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  1. The point was that at that price you should be asked what battery you want but what do i know i've only been caravaning for just over a year
  2. Hi, I just bought a new Swift Sprite major 4SB last month and was really surprised to find that even though i spend over £18500 it did not come with a leisure battery. I may be new to caravaning but at that price surely it would come with a battery. Just make sure that you ask before you turn up to pick your new caravan up, we didnt and had to pressure the salesman for a second hand one.
  3. I Have bought myself a new Swift Sprite Major and it has the fittings on the back to take a bike rack so i bought myself one but obviously just now i cant use it but was just wondering if anyone has one and the pro's and cons of having one. Look forward to your replies
  4. Hi All, i bought a brand new in the box Cadac Grillochef 2 bbq from ebay and set it up and tried it once and it was fine, dismantled it and put it in the bag. Used it for the second time yesterday and when i went to dismantle it the burner pan wouldn't come apart from the valve assembly. Tried for ages to get it apart then i eventually with brute force i got it apart, it looked like the both metals and fused together as the metal looked pitted. Has anyone else had this kind of problem with Cadac and if so how did you reslove it. Thanks
  5. Hi All I have bought a power touch Freedom a few weeks ago and i feel it struggles a little with my Swift Challenger 570 4 berth but i have a chance of buying a Emove EM303 thats only a year old, any help would be great.
  6. As i am new to caravaning i just thought that when you had hitched the caravan to the car you just loosen off the jockey wheel clamp, raise the jockey wheel and tighten it back up but i kept noticing that every time i tried to wind up the jockey wheel it was getting harder and harder so i bought myself a new jockey wheel assembly complete, after a few weeks i noticed it did the same so thinking because i only paid £35 for the complete set i had bought cheap so i went and bought a Alko assembly at £55 . Just noticed today that when i am tightening up the lever it has a part missing ( pressure p
  7. Hi, Yes o i have found that it is a bit awkward to get to the valve
  8. As im new to caravaning i needed a new jockey wheel as the one that was on the caravan i bought was a bit knackered. So i would like all your opinions on either a solid jockey wheel or an pump up jockey wheel
  9. Hi, thanks for that, we will have a look as we too are into our biking. Hi We are members of the ccm and we are looking for a site with a adult only members as we have no kids, we are into going out on our bikes Yes please, would like to read up on things like that,
  10. Hi All, We are both new to the caravan touring world and having only been away for a few day last year as we only bought our first caravan in October of 2019 we are looking for any information on any good caravan sites in the lake district. Obviously if the parks do open but just wanted to start looking now, any ideas would be gratefully received.
  11. Hi,Really like the sound of the motor mover you have, could you put some links to the site and the video please Hi,Really like the sound of the motor mover you have, could you put some links to the site and the video please
  12. Hi All, Thanks for the advice. I also put the awning i have over the axle to see how that went and it was about 90 but when i put it on top of the bed near the back of the van it went to about 77. I also have 2 bikes that i put in the van whilst traveling but it is going to be a bit hard to put them over the wheel axle as well as the awning as there isnt much room. Taking from the replies am i right in saying that going for about 85 to 90 as the max is 100kg.
  13. Hi All, Got another question as still new to this. I am lucky to have my caravan at the side of the house so can work on it and try things out. I am messing with the nose weight today, trying to put things in different place to change th nose weight. To my supprise when you load up the gas compartment the weight goes up very quickly. My question is what is the best nose weight or is that a silly question. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for that, ill have a look Thanks for that, ill have a look
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