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  1. I think all sites will be rammed for at least this year and likely next. Until folk are allowed too and start going abroad the quiet places we once enjoyed will be packed. We went to St Austel last September and it was difficult to get anywhere near the popular places. Fowey for instance was a complete no no as the limited parking and double yellow lines everywhere meant no parking, Most of the places were the same. It’s great to see so many getting away unless it’s your holiday period 👍👍
  2. As I mentioned above we can’t pay more. 👍👍👍
  3. Your right..... If the van was within a couple of hours travel I would go and check things out. But it’s not so it’s not meant to be 👍👍 Cheers .
  4. The problem with this van is it’s 5 hours from home... So I would need to agree the purchase in principle then inspect collect and tow it home, Its a 2019 Coachman VIP priced at 22K so the risk is huge as far as I’m concerned. If it were an hour from home the whole transaction would be so much easier. Its a real shame as the van looks perfect but I cannot take risks as to us that’s a lot off money.... I would never pay a penny up front. I won’t even put these silly refundable deposits some car dealers insist we do. If a car is for sale and they won’t hold it on the day I go to view they can keep it. Paperwork worries me.... Things may not always be what they appear to be. Unless caravans differ insofar as the money lent on them is secured on the item and I can’t get a valid check that guarantees that everything is pucker I won’t move forward with it. That van is reasonably priced. Dealers want a lot more but the security of the deal is vital. 👍👍
  5. Hands up I made a mistake. The V5 for my car tells me the maximum permissible weight is 1800 Kg not the 1600 the caravan sales person told me. I think he. Was looking at the older model car 👍👍👍
  6. We had Motorhomes both panel van conversations and coachbuilt ... Then we went caravan. We won’t be going back. If your touring Europe and stopping short times and moving on a Motorhome makes some sense. If your staying for a week or more at a time a caravan wins. There is always a big compromise on space in a Motorpoint.
  7. We’re looking at a van from a private seller. What checks should we make ? If it’s CRiS registered how can we check everything is as it should be ? Are there any other checks we can make ? With a car we can do an HPI check. But what about a caravan? If ultimately a caravan was bought on finance and passed on can the finance company take it like they can do with a car ? Cheers
  8. Thanks guys 👍👍👍👍 Caravan payload is 145Kg so I feel confident we can stay within the recommendations.
  9. Having now decided on a caravan we have a wee issue regarding the weight limits of our car but I’m unsure if it means we can’t get the van we want or not. Our tow car is a Toyota RAV4 diesel Automatic. The tow limit is 1600Kg. If the car was a manual transmission it would then be able to tow 1800Kg. The automatic car is 200Kg heavier than the manual car hence the reduced limit. The caravan we really like has an all up weight of 1650Kg. It’s a Coachman VIP ... So are we allowed to tow the caravan if we keep the payload light so we would be towing under the 1600Kg limit for the car ? If we did this which we can it would just mean shopping at our destinations not before we travel. Little or no water just enough to make a brew en route..... Or could we put a bit more kit in the car that would reduce the all up weight of the caravan ? There is just the two of us so the car is not loaded very much anyway. Cheers
  10. Sorry I wasn’t trying to offend. But read your own post above. It says you think adding covid tax to a sale is ok.
  11. I look at it like this... Remember when the coronavirus first hit and some shopkeepers were asking 6 quid for a tiny hand sanitizer that usually sold for £1 ?? Selling an item any item we all want a fair price for a fair item. Fair being the operative word. The coachman on EBay is up for 20K.... In 2015 retail was 24200...... In that period of time a healthy discount of 17% could easily be had . That would take the price down to 20.082....... Its all there on Google have a look. Greed that is plain and simple .. Trading in is different, Of course we are never going to get the best price trading in, But the trader has to have a margin or he or she can’t pay the staff and pay the bills etc etc... When I sell an item I sell for a fair and reasonable price I don’t nor ever would take advantage of anyone especially on the back of a pandemic. Perhaps you would I certainly would not .
  12. How are the later shape Coachman VIP vans ? Often I read comments where people say the older models of this or that van were better built. The difference in price between a 2015 and a 2018 isn’t that great. The 2018 being I believe the first of the new shape.. On EBay right now there is a Mint 2015 up at 20K and a mint 2018 at 21K........ Invariably the older models seem more expensive. The older van is with a private seller so I’m supposing part of it’s price is the greed of the seller. In 2015 the VIP cost £24.200 while a new one today costs 28/29.000
  13. Perhaps I made my point badly. What I meant was to get a Motorhome with anything approaching the accommodation of say a 4 berth caravan with an island bed we are going to need very deep pockets indeed. Our last MH had a fixed bed but it wasn’t a massive van so it dominated the space. That vehicle cost nearly 85K and compared to our last caravan a 4 berth Lunar Clubman it was cramped to say the least. Perhaps I made my point badly. What I meant was to get a Motorhome with anything approaching the accommodation of say a 4 berth caravan with an island bed we are going to need very deep pockets indeed. Our last MH had a fixed bed but it wasn’t a massive van so it dominated the space. That vehicle cost nearly 85K and compared to our last caravan a 4 berth Lunar Clubman it was cramped to say the least. I keep hearing “ Choose the dealer carefully “ great advice but finding a top dealer who has any stock right now can be nigh on impossible. Then we have the question who is a top dealer ? Just as we have differing opinions on vans we very likely have differing opinions on dealers depending on experience 👍👍👍
  14. My experiences over the last couple of weeks suggest no discounts..... It may be possible on hard to move ones but the popular ones are virtually going straight out the doors. Several manufacturers have increased prices by 5% in the last two weeks. It’s still likely the best bet right now to buy new as the increase in used prices is nothing short of crazy. In reality and the business side of me says leave it a year. Once the folk forced to staycation go abroad again or the reality of towing etc etc kicks in prices will return to some kind of normality or there could even be an oversupply which will bring prices right down to perhaps bargain money. But that for us means no holiday and that’s not on........
  15. I /We can only say what we found...... In the UK a caravan wins every time. In France the MH is very good if you use the Aires..... We never used them most were not very nice. Cheap yes but we’re on holiday so don’t worry.... You have to have a great big MH to get a fixed bed. An island bed is rare. So the layouts are very compromised unless you have very deep pockets. To buy anything really nice and a good size in the MH world is mega money. Many on the MH forum I used to be on took out second mortgages or took equity release on their houses. Sod that for a game of soldiers.... Our budget for a caravan may not be huge but the van will be ours with no drip on it. We will have ample space just as we had with our last van and will be very comfortable. We live way out in the sticks on high ground so a 4X4 is essential so no extra expense for a tow car. Caravan for us every time 👍👍👍
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