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  1. What ever you use be very careful trying to 'push' the van sideways. Don't push the sides as they might not be structurally strong enough to take the load!! The car dollies to lift all 4 wheels looks best but you will need a very smooth surface.
  2. Ched

    Air con

    You can get the portable type ones with a hose. Have the hose venting either through the wall or floor. That way you can take it home if you want. The problem with heating or cooling caravans is they are not well insulated when manufactured so quite difficult to keep warm or cold. Plus they need vents in the floor and walls to protect against gas leaks!!
  3. Maybe you could fit it close to the water heater? That way all hot taps are protected? Might not be hot enough for dishes?
  4. Insurance companies will nearly always try and jack up the price for renewal in the hope you can't be bothered switching. Look around, call current company if you want to give them the chance to price match. I would bet you can find similar cover cheaper...
  5. You didn't pay any of the cost of the van via credit card did you? There are additional legal protections that arise from buying things with credit cards. Do you have any paperwork or emails stating their 4 week warany?
  6. Just so you know FreeVIEW is losing C4+1 HD, 4Seven HD, TJC HD, 5Star+1, 5USA+1, CBS Reality+1, CBS Justice+1 as of 22nd June. So there will be 3 less HD channels!!!!
  7. I think that if you pay Sky enough you can get some 4K broadcast. Like F1 and some other sport I think.
  8. The interesting bit 'The fall of Nortel coincided with the rise of Huawei.' OK so it's wiki and may not be 100% correct but gets you thinking. No wonder USA is so anti Huawei!!!!!
  9. Used they seem to go for £75+ so don't under price it as 'brand new in box' even if its a few years old it still should attract a premium.
  10. Get a caravan service tech in and remove the plug and make the electrics safe. 2 good batteries charged by solar is a good idea but they need correct fuses and secure boxes. Not sure I would trust supplying dealer to correct the issue. Please get someone competent in to sort it out asap.
  11. A usb stick is much smaller to carry than a freesat box :-) Software: https://hummy.tv/forum/threads/useful-links-for-the-foxsat-hdr-customised-firmware.3330/ Have fun :-)
  12. That is a great box if a little slow. There is new software that you can load that does some great things. For example you can set it to record your favourite programs but to only keep the last 5. That way you connect it up at home and take it away with recordings on it to view off line. The software allows you to do stuff like copy the recordings (SD only) off onto usb stick to watch on a smart tv. It also allows you to view C4in HD!!!! Which normal freesat won't although the C4HD guide wont work but it's same as C4.
  13. One thing to note is solar panels perform best when cool!! Bit counter productive! So the more airflow under the panel the better. As for the wind deflector I doubt it makes much difference when towing but will reduce airflow when on site.
  14. No confusion here. I am very aware of the difference. If my post confused anyone I am sorry that was not my intention. I was partly trying to point out the difference between mAh and Ah. Anyway I think we both agree that any low capacity power pack will move a van a very limited amount.
  15. Depends on the power pack. If it's one of the very small ones that can be carried in the glovebox I doubt you would get very far with the mover. If it's one of the big heavy ones with a sealed lead acid then you should get a bit of maneuvering done. With movers it's about capacity and the ability to deliver high current. Don't be fooled by these glovebox things that say 12000mAh as that is really just 12Ah! At a guess your leisure battery is about 100Ah. You would only use about 50% of the capacity. With the lithium-ion power packs you can use 80% capacity but that's still only about 10 Amps. The power packs are designed to give say 200 Amps for a few seconds not tens of amps for a few mins. If you have to use the mover then give it a go but it may not help. Good Luck
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