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  1. Hi - It's 2003 Attached are instructions. After step 3, left pump to rum for about 10 minutes, then opened cold taps on kitchen sink. No "good flow" ensued!!
  2. Hi All - Back again! have now renewed the water inlet with a Bullfinch replacement Inlet point. Have never before been thro' the process of connecting a caravan with water! Aquaroll full and connected. Followed Instructions and switched the pump on. Pump starts and makes comforting noises. After about 10 minutes, opened the cold water tap which gurgled, spluttered and then wheezed expelling air, but alas, no water! Can someone push me in the right direction (preferably not over a cliff!)
  3. Hi - many thanks to you all. Regards Toby
  4. Hi Just bought a 535/5 caravan. Can anyone tell me how to get the screw in adaptor to connect a hose pipe to the inlet? Is there a substitute available? Cheers. Toby
  5. Hi - Just bought a Rialto 535/5 7 and am pleased. Can anyone let me know what fitting I need to buy to connect external water supply to the van. There is a sort of screw fittingon the rear of the Van, but haven't got a clue where to find a connector. Finally, do I need an Aquaroll water barrel? Many thanks in anticipation - Toby
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