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  1. Plus one for vango. Vango valkalla II totally waterproof well made and easy to put up. Good mid range option.
  2. YES. If you ever have to ask yourself if it’s a scam…. It’s a scam!
  3. Yea on its service just now looks like they have topped it up to just 1cm below the max line so I’m keen to take some out.
  4. Well Alde delivered the breather pipe to me last Friday as promised but the pipe seemed a bit small in diameter to fit the hole without falling through so Iv made some adjustments to it. Hopefully this will stop the slopping over the top whilst travelling now. I’m probably going to reduce the level in the header tank too to get it closer to the 1cm over min mark as recommended.
  5. Iv also found this in the past few weeks. My observations have been the thermostat as well as being poorly positioned up high above the door also picks up a lot of radiant heat coming from the LCD display it’s attached to. To mitigate this I have gone into settings and turned the LCD to dark mode so it switches off. Between this and using the temperature offset to -4degrees I can just about get it right the majority of the time. Another interesting thing Iv noticed is that the offset increases exponentially as the temperature rises. Up to about 21 degrees internal temperature a -4d
  6. Well I emailed Alde just this afternoon about the pipe and where to source one from and had an amazing reply. Almost instantly. Good Afternoon Mr P Thank you for your email, there should indeed be a breather hose coming out the top of the header tank, I've actually got a spare from our service bay here. If I could take your address I will pop it in the post for you, Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with, This is good customer service! Well done Alde.
  7. Ok so If you remove the shroud at the top of your tank you should have overflow on right hand side of cap which obviously goes to the floor and then on the left side (where my hole is) it should be the breather pipe clipped up vertical? This makes sense. My next question is does anyone have the dimensions / gauge of the pipe that I need to order to plug this hole. 🙏
  8. In an effort to find what is happening when we tow and are getting blue Alde fluid coming out of the top of the reservoir I think I have now located the problem despite only filling 1cm a over the min line when system is cold. What should go in this hole? On top of this my van has just gone back from annual service with the Alde heating at this level when cold…. How the heck do I drain some of that excess out?
  9. Depending on your force area if you do notice anything suspicious VRN (number plate) helps but it isn’t the be all and end all. For instance We have a fairly widespread ANPR and BOF camera system in my area so if you were to get just the make/model and colour of car and direction of travel we could probably narrow down the vehicle involved pretty quickly through the systems. Partial reg would get it done too.
  10. Anyone know the best product on removing black marks. I have faint black marks on the GRP panels on side windows abs also from a cheap tow cover on the front that I used only once. What product is going to work without removing the gel top coat of the GRP.
  11. Yup had kargomax last couple of years and zero issues no cracking, nothing. Do the job well for the price. Commercial tyres so the loading is quite high on them too.
  12. Believe me, most of us know nothing about caravans it will be the fact you were towing with what looked like (from the front) a commercial vehicle and an older one at that. Most stop checks are focused on road worthiness more than gross train/axle weights etc. So looking for tyre condition, general loading, security of load and licence checks etc.
  13. Mr Merc C250 is still holding onto gears far too long since the update. Basically the EGR valve is remaining open far too long and recirculating the poor used air. That’s why the lower mpg and sensors gumming up. I’m on my third exhaust back pressure sensor since the update.
  14. Is the regulator black switch turned on and are the internal gas pipe stop valves turned on?
  15. I’d be asking for a new van and if they get awkward get the insurance involved. I’d be tempted to notify insurance anyway as if you don’t notify them within a set timescale then you are not eligible to make a claim. There is a chance you might be past the eligible claim period already. All your concerns are well founded!
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