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  1. We are using a pressure reducer. Purchased a new kit as we are on fully serviced pitch this year and decided this is the way forward although will still need sort out the other feed. Am I right that the cold water will come directly from the mains and if so how is the hot water tank filled ? Sorry for so many questions.
  2. Thanks for the advice tried them all but with no success. Spent a few days filling the internal tank and so had running water . Although still need to find the problem we have now connected direct to mains for the remainder of our stay. Thanks again for your help
  3. Away at the moment for the first time since September last year and we are unable to get the water primed. Get the usual splutter and gurgling but the pump although working does not draw in any water from the outside container. If we manually fill the tank the taps work. We don't have a submersible pump it is just an end with a pipe and trigger looking end which fits into socket on the outside of caravan (sorry don't know the proper name). Has any one got any ideas what we can try as don't really understand how the water is drawn into the van in the first place .... any comments would be grat
  4. Thanks for the replies, I think we will go back to the age old method of being guided by the look and if the rain has stopped go for empty. Just thought with a little time on our hands we may have been able to get it working. Thanks anyway all and stay safe.
  5. Can any help with advice on the cassette full indicator light on a thetford c250/260. Having checked buld works ok, Reed switch works with alternative magnet, float magnet is present and free moving it will still not switch the light on when filled with water. Has anyone had this problem and overcome it or should we just buy a new float arm. It looks like the magnet has lost its strength it needs a strong magnet on the outside of the tank to make it move any help would be gratefully received.
  6. Hopju


    Thanks both, I will find the paperwork out with chassis details. Much appreciated.
  7. Hopju


    We seem to have lost this part on the journey home and was wondering if anyone may be able to help with A what is may be called so we can hunt for a replacement and B any idea where we would go looking for such a part. The caravan is a swift conqueror 645 2012 . Any help would be much appreciated
  8. Dried the board and left it out for a day and it worked properly again for how long who knows but thank you to all who offered advice.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, you have pointed out things I hadn't thought of with regards to levelin etc , may stick with trusty mobile step.
  10. Sorry should have thought of that .... it's a Thetford C-250
  11. Toying with the idea of a step which folds out from under the caravan (swift 2012 conqueror 645) and wondering if anyone has successfully done this and if there are any pitfalls at all or advise on best anchorage points.
  12. We are away in our 2012 Swift Conqueror and all has been well for first week then yesterday the flush seemed to be staying on to long when pressed. Low and behold a little later it could be heard flushing when know one was even near the bathroom. Eventually after attempts to stop it, it emptied the tank but the motor could still be heard. We disconnected its power supply to circuit board after peeling off cover. Is the problem likely to be circuit board under push button or something elsewhere. Most problems I read are about flush not working. Any help would be appreciated.
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