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  1. MrRVW

    Toilet Flush

    We had problems with our thetford loo. The pump would not pump. After some searching it was attributed to black bits in the water. These apparently are from algae forming in the flush water due to light which gets through the plastic tank. The way to get rid of the algae is to use something like PURICLEAN in the flush tank. Drain the tank and fill with water and the suggested amount of puriclean. Leave for 24/48 hours then flush it all out. It’s recommended this is done at the end of the season before bedding down for the winter and at the start of the season. Done this on ours and it seems to have cured the problem. Hope this helps.
  2. MrRVW

    Freedom Caravans

    Hi, The aerial was fitted by Freedom at Stafford . Yes fitted solar panels myself. The awning is called a EuroVent. I believe that Bradcot make a similar or same one. This was supplied by Freedom at Stafford.
  3. MrRVW

    Freedom Caravans

    Another owner here. 3years now. 2016 Jetstream First Class. Has a few foibles but more than happy with it.
  4. Been recommended to join so here I am. Been camping/Caravanning for approx 45years😳 Don’t be fooled by this as I am still learning😂. Hope to enjoy searching through this forum and learning new things
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