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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Leaving tomorrow morning so will soon find out if I have everything I need.
  2. Ok so I have a booked service pitch coming up this weekend for first time ever and have just bought one of these and 6m of 28.5mm drain pipe.. is there anything else I need? I’m staying at Brecon Beacons club site, stay here loads , no idea on whether the mains attachment is make or female tap plug. Check this out: Care-avan Water Mains Kit for Aquaroll 40 ltr with 10 Mtr F... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XW68LV2/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_awdb_imm_t1_1FsVFbYMH4CGG
  3. Lots of legal Talk in here which is great as a foundation but what about the ultimate foundation of common sense on behalf of the buyer. Buying a 14 year old used caravan and then being shocked there is damp there smacks of not doing any homework on caravans, like zero, or just somebody trying to get something for nothing, either way unlucky. Iv bought a few lemon cars before privately and not once did I go back months later for a new problem that Iv found.
  4. Yea came to same conclusion, finding ones these days with external switches is like rocking horse poop. Just found the last switchable one off eBay. Serves me right for not checking first.
  5. Hi all, just gone to replace out aging yellowed Ring Ultra awning light with a new ring premium light and during removal of the old unit of iv realised that the new one doesn’t have a switch where the old one has a switch on top of the unit. No switches inside to control the awning light as far as I can tell. What me options?
  6. As a percentage they don’t sell very many but they seem to stick to a tried and trusted construction technique as opposed to the other European brands which seem to be ever changing their construction to mitigate water ingress failures that were fairly common.
  7. Iv been wanting the 350 engine on either the c-class or e class for some time now but with my C-class now doing the same mpg (post update) as the V6 E-class I can see that change happening sooner rather than later.
  8. The E350 is a lovely car and that V6 diesel in estate form will hopefully be my next tow car. Thinking circa 2017.
  9. It covers both the cheat device and subsequent lower market value of the vehicle as a direct result of the engine management update. The class action lawsuit in America was successful so the hope here is that the same arguments can be used in the EU. It’s on a no win no fee basis currently but Mercedes are fighting it as the most common engine involved is found right across their European range including commercial vehicles. Time will tell, either way no matter what they tell you do not get this update!
  10. DO NOT GET IT. Myself and thousands of other Mercedes diesel car owners are currently taking group legal action against Mercedes due to this ECU update that was in relation to their dieselgate software that affected cars from 2008-2016 including 250 cdi Diesel engines and blue tech engines. Basically my c-class was doing 50mpg mixed motoring and immediately after the update this time last year it dropped to 41mpg max. Despite what the dealer may tell you it’s an option engine update and not part of a VOSA recall so there is literally no reason to get it done. The ins and outs are that it
  11. The self levelling rear suspension and AMG trim / firmer suspension works wonders at stopping the caravan from bouncing on the rear. My c-Class ball limit is 75kg but managed to get it fairly close without too much bother. I put the leisure battery in the rear footwell of the car or just don’t take it at all. Spare wheel sits just past rearward side of the axle inside and a few inches either side brings about a 5-10kg difference in nose weight. Unless you REALLY like high maintenance bills for the ML I’d stay clear of it at that age. I speak as someone who was prepared to drop some serious mon
  12. C-Class estate C250 here but same platform as the E and toes a 1460kg perfectly even in side winds. As above it would tow awful unless the rear tyres in particular are set from 36psi to 48psi and with the XL load tyres. M - Class of that era means big bills and below average reliability in contrast to the 2012 era E-Class which is widely regarded as one of the best made cars of recent years.
  13. It wouldn’t be as it’s for professional medical use only some paramedics are still not equipped with them which is madness.
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