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  1. thx for the responses guys, most appreciated, we will check them all out, Annstead Farm especially.
  2. Hi guys does anyone know of any smallish independent sites where you can get a little seclusion or just some space around the Northumberland area. Just came back from a trip to a C&C club in dumfries and tbh, ive never seen so many vans crammed so close together, hardly room to move. Put me right of and is making me question our membership and whether or not C&C sites are for us.. I know these are weird times and they are probably desperate to claw some money back this year, but it really was unreal, could barely open the car door because the couple next to us had to park
  3. Hi, when you say spreader plate I think we are talking about the same things.. in in my mind they are wall plugs that are threaded, and a bolt turns into the plug.. the plug collapses into a cross behind the wood. I would not imagine wood screws would provide a strong enough fitting.
  4. All great and helpful comments, thx guys, will definitely have a think about it and contact coachman and see if they can offer any advice. I will I’ll definitely do this before drilling anything now.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, Jazzerb - we we wanted a bracket to keep it of the bench , allowing us to fold it away when not in use and leave the bench free. hp100425ev - thx for that, I will definitely not be drilling into that then.. might ring coachman and and see if they can assist before having at it with a power drill thx guys
  6. Hi guys, after some helpful tips from you guys on where to find a bracket suitable for our little van I would love some input into where I could fit it. Our van is more or less the same as the pic, but with the post I have ringed on the opposite side of the bench.. making it ideal for the bracket.. as it will face into the seating area. im guessing the ‘post’ is conduit for internal cabling, which will be my first concern, but I’m also worried about weight bearing, my thoughts are to drill carefully through, maybe not going right through, but then finish the holes with
  7. Thx so much guys, I did try and search before I came here cap in hand but my search criteria must have been well of as all I found was what I’ve bought which looking at it , is not suitable .. least it’s of Amazon so it can go back.
  8. We would like to use our TV now and then, but it’s a bit of a pain tbh, taking room on the bench we have to use no where to put it apart from the car when not in use and we need the bench again.. however we we were away at the weekend with friends and one couple had a new caravan with not one but two TVs, my friend showed me that he could easily unclip the TVs for transport. this got me thinking about getting a wall bracket for our van, and a new lighter TV.. but then realised the standard brackets are more meant for leaving your tv on there permanently.. ca
  9. I presume the membership will continue to rise annually. Costs from all aspects of the organisation will rise after all, and if the membership base doesn’t cover a lot of it.. then the ones left will have to. I also presume sites must pay a percentage of revenue to maintain their site/member status also, and their costs and over heads go up annually to. maybe rebranding was a misguided waste of money for unknown benefit but that aside.. rising costs is a sad sign of the times imho 😊
  10. Thanks for all the positive comments and support guys, really made me feel better and that im not alone, Spoken to the AWS fitter who has visited the storage facility for us in the past and he says not to worry, im not the first... he has more or less reiterated the thoughts here and is going to go out this week, fit a new break away cable, test the electrics for me, but he doesnt think there will be an issue more the damaged socket on the car.. I told him i was going to a local witter fitter, which he strongly advised against, pointing out it would cost more when t
  11. Hi guys Need some advice please, I've just returned from the shortest trip we've ever had, lasted about 2 hours.. I forgot to remove the plastic ball from the hitch of the van ... thought the van was attached to the car, when it wasn't, but it was certainly attached enough to rip the emergency cable of the car, didn't snap the cable or pull it out of anything, It actually snapped the carabiner type clamp, the hand brake did come on the van though. And it also pulled the electric hook up out the car. The front of the van dropped and hit the ground, and i am r
  12. Newly back to caravaning, this time round we bought a kampa Rally 260 I believe it is.. never put one up before, and it took my missus and I 40 mins from start to finish, majority of that was pegging it out. We love it, only had the manual pump and it took 5 mins or so.. So with a bit of practice and familiarity that time will come down no doubt. Had very strong winds and rain at the weekend up in dumfries and it was fine. Only mistake i made was closing the valves before inflating properly, which was my fault as I refused to read the instructions Once I realised (onc
  13. 14 years... nice, im hoping to get the same life span out of ours.
  14. no, no fan sounds at all, my missus is saying she pointed out another dial above one of the benches, I cant remember like but that's not to say she didn't .. problem is, the van is in lockup now otherwise i would go and test. But there was no fan sound at all.
  15. I went an posted on the forums without an intro. Hi All, thx for the responses already in my request for help posts. Were coming back to caravaning after years away while our teen son has become old enough to be left home alone.. been doing villa holidays for years after he decided caravaning was not cool enough ... but now hes at Uni, decided its our time again. So we've bought an Xtrail as they can pull anything.. just about, and an older coachman pastiche 460/2 and a nice inflatable awning... Looking forward to some good interaction these
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