to you all van is in storage go down next week try trace pipes don't even know were the tank is but 3 grey waste outlets 2 together one single but I'll get bk let u all know if I get it thanks Thanks for all comments
  3. this is the only place i can see tried everywhere think onboard pump may draw it in dont know ?
  4. my battery box is a lot smaller and no flap but starting to think it is under the van my battery box is a lot smaller and no flap in it but that photo looks like its under the van so starting to think it is under the van as a inlet and drain its the same size as the grey waste pipes ?
  5. no on other side do you think under the van ? yes on board tank but cant fill it cant find the inlet valve to fill it
  6. hi can anybody help ive been doing a old caravan up just fishing it but cant find water inlet. the toilet is ok it a thetford cassette toilet its to feed water in went round battery door cassette door heater box but cant find nothing its got the old 2 pin 12v water but pump plug but noyhing for water below is grey waste pips coming out and 1 single grey up under the van were battery box and water heater think that to do with drain water heater ? its a bessecarr se deneby 1995 3 berth can find anything on the net been trying all day thanks
  7. hi can anybody tell me were i can get bessacarr se danaby 1995 manual tried to look but only go back to 2000 year thanks . am looking to find the fuse or trip box if it has one and how to work things ?
  8. no keep away stay away as you told us for hundreds of years to stay away lol
  9. Thanks for all replies guys think i posted this twice as am new to this forum sorry . been told that a have so sorry lol bye big brother
  10. anybody know whats best and cheapest just to run tv radio micro off grid Converter or generator thanks
  11. arty 25


    its away from trees but its got grass around it . if i wax it will that stop it somebody said try that ?
  12. arty 25


    hi has anyone any ideas how to stop algae growing on caravan .its in outside storage and keeps going green a sick of washing it ? thanks
  13. hi can anybody tell me how to empty the tank for flushing the cassette toilet need to empty it for the winter .do i just keep flushing it till its empty thanks
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