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  1. Well done for posting the fix. It might help others in future. Have fun.
  2. Good luck and let us know how you get on as it may help others in future.
  3. Is there some form of valve to switch the pump between drawing water from the aquaroll to the tank. Then some how the same pump supplies pressure from the internal tank to the taps? So look for a valve system maybe.
  4. Good point, I'm not sure batteries are really the way to go. There just seems so much infrastructure to build and no one willing to fund it! Let alone the raw materials to produce the batteries! Not sure what the alternative is other than hydrogen as then it can be easily taxed and has a similar supply chain to petrol and diesel. i.e. manufacture, transport and filling stations. I think we will be heading into interesting times over the next decade.
  5. Maybe I should have said 'it's very easy to block gps and mobile phone signals' !!!! Scary but true. I wont post links but devices exist for less than £50!!
  6. I wonder if OP has checked the rear springs and dampers? Maybe spring helpers would raise the rear a little?
  7. Unfortunately it's so easy to block gps signals these days it's probably not worth it. Unless your insurance company gives decent discount I wouldn't bother.
  8. It might be a concept now but RR do currently make small scale power generation plants based on gas turbines plus don't they make the nuclear on UK submarines?
  9. I think to ban gas from new houses the insulation regs need to stipulate much much higher levels of insulation and better ventilation systems.
  10. I assume you checked tyre pressure are correct and that suitable tyres are fitted not just car tyres? Is it just 1 tyre? If so is the roller the same distance away from the tyres as the others when not engaged ?
  11. A couple of points. Did the gov create the petrol and diesel supply system, no the fuel companies did. So why should the gov fund an electric charging network? They just pass a law outlawing sales of diesel,petrol and hybrids and everyone else has to sort out the issue at very little cost to gov! Second with the massive loss of duty and tax on fuel (about £30 billion a year) how is the gov going to make up the shortfall? Electricity grid are already planning upgrades, they stopped selling off land surrounding substations a few years ago so they have space for bigger transformers!!!!
  12. You might find you can get a replacement cover from a user supplier. It might be a case you can bolt on the 'light' bit and bolt on a used one?
  13. I would guess GRP is more insulating than Ali which is a good conductor!!! So GRP might be a little warmer inside or easier to heat. Might even be cooler in summer? Not sure which expands/contracts more in heat.
  14. If it's clicking and smelling then there is a poor connection that is causing it to arc. This can lead to fire!!!! Don't use the socket until it has been fixed by someone competent!!!
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