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  1. You probably know but make sure the van is loaded correctly. i.e. the nose weight is within spec of car and van, heavy things are placed as low as possible and ideally over van axle. Make sure all tyre pressures are correct for load (car and van). Critical things, hook up cable, water container and way to fill, waste container, pump or pipe if interna pump. Good luck, have fun, relax, take it slowly, if you have a problem on site ask as most are friendly and will be happy to share their experience.
  2. It's possible the router has a better receiver as it probably doesn't have to rely on a phone battery to power it. Remember back 20 years ago when mobile phones were analogue? The signal were not great in rural areas but if you had a proper car kit with an antenna and amplifier then the signal was much better. So it does depend a bit on how the transmitter/receiver is constructed and powered. PS I have no experience with the said router.
  3. A caravan level indicator, how much gas is left, water and waste levels. Maybe via smart phone app? Is that the sort of thing you were looking for?
  4. Remember that UK plugs also have a fuse. This is supposed to be rated to protect the cable. i.e. a UK ring main would be protected by a 30A MCB but if the cable on say a kettle was shorted, without a fuse it could pull 30A before the MCB disconnected. The cable wouldn't take 30A without smoke and flames, hence a 13 Amp fuse to protect the cable. BS1363 was introduced in 1947 before RCD so a fused plug was safer than the older system. While double pole switching is safer, it's not safer than unplugging something before you work on it!!! Reverse polarity isn't as iffy as it was in days gone by. I would guess most caravans now have RCD (Residual Current Device) which should disconnect the supply should a small current (30mA or 10mA usually) leaks to earth from either live or neutral conductors. Never work on an electrical system or item unless you have tested to ensure there is no voltage. Don't rely on switches working, always better to be safe than sorry.
  5. I do love gadgets and would be very interesting in how you do your modifications, the real details - full techy mode :-) That said, if I were looking for a van and found one with all he mods you are suggesting, even though I was trained as electronics engineer, I would worry about the quality of the instal. I would also worry about fault finding, especially on site when I just want to relax and enjoy my time away. May be think about doing the mods in a way they can be easily removed without leaving lots of holes etc? Then you have best of both plus I would love to see how you do the mods :-)
  6. Can you use iPlayer outside of UK?
  7. I am following this as I too have seen the heaters and thought that would be a great idea.
  8. Cheers for all the comments. There was an informal 'consultation' and 100% of the respondents objected. The council were, according to their own web site then supposed to list the 'proposed' crossing on their web site to allow public consultation. They did not do this!!! The pavement was resurfaced. Contacting the council is an interesting one. Technically the road comes under Lancashire County Council but Blackpool Council own the school opposite and they put the crossing in! Our house comes under Wyre Council! So in theory if we were to apply for a dropped kerb I think it would be Wyre Council but not really sure anymore!!!! As for visibility using the zebra crossing dropped kerb would be safer that the current one which is 6ft round the corner. So I have to drive out of the current driveway parallel to the main road about 6ft round the corner!! So visibility there is difficult as you have to look 3 ways including way back over your shoulder!!! All things considered I think it would be best not to use the dropped kerb for the zebra crossing to provide better access. Thanks for everyone's comments they have been very useful.
  9. Outside our front gate the council have just installed a zebra crossing. So now there is a dropped kerb, I am wondering if that allows me to widen our gate and enable me to drive over the pavement onto our driveway. This would give us an in out driveway that would be great for getting a caravan into it's storage position. I believe it's illegal to drive over a pavement without a dropped kerb. Any ideas if I can legally do this now there is a dropped kerb, all be it for a zebra crossing? Cheers
  10. Hi, I just had a quick look at the weight of a Mini Clubman Cooper S 2018 and it's 1390 kg. Here comes the guide, it's not an absolute rule but one that is best to follow if you are not used to towing: The caravan MTPLM (Max fully laden weight) should be at max 85% of the tow car weight and under the maximum your manufacturers says the car can tow. So if your mini is 1390kg then 85% = 1181kg!!! Hope that helps. Have a search for tow car matching sites as they might help suggest caravans you can tow.
  11. I wonder if the fact that it only ever moved from the storage to the seasonal pitch means that the chassis didn't flex the same as it would on thousands of miles on road. Plus the 60mph wind on motorway, braking, accelerating, cornering etc. Maybe that has helped? I think the reason for the flexible sealant is to try and retain seals when the body flexes due to miles of towing? The problem is the flexibility doesn't seem to last, it seems to fail after too much flexing and maybe too much UV. I do think your cover has helped a lot as has the care you parents and you have given the van. Great to hear a 17 year old van still being in great condition.
  12. Oops. The Pursuit II I think came out in 2017. Not the Orion II in 2017, sorry
  13. Yes, that was our understanding too. Although the Orion II doesn't seem to be listed on dealers sites as a II but I think they changed in 2017. We are not so keen on that version as they did away with the partition between fixed bed and 'lounge'. Thanks
  14. Thanks everyone. We have settled on a Manufacturer and model well sort of, they changed the model name and specs slightly. It's a Bailey Orion/Pursuit 430/4 as we have a Honda Civic to tow and limits are quite low. We are not in a rush due to other things going on but the advice above suggests winter may be best for prices. Thanks
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