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  1. Thanks . To make matters worse I part ex'd a zafira touring in February & that would have been ideal to tow with. We went to 2 dealers yesterday for another look but there was nothing under 1300kg that would accommodate the 4 of us. I am going to have to upgrade the car by the looks of things.
  2. AHHH so its one of those subjects , i wont mention it again But wouldn't it be so simple if everyone sang from the same hymn sheet.
  3. Please dont hold yourself back , spit it out. ive been on too long trying to figure everything out.
  4. Is the kerb weight not the V5 figure plus 75kg for the driver? i had read that somewhere
  5. Last time we went looking the OH fell in love with the layout of the sprite major 6 , i had no idea of the weight of my car at the time ( i didnt think she was serious about buying ) but now i know i wont be looking at anything that big again.
  6. We will be looking for a smaller van , i dont want to tow something that heavy with this car .
  7. The V5 states that the mass in service is 1393kg , its getting lighter at this rate it wont pull a trailer tent
  8. Thanks for that , but this is the most powerful engine with 1700kg max towing limit where as i am at 1500kg . The sprite major 6 is too heavy for my car , the problem we will have is finding the layout we like at a lighter weight. TERRIFIED no she is lovely really, we are both new to this & its quite headbusting trying to figure all the weights out . for pointing me in the direction of a caravan match site , i never would have thought of that.
  9. Trying to figure this out myself as a newbie & its got my head done in. The drivers handbook does not explain anything as they cover the whole range . But i do know if i had 4 20 stone passengers in the car it wouldn't move , never mind with a caravan on the back.
  10. I purchased a 2017 Vauxhall Astra Sports tourer 1.6 cdti last year after the wife decided against buying a caravan, well 10 month later we bought a dog and suprise suprise she now wants a caravan. Now here's the dilemma, she has her heart set on a sprite major 6 , i did agree that the layout suits our familys needs but it has a MTPLM of 1468kg . The car has a max towing limit of 1500kg . Do i tell her to start looking again at a smaller van?
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