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  1. Thanks for the advice! Trying to discover why one keeps tripping the RCD but sockets, radio etc. still work, even with the fuses out of the spurs? Put a fuse in either spur, and the RCD trips?
  2. Hi, well it worked, finally got them off. Why is it so difficult? Anyway, loads of wires now. Does anyone know what each fused switch feeds? I mistakenly thought they were aligned with the appliance, i.e. the one on the left was below the Truma water control, and the one on the right below the Truma heater control, but upon inspection they are not connected at all. Also there is a three core wire linking both fused spurs. Why would this be? Again any information would be a great help, thanks in anticipation. Sorry the fused switches are not linked. Forget that bit!!!!!!
  3. Thanks everyone, AndyK159, I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on, Cheers
  4. Thanks for the replies. I tried to post photos but keep getting message basically saying file is too large, even for 1 photo! Oh I think it's worked!!!!!! See Photos
  5. Hi, does anyone know how you remove black, screwless clipsal fittings? They fit almost flush with the wallboard, no screws or screw covers. The back box has what look like fold up tabs, 2 top, 2 bottom, but the type that once in that's it. Any help would be appreciated thanks. The van is a 2004 Elddis Avante 505.
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