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  1. Thanks to everyone who has commented! Greatly appreciated. The layout seems unanimous, and I agree that it looks to be the bst way to enable the kids to have their own space along with a space for the adults. My intention is to get as big an awning as possible, as space is certainly something you cannot have enough of! We would then use the awning as a dining/seating area. I suppose the one question that has not been answered is: 2/. How much to spend? (New-ish Vs Older) I know this is a million dollar question, and the prices vary so much. I suppose
  2. Hello to everyone! First post. I have been loitering on the site and have been trying to find the answers to my questions but have finally decided it maybe easier just to post and get other people's opinions. We are a family of 4 and the kids are (currently) ages 6 and 10. We also have a puppy so will need to consider her in our decision. I have 2 questions really...... 1/. What layouts do families find work best? We have used the mother-in-law's caravan which has a fixed island double bed. This seemed fine for us, but the double bed just ended up bein
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