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  1. If you notice with some of these companies they are stateing that That the caravan may discolouration work which will cost more money in most cases this might need extra work with different polishes but most discolouration can be removed with hand polishes without the need for any extra work only good elbow grease and a recommend polish for the job ,if I do this it will only be as part of another business as extra work I would probably not use this as a full time business it's more or making up extra money if I happen to come across a caravan that may need some cleaning on it the ladders i will be using will be over £600 which. Will be used for other different jobs not just cleaning caravans but people have made a good point about the long term affects as most only want cleaning either before an holiday or just after before they put the cover on. I also see the point that no one would have any one clean there caravan I respect there decision as well but there are many caravaners that can't clean there caravans ,it's like dog walking I have 2 border collies I would not just let anyone take them for a walk most work comes from word and mouth which I could just end up a few to do to be honest I would not charge nothing like some of these dealers change I would give value for money and add other jobs that they don't add which normally costs extra and if I did clean a caravan it would not just be done correctly and hopefully the owners will appreciate the hard work I have put I to it .but I have to sort my prices out and offer a decent service that people can see value for money when others charge for all sorts of different jobs in a Caravan and I will be fully insured as well this will not be my main trade I got to clean my own soon as I had it covered and not used this year I will post before and after pictures of it before and after it's been done. My partner fitted a brand-new motor mover to one of our caravans and done to the correct manufacturer specifications including ball the right touque settings and you would not tell otherwise and it's works perfectly .but it's something he would not do on a regular basis to be on the safe side I would probably only use a good wash and wax and a decent polish .
  2. And even they stared off at some point ,I have had many caravans over the years and and no issues getting it looking gleaming everytime which took many hours at a time to do which is no different , I even used a meguiars polisher with the compounds with no issues just because they been up and running for many years it don't stop and individual reaching these standards with a lot of knowledge you can get there standard ,but like most caravan valets you can pay all the money and the first drop of rain can make it dirty again ,I do my own van I clean everything even under the beds lockers cooker fridge where most valeters don't clean they are all extras when we been away and come back I have spent the whole day cleaning mine and it's been spotless some valets even charge for hovering ,if you want a manicure job you can be expected to pay that sort of money as some will expect to pay for this type of service but most people settle for less and still get a good service and get good value for money , everyone knows how hard it is to clean a roof on a caravan and how long it takes because you just can't do the roof without doing the sides as well these all-sorts of services available that they offer it depends on how much you want to pay .you can get many cleaning products even waterless products these days to be totally honest I only used wash and wax on most of my caravans I owned as abrasive polishes can cause fading and cause the transfers to fade as well most caravans all they need is a good wash and clean to bring the shine back .
  3. I'm thinking thinking of buying a second hand fire engine ha ha lol ,on a serious note I would have insurance and would seek professional advice on what cleaning products would be used normally on my own I would not useing nothing only a wash and wax and the reason for this abrasive products can damage the exterior of the caravan a bit of elbow grease is needed rather than using this type of stuff. That could damage the van , having access the roof is very easy with the ladders I have already which are not cheap and nothing like your standard ladders you use on your own home basically some of the comments are correct I will have to get a service plan together by what I mean is undercutting prices is being competitive and reasonable . All the years of owning a caravan and having cleaned mine I never had any issues but may be I'm just using the correct stuff ,I would be looking to tie this in with other work which is not related to Caravan cleaning so it's more of doing this as an extra income more than full time basis but hopefully when I do a few and take pictures and get some references off my clients to build a relationship and trust hopefully more will be interested ,I would probably do fixed rates to cover more than just pricing individually this can Inturn include a number of jobs that can reduce the price alot a fixed price based on what needs doing this way it's works out cheaper. I noticed some caravan cleaners don't include the cooker fridge is there a reason for this myself I would include these,it's one thing I learned is not to use abrasives and stuff that scratches the van or stuff that can cause discoloration ,I will have to look further into this I have a guy that works in a caravan center who can get further advice off .you can even use professional waterless products these days where you don't need access to water ,I think alot have mentioned awhich as helped me but all business have to start somewhere and build trust and confidence needed to get clients. That's an eye watering prices on that site 😁🤑 but like most people these days are just happy to get it washed and cleaned without shedding out lots on money
  4. I'm thinking of starting a caravan cleaning up as a business having owned a caravan for 20 years and I know they can be a bit of a job to clean due to the size of them ,I was wondering if other Caravan owners would be prepared to have there's cleaned to a decent standard by useing all the correct gear to do this including all the right professional cleaning products available to me .I'm not currently offering a service I'm looking to see if there's a market for this obviously there would be different prices for different jobs that needs doing what's the average going rate for these types of services as I would not want to over charge my customers if anything I would be very competitive and would try beat off my competition by offering lower prices and good value for money but Make an honest profit , having owned a caravan it can be a nightmare for some people to clean and hard work but having to invest in the correct gear to accomplish these jobs including the roof being the most difficult to do, would you think I would get a lot of interest if my cleaning work is of really good standard. How many times a year would someone what there caravan cleaned are you already have such a service done Whats your view on this please and your opinions would you think I would get lots of interest in this I assume people wash there cars so I assume it's no different to other services being offered .I was even thinking of statics as well but I assume some sites already do this but charge a lot for it where my services my be alot cheaper .
  5. Hi all I got an issue with water pressure being low and no water . I bought a new pressure switch last year this is what's happening now the pump continues to keep going I tried to ajust swith but still the the pump stays on we can't get an even pressure the water at times just trickles out of the taps and some times the water gushes out at pressure I bleed the system checked for leaks no leakes i changed oring on pump fitting what's going on do I have a faulty pump or possibly it's the switch. ..it's doing my head in at the moment as I can't get a decent constant water pressure. I'm already bald lol I'm scratching off what hair I have left as it's so frustrating 😁😂
  6. thanks for all the information it was helpful
  7. we have a power touch motor mover that is used on a caravan of 1278kg which is more than enough to pull the caravan about as they can be used on caravans of 2000kg, we want to put our caravan on a slight incline any tips on doing this, i would not want the mover engaged and the hand break on permanently as it would damage the tyres and possibly put a lot of strain on the mover , i have been told the handbrake dose not work going backwards . i feel nervous parking it on a slope but i assume is possible to do if done right any tips on how to achieve this and if you done this can you post me some pictures of yours so u can take a to look at thanks for any support given on this topic .
  8. it would just be best to disconnect the charger in the van and just use the charger as standby unit maybe hi yes i have tested this and the output from the van is only 12. 45 volts and tested the cables runing up to the main fuse box .
  9. the currant charger on the van is only pushing out 12. 45 volts to the battery would it be safe to connect the CTek charger to the battery and leave the currant charger in the caravan connected to the fuse box
  10. i disconnected the caravan charger in the mains fuse box as theirs a fault as its not fully charging the battery i am going to replace it with one of these and run independently as i think you can keep these connected all the time i done some re-search and some give good feedback on them where people have bought them my 240 volt works perfect in the caravan . anyone using one of these on a leisure battery the seller said that you can keep these on all the time as soon as its reaches it full charge it goes into trickle charge and will not damage the battery i would think its would be better as there is a lot of technology built in them for safety as well. i can't see how much harm it can do whats your thoughts on this ?
  11. i have checked it with a meter and the psu charger is not pushing enough volts out .
  12. i need some advise can these be repaired ????????? the charger is working but not throwing out the full 13 volt charge so my battery runs flat quickly can you add an additional charger to the battery, i noticed the power unit as a 12 volt charger above the psu fuse box that slides out and disconnects from it as a separate unit , the 240 volts works when the unit is disconnected by adding a different charger will this send extra power to the 12 volt PSU and blow it . a new psu is around £100 plus I was looking at other ways to over come this issue i only need the battery for the motor mover on site i use the 240 volt power for all the lights.
  13. people do change there car lol i still have the golf but also have a sharan now
  14. if your looking for a good tow car get a Vw sharan 1. 9 tdi or seat Alhambra or Galaxy I have the Sharan towed a dream fuel figures fully loaded car some contents in van average fuel 30 to 35 to the gallon going down hill and up hill . i average 50 to 54 to the gallon without the caravan attached urban and out of town, you have to look hard thou to get a good one as there are some really bad conditions out there not sure why people say it loses power on some reviews the car as loads of power no problems and handles well . if the only negative i have they are not a town car very large and have to change gear a lot but as a tow car can't fault it one bit best car i had for towing a caravan sometimes you have to look if the caravan is still on the back lol
  15. I checked the voltage connections coming from the caravan without out the battery connected this is what i can't understand it should be charging but it not may be the battery naffed
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