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  1. Hi all. I need to buy a replacement MPK bathroom rooflight as one of my plastic hinges with the spring has snapped through fatigue. 2002 sterling Europa. Total width inc fly screen surround is 420mm internal width from gap to gap is more like 380mm as photos. Also can I replace just the do e and hinge section or will I need to replace the surrounding frame as well? Bearing in mind is a 18 year old van.
  2. I live 1 min away from our storage site which sits next to the river and checked on it first thing this morning and was very tempted to move it to outside the house. If it had carried on raining into the afternoon I would have done. If it had of flooded that would be the best part of 50 odd tourers, statics and motorhomes making their way downstream to Carmarthen Bay.
  3. That didn’t take long: Man rescued from Caravan by Helo. https://www.facebook.com/190700107634446/posts/2727641657273599/?vh=e&d=n
  4. Plenty of flooding and high winds here in South West Wales. Also saw plenty of tourists coming down For Feb Half-term this week towing and with motor homes despite the red flood warnings and yellow wind warnings. Here is Newgale today and what’s left of Newgale campsite. No doubt be rescuing tourists from 7M swells again this week.
  5. Sorry quite right I got that backside backwards.
  6. Go for as close to the maximum of either the nose-weight of the van or nose-weight of the car (whichever is higher) higher nose weights tend to lead to better stability. I go for the full 75kg on my C-Class.
  7. I tow 1500kg with a C class Estate C250 CDI which is 150kg lighter on the kerb weight of the car and only 75kg nose weight limit and have zero issues. I have the AMG pack do slightly stiffer springs which helps. I’d have zero issues with your setup just check your rear axle load rating on the cars door pillars before fitting everything into the boot because you might actually be better towing it believe it or not.
  8. Saw 2 overturned in Carmarthenshire heading back from a sunny weekend in Pembrokeshire. Living in caravan holiday central on the West coast we see this A LOT. As a member of staff for the RNLI predominantly on the lifeguard side thank you both very much for your support as we would never be able to do what we do have without the help of Joe public. Also as an experienced surfer and with my lifeguard head on the problem this chap has and many others are is the fact that there is only 1 person in the world who knows if he is truly in trouble and that is himself. The crew of the ALB did a tremendous job getting out through that shore break and I’m sure there was a squeaky bum moment in there too!
  9. Thanks everyone, I thought it was rather excessive to. I was considering it at £150 but not at that price. Might just keep the skylight shut forever.
  10. Hi all Iv had a quote to supply and g fit new opaque 400x400 standard roof vent light in the bathroom of a 17 year old van. The quote came in at £350 from a reputable caravan repairer to do it in their workshop. £95 for the light and the rest labour at £50 per hour. Does this seem excessive or about right?
  11. I’m not sure about legality but with such a light car that is very unwise. Technically the weight is what’s on the rear axle of the car so adding more stuff to the car just means you are increasing the weight over the rear axle in any case. I would say it’s an accident waiting to happen. Someone with more legal noise than me can confirm that side of things though.
  12. I use these guys and they are excellent. Swansea based but cover most of the M4 corridor this side down as far as Cardigan. https://www.caravanteam.com
  13. Brilliant thank you. May get a workshop to do it. Don’t fancy outside work here in sunny west wales at the moment.
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