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  1. According to my V5 the "mass in service " is 1615
  2. Hi, still driving me crazy. ok, my kerb weight is 1673kg, my MTPLM is 1745kg. Am i doing this right?? i divide 1673 by 100 and get 16.73, then i divide 1745kg by 16.73and that gives me 104.3% . Am i doing these calculating correctly ??
  3. The kerb weight of my car is 1673kg and the towable mass is 2000 and the caravan MTPLM is 1745 and unladened is 1585kg
  4. Hi, The MTPLM on the caravan is 1745KG The MTPLM is 1745kg, i used a website called Towsafe Match and there results said it was 108%
  5. Hi Ok, so if the max tow weight is 1800kg on your car,if i work out mine then is that what i should be looking at when i look at the MPTLM weight on the caravan i am looking at. Sorry if im being dum, its one of those things i just cant get straight in my head.
  6. Hi Thank you for getting back to me, so what should i be looking for on my V5 ?.
  7. Hi All, i have been caravaning for 2 years now and i am towing a Swift Sprite Major with a VW Tiguan sel 2 ltr auto 2017/18. I bought a new (second hand) caravan yesterday but today i have been getting told by various people, websites and sales people that my car is and is not compatible with the Swift Conqueror 645 2018 caravan. Can anyone help.
  8. I ended up buying the Tiguan sel Thanks for your reply, i ended up buying a Tiguan sel so hopefully it will do the job.
  9. Thanks fro youe comments, can i ask what model of Tiguan you have?
  10. Hi All I bought a new Swift Sprite major sb last year and i am towing it with a 15plate Nissan X trail but i am thinking of buying a new car. Looking at VW Tiguan but i also like the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross but i seen some bad reviews. Can i have some of your thought on a good car for towing, my MRO is 1286kg and my MTPLM is 1442kg. Also could someone explain kerb weight ??
  11. The point was that at that price you should be asked what battery you want but what do i know i've only been caravaning for just over a year
  12. Hi, I just bought a new Swift Sprite major 4SB last month and was really surprised to find that even though i spend over £18500 it did not come with a leisure battery. I may be new to caravaning but at that price surely it would come with a battery. Just make sure that you ask before you turn up to pick your new caravan up, we didnt and had to pressure the salesman for a second hand one.
  13. I Have bought myself a new Swift Sprite Major and it has the fittings on the back to take a bike rack so i bought myself one but obviously just now i cant use it but was just wondering if anyone has one and the pro's and cons of having one. Look forward to your replies
  14. Hi All, i bought a brand new in the box Cadac Grillochef 2 bbq from ebay and set it up and tried it once and it was fine, dismantled it and put it in the bag. Used it for the second time yesterday and when i went to dismantle it the burner pan wouldn't come apart from the valve assembly. Tried for ages to get it apart then i eventually with brute force i got it apart, it looked like the both metals and fused together as the metal looked pitted. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with Cadac and if so how did you reslove it. Thanks
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