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  1. I live 1 min away from our storage site which sits next to the river and checked on it first thing this morning and was very tempted to move it to outside the house. If it had carried on raining into the afternoon I would have done. If it had of flooded that would be the best part of 50 odd tourers, statics and motorhomes making their way downstream to Carmarthen Bay.
  2. That didn’t take long: Man rescued from Caravan by Helo. https://www.facebook.com/190700107634446/posts/2727641657273599/?vh=e&d=n
  3. Plenty of flooding and high winds here in South West Wales. Also saw plenty of tourists coming down For Feb Half-term this week towing and with motor homes despite the red flood warnings and yellow wind warnings. Here is Newgale today and what’s left of Newgale campsite. No doubt be rescuing tourists from 7M swells again this week.
  4. Sorry quite right I got that backside backwards.
  5. Go for as close to the maximum of either the nose-weight of the van or nose-weight of the car (whichever is higher) higher nose weights tend to lead to better stability. I go for the full 75kg on my C-Class.
  6. I tow 1500kg with a C class Estate C250 CDI which is 150kg lighter on the kerb weight of the car and only 75kg nose weight limit and have zero issues. I have the AMG pack do slightly stiffer springs which helps. I’d have zero issues with your setup just check your rear axle load rating on the cars door pillars before fitting everything into the boot because you might actually be better towing it believe it or not.
  7. Saw 2 overturned in Carmarthenshire heading back from a sunny weekend in Pembrokeshire. Living in caravan holiday central on the West coast we see this A LOT. As a member of staff for the RNLI predominantly on the lifeguard side thank you both very much for your support as we would never be able to do what we do have without the help of Joe public. Also as an experienced surfer and with my lifeguard head on the problem this chap has and many others are is the fact that there is only 1 person in the world who knows if he is truly in trouble and that is himself. The crew of the ALB did a tremendous job getting out through that shore break and I’m sure there was a squeaky bum moment in there too!
  8. Thanks everyone, I thought it was rather excessive to. I was considering it at £150 but not at that price. Might just keep the skylight shut forever.
  9. Hi all Iv had a quote to supply and g fit new opaque 400x400 standard roof vent light in the bathroom of a 17 year old van. The quote came in at £350 from a reputable caravan repairer to do it in their workshop. £95 for the light and the rest labour at £50 per hour. Does this seem excessive or about right?
  10. I’m not sure about legality but with such a light car that is very unwise. Technically the weight is what’s on the rear axle of the car so adding more stuff to the car just means you are increasing the weight over the rear axle in any case. I would say it’s an accident waiting to happen. Someone with more legal noise than me can confirm that side of things though.
  11. I use these guys and they are excellent. Swansea based but cover most of the M4 corridor this side down as far as Cardigan. https://www.caravanteam.com
  12. Brilliant thank you. May get a workshop to do it. Don’t fancy outside work here in sunny west wales at the moment.
  13. Can anyone confirm what type of roof light this is please on a 2002 Sterling Europa. It’s 400x400. My guess was MPK but not so sure. Ins and outs are the gat it’s broken and needs to be replaced.
  14. On a hand me down 17 year old van from the rents which is still pretty pristine for the year however iv got my eye out just in case the wife actually gets into it. Start of next year will be the teller!
  15. They will Haggle to some degree but this could be a customer retention thing. Not moving a great deal has definitely got something to do with it but I think people do underestimate the toll UV takes on fibreglass and plastic panels and their associated sealant. Having shopped around for vans we worked out we would need to sieve around 10k or more to get something better than we have now condition wise.
  16. Update, as shown in the photo it seems to be drying out already. I’ve lowered it a little on the jockey wheel to help the cause. The only thing I can think of is somehow the cover has aided the water trickling onto the underside flap of bodywork that leads onto this area. The other possibility is the cover uses foam padding which you jam into the awning rail covers on both sides to stop the cover wading on these corners. It’s possible that by block the awning rails with foam has somehow cause a backlog of water but I would have thought the cover keeps most of the water off!
  17. Thanks for the info. I did think about lowering the front to help alleviate the damp patch so might head over tomorrow to try that before the next rain. The wood is actually getting A little soft right in the corner now when I press it so I will keep a close eye on it. My thoughts are there is a porch awning (fiamma type in a bag) that is attached to the awning rail, I kind of wonder that after so many years of this being attached and the van suddenly being used for towing that maybe it’s pulling the awning rail seal away. However I would have expected to see obvious damp inside either on ceiling walls or floor but it’s all clear. :/
  18. Hi all. Just noticed a damp spot on the rear underside/near side of the van. The van is 17 years old and recently had full service and damp check where nothing showed up. The damp seems to be confined right into the furthest 3 inches squared rear corner of the van under the bodywork overhang, the wood is not rotten but is obviously wet beyond the initial layer. I have thoroughly checked inside from the top corner down through the wall all the way to the floor in that area and it seems bone dry (it’s a wardrobe in the rear bathroom so easily accessible) The van is currently in storage down the road with a Specialised fitted cover on it that I have made sure is not dripping rain water over the bodywork lip and into that corner. It has literally rained solid for 2 solid months here in West Wales and I am slightly concerned that the floor will deteriorate further over the remainder of the winter. Any thoughts on the source if the water, is it possible it’s running off the bodywork into this one corner? All other corners seem fine. Any help great fully received
  19. Lots of speculation here but as someone who works in the trade and has had a fair few mercs including the same engine as the Op in my current vehicle I can say with the utmost certainty that there is a faulty part at play, could be the Exhausr back pressure sensor 1 that fits just behind the EGR at back of engine compartment OR the differential sensor that sits on a pipe that flows from one side of the exhaust to the other to measure pressure differential which is how soot content is approximated, higher resistance higher amounts of soot. Don’t get too hung up on ash content as this is pretty much irrelevant as it is the waste by-product. Without fixing either of these Sensors it will not cure the problem. The fact the forced REGEN is temporarily working shows that mechanically (and there is not much to go wrong in these) there is nothing wrong. STAR will tell you exactly which pressure sensor it is whether it’s upstream or downstream!
  20. With that info in mind and with how cheap and easy the exhaust back pressure sensor is to replace I would try it. If the error code on star is P0471 get it changed! Are they using STAR or is it a general diagnostic tool? If not STAR then shooting in the dark really!
  21. THIS.... I have a C250CDI with 60k miles and 6 years old now. Does a mixture of runs including short runs. Only time I had a DPF related sensor fail was when the exhaust back pressure sensor was faulty which was preventing the DPF regen as it didn’t know the current values. £50 and new sensor later not had a problem, that was a year ago. Mercedes and Volvo are both known to have rock solid DPF filters in the mechanical sense, and are better than the rest. The problem is nearly always a sensor downstream of the EGR failing. For £200 that would be around £90 for a diagnostic fault reading on STAR machine and then about £100 for a forced regen which would take 40-60 mins plugged into STAR. Haha you got there first by 2 seconds
  22. Not quite true most AWD in the last 10 years have used a Haldex clutch which is essentially a viscous coupling on each axle to distribute power to the wheel with the most grip accordingly.
  23. I tow with a late late 2013 C-Class C250 Cdi estate with AMG pack (slightly lower, much harder springs). Whilst it’s not an E-Class the underlying platform is essentially the same as the 2014 E-Class onwards albeit with shorter wheel base. My max weight I can tow is 1800kg and my vans MTPLM is somewhere around 1400kg I believe my kerbweight is around the close to yours around 1659kg. Tow hitch nose weight limit is only 75kg though despite some literature suggesting 100kg so that does limit the largest vans with 100kgish nose weights. It tows like a train and pretty stable. Average 30mpg with van and 48mpg without. As others have said I also have a detachable swan neck fitted and it sits fairly low but within normal regs however it probably effects me less than others as I have much stiffer springs thus the van barely puts the car down even a few mm fully loaded. I’d caution against a fixed flange tow bar as you will find the park-tronic parking sensors on mercs sit very low on the bumper and a fixed flange or swam neck will set them off thus rendering the sensors useless.
  24. So our caravan, Sterling Europa 520 from 2002 (previously parents) has been protected for 5 months in every year by a tailored breathable cover from Specialised covers. In this 17 years we have gone through 3 of these covers with the newest coming in last year. First time around in 2003 the cost was £120, 2010 was £159 then £160 again in 2017/18. Each was tailor made to accommodate sky light, aerial, fly etc and had a Velcro cut out for doors and attachment for A-frame cover. It also comes with two telescopic poles with special attachments to help lift the cover over the roof. They also come with foam inserts for the awning rail to help protect the cover snagging on sharp metal edges. Caravan is stored in open storage on a farm on hard standing until recently and every March when opened was bone dry with not a hint of damp or mould. It is fairly waterproof and despite the heavy rain last night when I inspected it today it was already dry on the outside and inside bar a couple of areas around the wheel arch. I have never seen or felt it sweat once on the underside. It came with protective felt windows covers that are a bit of a pain to fit to be honest but the only time we didn’t fit them we did get some mild abrasion on the front windows (lesson learnt). Conclusion: So do I think that spending in excess of £450 on 3 specialised covers over 17 years was worth it. Well the proof is in the pudding. Roof of van has NEVER needed cleaning and has always remained relatively clean needing minimal cleaning of front and sides every year. The caravan just had its first proper service including damp check in 15 years and registered pretty much zero damp everywhere (15% on floor on very wet day on a grass pitch was maximum reading). The service chap also commented on how the external sealant still looked ok and hadn’t shrunk by much and that it looked like a van over half its age and by about 15 years most tourers normally need areas re-sealing. So the emphatic answer in regards to caravan covers is yes, if you want to keep your van long term they are a worthwhile investment . HOWEVER, don’t bother with the cheap ones as the material is simply not good enough to let the van breath and could prove to give issues. Ya gets what ya pays for!
  25. I am actually towing with a C250 CDI estate as above and I can confirm it pulls our 1450kg sterling like an absolute train from very low revs. Does tail off after about 3200rpm but how much damage it can do within that 1200 rpm rev range is frightening and to be hitting anything over 3000rpm you are doing SERIOUS speed.. Without a van on the back and without esp and traction control on it will happily spin up the rear wheels in 3rd gear at 40mph in the wet. I had the same car but with a 2.0 litre CGI petrol turbo before (C200) with similar horsepower and the difference In the towing ability is night and day and general speed. Both had the same 7 speed Auto box. After driving and towing with both I can confirm the horse power has very little to add to the equation But the low down torque transforms the car into a towing beast. Back to the original question, I doubt you will notice much difference but it’s also worth comparing the kerb weights of both cars too. Heavier car with less power might be more noticeable.
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