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  1. Thanks Fred, I fitted my first Motorhome with a 120w Solar and later added a tilting frame (as we spent the winters in Portugal), the resultant charge was incredible - only wish it was/is a practical proposition for the Coachman - the Rapido had a proper roof and ladder so no prob tilting. Your experience at the Centre in Wales would have been the same. I seriously considered an RV some years back, which had a solar panel which (electrically) followed the sun - like an Oyster dish - horrendously expensive.
  2. Thanks all, you may have assumed I was a newby to the fraternity however, I had before a Motorhome with 120w Solar and two leisure batteries. Winter or summer the Phantom Tracker recorded over 12.5v (Full Charge) and inputted 18.5v on a regular basis. I recently had the Solar checked and, although the regulator was changed it still struggles to register even 12.5v. Perhaps a larger panel is my only option - hence my heading "is it up to the job"
  3. Only had the Coachman 460VIP since July (used 2017) and finding the 80w panel not up to the job. Anyone had experience of this setup and or sugestions/advise please
  4. Lack of Police enforcement means all sorts of illegal practices go unpunished. Yesterday I witnessed an estate car (which overtook me) with a rear bike rack - with numerous bikes- completely obscuring the rear number plate. Entering the M40 (from M42) there was a police van doing about 65mph which the 'offending' estate car overtook. Action taken ?? nada, nowt, completely ignored. What hope for Law Enforcement when we all witness lack of rear vision when we follow Caravans. I recently downsized from a fairly large Motorhome (7.8 metres) to a 2 berth Caravan, the first purchase was a pair of extension mirrors! It is not only against the law to NOT to have them it is simply dangerous and inconsiderate to other road users.
  5. I wonder if those over 70 who continue to drive their motorhome over 3500kg - or indeed drive their car/caravan over this (combined) weight - immediately invalidate their insurance. So, if ANPR do a check stop - immediate prosecution ALSO ! Like others I knew a RV driver of 74 who was driving still with his 'pre 70' licence, another who knew better and refused to listen . . . .
  6. Most useless advice I ever received - as a teenager starting work - "Go to Burton's buy a decent suit and get two pairs of trousers" I burnt a hole in the coat !!!!
  7. Smiled when I read this! After 3 motorhomes & 3 caravans recently got back to a caravan - with mover. First depature from home left remote on the A frame . . . . you know the rest. Still learning, nobody can hope to know it all (says my current Wife) . . .
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