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  1. MrRVW

    Freedom Caravans

    It’s the only one I am aware of that offers a 25year water ingress quarantee 😉😉
  2. MrRVW

    Freedom Caravans

    Today I fitted a SOG unit to our loo. I’ve fell into another modding trap! It arrived on Friday and I spent the day reading the instructions familiarising myself. Well worth it. First job open the door and mark up where to drill hole for fan. The instructions show the door hinged on the opposite side. But as long as you measure from the hinged side all will be well. I only had a 40 mm hole saw but it worked out to be the perfect size. once hole drilled it has to be sealed on the inside to stop smells getting into the door. I used sikaflex. Next is to remove cassette and modify as per instructions. Then the holes in the cassette compartment need drilling. This would have been easier with a 90 degree drill attachment, but not impossible. Fitting the bits of pipe and hose is reasonably straight forward. Wiring was next and that is easy. Again following instructions and attaching clip points and terminals. Connecting into the flush pump wires.. Refit cassette and test extractor fan. Open flap on loo fan starts and draws smells outside. Verified with a Josh stick in hole and you can just smell it outside. So all good. Just needs to test and try it in anger when we are allowed out to play😂
  3. MrRVW


    Bit like the building of shopping parks. Many against them. But the saying is build them and they will come. Same as providing proper segregated cylcle ways. Build them and they will come.
  4. Because if not fitted correctly they suffer from heat expansion and cracking problems. It happened with mine even though it had been fitted to the suppliers original instructions. They subsequently changed their instructions because of this and up to now I have had no problems. Also flexible are not suitable for all situations
  5. MrRVW

    Blue & Pink

    No two blue 4lt bottles. Been using the pink and it’s clogged the pump with black bits 3 times in the last 18months. So not sure the formula has changed.Just wondering if Dettol or Zoflora would harm the seals etc?
  6. MrRVW

    Blue & Pink

    Just ordered some Elsan double blue from amazon. 2 x2 litres £26 free p&p. seems a good price. What alternatives do you use in the flush tank that doesn’t cause black bits or damage the rubbers?
  7. MrRVW


    Any opinions on these? https://back2you.com/collections/top-sellers
  8. This data is a couple of years old but it shows we are overpaid as pensioners in the UK😂😂
  9. Possibly the pensioners should be given the credit they are due? if it was not for the SILVER SURFERS . Cafe’s , buses, holiday parks etc,etc, would be closed, because without them going out during the week and travelling in their caravans and motorhomes, there would be no money being spent.
  10. I replace our 85amh wet battery with a 110 amh AGM back end of last year. not yet used it in anger because of this dreadful virus. But I also added one of these. Hopefully whilst travelling it will keep the battery topped up and run the fridge properly. Still cheaper than lithium https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/7343/files/BBC1225_caravan_model.pdf?11091381068632727602
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