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  1. I’m pretty sure he has been paying attention. It’s all about washing your hands after doing ‘things’ . Quite simple really. I would say what it means is you have to wash your hands after touching something that might possibly have been contaminated- without fail. The world would grind to a halt if every single surface that had been touched by a person was cleaned and disinfected before being touched by another person.
  2. It is interesting that the scientists producing the vaccine are seriously concerned the disease is being eradicated too quickly and this may mean they cannot actually verify the vaccine’s efficacy. It seems that a slight increase in the infection rate is absolutely needed if we are to get a vaccine that will work. Strange times. I’m not sure this is strictly true. Those who contract and recover from the disease will possess some immunity and will not be contagious any more. After a certain time the risk to everyone else will actually reduce.
  3. He didn’t go into Barnard Castle !!! Nor Durham !
  4. I’m not quite sure why you’ve repeated these two quotes 🤔
  5. Arrogant ? Squirming? I must be have been watching something completely different. His full explanation seems entirely reasonable to me and his actions are certainly no cause for sacking or resignation. Others may have acted differently, as he conceded, but I personally feel he acted reasonably and within the law.
  6. This specific section could be interpreted many ways for a reasonable excuse : - visit public open spaces alone for recreation to promote their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing.
  7. Or possibly to try and maintain a viable business, one that can employ people so they can put food on the table and pay taxes so the State is able to function.
  8. The 0.2% for people under 40 comes from a number of sources. 40-50 it’s about 0.4% , and after that it rises quite a bit. Clearly underlying health conditions are also a major factor. There have been about 175000 deaths worldwide to date - the possibility of 10million dying in the UK is nil.
  9. So Steve, your solution is what? Stay locked down until a vaccine, possibly a mythical vaccine, becomes available. You say it would almost prove fatal to you so I must assume you are of a certain age and perhaps have underlying health conditions, so I understand your fears. However, is it right to maintain an almost indefinite (given there is no real prospect of a vaccine) lockdown that will devastate the economy and lead to many years of austerity, the effect of which will be to destroy the prospects of younger people and quite probably kill more people in the medium term? If you are entirely comfortable with that future then I fear we will never agree. Sarcasm (and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt) noted - of course I’ve noticed what’s happening in the US !! My obvious point was that Sweden is being far more liberal than comparable countries in a political sense. It seems you want to make it political by suggesting those who see the continuing lockdown as misguided and counterproductive are somehow right wing and therefore not worth listening to. I have no idea why you chose to stir the pot by equating political affiliation with freedom of movement v lock down.
  10. Your apology is fully accepted Andy. I sincerely believe we do need to question the current policy because of the disastrous effect it will have on our whole way of life if it is allowed to continue for too long. The only possible long term strategy is for the human race to develop a degree of herd immunity, be that through vaccination or natural selection. Harsh maybe, but that’s the brutal truth. And we can’t shut down society in the possibly/probably vain hope an effective vaccine might be just around the corner. Those who wish to remain shielded can do so for as long as they want but there are plenty of us who are prepared to accept the risk. Sweden is not what many would consider a right wing country, so why do you think this has a political slant?
  11. If you’re trying to suggest my head is buried in the sand you are very much mistaken. In my opinion it is those who believe we need to wait for a vaccine before we can resume some of normal service who are the ostriches. The Swedish approach is not producing proportionally higher casualties than our approach or any other states who have imposed draconian lockdowns. Do you dismiss their approach out of hand because it seems so? My opinion is based on some compelling expert scientific opinion. As for our approach, primarily informed by Prof Ferguson, please check out his record of predictions on SARS, MERS, Foot and Mouth and H1N1 bird flu; hardly compelling proof of his expertise and judgement. But feel free to keep throwing the insults.
  12. Where have I said it’s a minor illness? There are wide variations in symptoms and let’s be clear if you are under 40 there is only a 0.2% risk of dying if you contract it. To believe we can carry on as we are until a vaccine is found is burying your head in the sand. I would take the risk of catching it because society cannot carry on like this. As to wishing that I might catch it to see if I survive, how distasteful. But that is fairly typical of those who don’t see there are alternative views and have a more realistic view of what our options really are.
  13. I am fully aware of the current state of play. As yet we have not had any more deaths than a very bad flu season, although I accept that deaths may go beyond those levels. Do you honestly believe we can wait for a vaccine that might be at least 18 months away , if at all, before we start returning to some form of normality? Sweden is practising a far less strict protocol and has far less deaths proportionally than the UK or other states with draconian lock downs in place.
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