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  1. LiPo is Lithium Polymer. Li-Ion is Lithium Ion. A lot of battery packs use 18650 Li-Ion batteries . I believe for long term storage (months) it is best to store at 40-50% capacity. (3.77-3.87V per cell). I'm not sure how you would do that on a pack as normally you can't see cell voltage but overall pack voltage. A fully charged Li-Ion should be 4.2v per cell. Nominal voltage is 3.6v so your pack is probably 10 x 18650 in series and a number of 10 in series connected in parallel to get the 15Ah. So I am guessing fully charged your 36v battery is more like 42v! So at 3.80 (50% ish) your pack should read about 38V. Sorry if it's too complex. But just don't store them fully charged if possible.
  2. Not sure which tech the new battery will be but if it's lipo best to keep it 50% charged if possible.
  3. Silly question but if a new battery comes with 6 year warranty is the original one covered by a 6 year warranty and is it young enough?
  4. Looking great, well done. I assume you have cables in for roof lights?
  5. I think it would need way more resources to keep things up to date better, especially at the moment. It's probably best to err on the side of caution and send more letters than maybe necessary. Hopefully more people will stay at home but if the traffic outside my house is anything to go by there are still a lot of 'necessary travel'!!
  6. Do you not consider it necessary to have travel insurance yourself to cover your potential losses? What if the companies went bankrupt before your arrival? As someone who was an accommodation provider and still run tourist business I am self employed as many small businesses are. So far we have zero income, the possibility of a mortgage holiday ( interest compounding) and no other help at all. What do the terms and conditions state that you agreed to say? I'm not complaining as we all have to pull together to get through this. I feel sorry for your financial loss but there are bigger things at stake here.
  7. Supermarkets are telling suppliers to reduce their lines. So less number of different sizes or types. I think it was Tesco who said instead of 20 varieties and sizes of pasta they are going down to 6. I just hope they are not doing it to enable them to increase prices by stealth!
  8. I used to regularly get wax blocking ears so I bought one of these Wax Removal Syringe from Amazon. It squirts water at 90 degrees to the ear drum so shouldn't cause any issues. With softened wax it should work great. I do mine about once every 6 months.
  9. If there is no issue in Russia why are they building special hospital for virus? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-51945855/coronavirus-temporary-hospital-being-built-in-moscow
  10. You are quite right the wheels wont travel very far at all. I did say it might be me over engineering things. One thing is the load they may have to support could be significantly higher than normal nose weight on coupling up! They may have a large amount of load when people are using motor movers, maybe even up steep slopes, surely the load could be quite high? I would guess manufactures are making them to appropriate standards, so should be OK.
  11. To be honest I'm not sure. Traditionally things with plastic bearings were not as good at those with metal roller bearings. Things may have improved and maybe nylon is fine for the loads they are quoting. It's probably me just over engineering things Let us know how you get on with the new wheel.
  12. No idea if there are any better ones but both you listed seem to have nylon bearings!!! Not sure that is best for reducing rolling resistance.
  13. I think they might have to relax the requirements for highly trained intensive care nurses to run the machines. They will have to train other staff in basic operation of ventilators and have the fully trained nurses having more of a supervisory role. If it's a choice between life or death, at least a ventilator monitored by someone less skilled with skilled backup is better than no ventilator!! Which would you chose? I think we have to realise things have to change for the good of everyone. We all have a part to play, following official advice is the best we have.
  14. Have a look here: https://www.thencc.org.uk/downloads/alko_towball_guide_final_rev1.pdf
  15. The little boxes that convert optical out to headphones are great and less than £10. They should power off the tv usb no problem. They normally have a volume control on them so you can adjust the input for your speaker. That might allow you to buy a tv with better specs but doesn't have a headphone output. Full HD is noticeably better quality. I wouldn't go HD Ready unless there was a feature you really needed.
  16. Sounds like you had water in the pipes and it froze over the winter!!!! Check to pipes leading to the shower mixer and the mixer it's self.
  17. First think, the amplification seems to point to the minimum, maybe turn it up. Second if you can it's best not to have a passive splitter (the silver bit plugged into tv1) as it reduces signal to what ever is connected to it. Do you use all 3 tv points? I assume you are pointing the antenna in the rough direction of the nearest transmitter and have the polorisation correct? (vert or horizontal). Hope that is not teaching you to suck eggs and might give you a clue? PS really silly thought you are tuning digital tuner not an analogue one?
  18. Health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive for the virus!!!! I assume she has been attending the COBRA meetings!!! So does that mean Boris has to self isolate!!!
  19. My partner gets her bloods done every 3 months then has a phone appointment to check chemo dose. The prescription is then ready to collect at hospital pharmacy next day. It's so much better than having to sit round in hospital waiting rooms. It took about 3 years for them to get the telephone appointments authorised but it does work well.
  20. I do find that interesting. Do you have a source? From all my experiences with batteries Lithium are the most dangerous as the lithium is flammable! As far as I know lead and sulfuric acid, is not flammable. Both types of battery will have aplastic case and they will probably be flammable. I think that on a large lithium battery fire water is ineffective!!! Not sure what constitutes a large lithium battery, I suspect a Tesla battery would!
  21. It's posts like the one from Alde that certainly make you look twice at a van that doesn't use Alde equipment. It is so much nicer to see a company try and repair something as opposed to just throw it away and buy a new one. Well done Alde and hopefully OP control unit can be repaired..
  22. One thing I have noticed from the OP links is 2 of the 3 listed only offer a 12 month warranty!!!! So if the batteries are so much better than lead acid why such short warranty? Any form of Lithium battery can be very dangerous if not used correctly. If over charged then can go on fire!!! They are damaged if taken below 3.3v per cell and will probably not be of much use after!!! So proper battery management system is critical. I would guess you would need a system to bypass the in built charger at minimum. Has anyone checked their insurance will allow a 'non standard' battery?
  23. I think the gov are just saying what they 'might' do. i.e. they are trying to show they have a plan if/when it gets worse. We would be having a go at gov if they had no plan!
  24. Sorry to say but joining cables is never a good idea. It will always be the weak point. If you think you have issues now every 2 to 3 years when you know the issue is just the socket. Imagine trying to work out if it's your joint or the extension. In addition to moisture you also have vibration to deal with. If you really do want to join it use a ip66 box with correctly sized glands and solder connections and insulate with adhesive lined heatshrink add sealant to the inside and outside of the glands. Try and put the glands at 90 degrees to the spray and locate it in an easy accessible location. If there is any way to pull back the existing cable do it, alternatively trace the cable and replace it with 1 complete piece.
  25. I may have the wrong end of the stick here but the OP doesn't say that the tyres he is trying to find the correct pressure for are the same as the manufacturer originally fitted. So maybe the load factor and the max pressure of his/her tyres are different from original?
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