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  1. Thank you Thanks for your help on here so as long as am not over the capacity my car can pull which is 1000kg the car should be able to pull the caravan fine as the max weight is 1000kg. X
  2. I didn't think of that will check thanks Yes that's same as my caravan thank you. So I would be at maximum weight without any packing or people in the car. Av looked at the 4 berth ones of the elddis same year model etc and the tow weight is 818kg you would think the 2 berth would b lighter.? Or is that ment maximum is 1000kg so the caravan itself could be lighter just you have up to 1000kg to load. If that makes sense?
  3. Hi can anyone help. I have a elddis vouge 2/14 1995 30se caravan and I cannot find the towing weights on the net anywhere the plate itself on the van is eroded and I cannot make out the weights. I have a zafira 1.6 petrol 2006 car which says I can tow up too 1000kg. So I need to find weight of caravan. Any help would be great full thanks
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