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  1. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it will be 2 excesses as I need to claim separately for the car and the van. It’s not at all fair as we were doing nothing wrong, but that’s life sometimes.
  2. Unfortunately we couldn’t get his number as the road was just too busy. Also found damage to the car - dented bonnet and a few scrapes and scratches elsewhere. And no dash cam either so we are a bit stymied in terms of further action. I guess we’ll just have to put it down to experience.
  3. I don’t think a towing cover would have helped us yesterday. Something flew out of an open topped garbage truck as it joined the A1, bounced off the windscreen and then smashed the panoramic window 🤬. Hoping the Duck Tape repair holds for our time away before we can get things fixed.
  4. To my simple mind, why take the risk? I can’t see anything to gain.
  5. In that case I doubt ALKO will ever honour the warranty on an axle because everyone will have overloaded their axle every time they pitched up.
  6. So when you’re pitched up for a few weeks at a time, fully loaded with 2-6 people on board, do you worry about the suspension then?
  7. The specific gravity of fuel is less than water; 90litres of diesel weighs about 80 kg and petrol about 74 kg.
  8. By that argument you would never get in your caravan for fear of overloading the axle !
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