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  1. Why is it pointless? And for that matter surely it's something the OP will decide as being pointless or for some legitimate reason. (I can think of a couple at least - can't you?)
  2. Not wishing to "open a can of worms" many people will agree with you, including many motorhome owners I hasten to add. Whilst ever car parks have no height constraint then they will be used. Many motorhome users actually seem proud that they have been away for say 6 weeks (indeed at least one forum member frequently refers to his "free parking") without once stopping in a normal camp site. If they use the "Airs" provided in say France, then all well and good. Sadly many don't but seem to think promenades, car parks and even residential streets are fair game. I'm certain everyone who travels around, especially but not exclusively in Europe, will have noticed the trend. It doesn't seem right to me either I have to say.
  3. In a word - rubbish! Perhaps a tiny minority but not the vast majority here and in Europe!
  4. Just as a light aside! Perhaps this is punishment for the Motorhome owners who stay well away from camp sites and park for free in ordinary car parks, on normal residential roads, on promenades, on beaches and the rest! Whilst we poor caravanners cough up the site fees for our holiday stops. Mind you - some would say it's worth paying for facilities, decent surroundings, security and the rest. And usually a decent space between vans rather than the "cheek by jowl" parking some motorhome owners seem to enjoy.
  5. Fine. But how did you know you had it? How can I check if I have it? And what exactly does it do that eliminated the need to clear ice from the windscreen?
  6. Checked to see what the devil a PTC heater is and : A high-capacity positive temperature coefficient heater, may include a plurality of positive temperature coefficient rods, wherein each of the positive temperature coefficient rods has a built-in positive temperature coefficient element that generates heat when electric power is supplied thereto, a plurality of heat-radiating fins attached to either side of the positive temperature coefficient rods along a longitudinal direction thereof, an upper housing coupled to one ends of the positive temperature coefficient rods, and a lower housing coupled to the other ends of the positive temperature coefficient rods, wherein the heat radiating fins are bonded to the positive temperature coefficient rods by heat conductive adhesive. Now. I currently have a 2014 Santa Fe (Premium) which will be replaced with a 2020 Santa Fe Premium SE next March. Where on earth do I find this thing that Hyundai fit? This morning it was spray and scraper.
  7. The 6 caravan places are signed very clearly "Caravans only" . Might be nice if all other motorists left them for their designated use. Mind you - not sure I'd call misuse anarchy.
  8. Have a gander at the Club (CMC) information. Errr They do say its a "guide" only which is obviously what you tell the policeman who stops you. Sadly for the newcomer to Europe something better than a "guide" is required. Of course, they state guide to escape any litigation if wrong but SURELY they can at least get it correct. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/overseas-holidays/planning-your-route/european-speed-limits/ Notice Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (there may be more but not bothered checking) where they have under/over 3500 kg reversed. Totally unacceptable when any organisation publishes stuff like this for member use. Who checked it? And SURELY the errors have been pointed out but are still showing? Just how long does it take to revise a web site - minutes! Have a look at Germany for the "deliberate" mistake! Austria is 50 mph (80 km/h) I believe on "country roads" and not 44 mph (70 km/h) but not certain personally about this. Maybe someone has time to check other information.
  9. I can understand a dog that serves an important purpose might be allowed in the cabin although never seen one. Thinking of a guide dog for example, who I believe are accepted. I'm amazed that an airline would allow a couple of dogs (as pets) in the passenger cabin - although I believe a few do - I'm also dismayed. Screaming children are a hazard that is acceptable but barking dogs who required the loo are not. And how about anyone with allergies etc? Beggars belief that this happens on a regular basis. The lady with sunglasses by the way. Presumably she had already ensured both dogs were microchipped, had a "Pet Passport and proof of vaccinations? In which case surely the flight would know about her and the dogs? Travelling in the cabin also is not free! So again I presume she had the purchased tickets? I've seen people with slightly too large carry-on bags deterred from boarding with no reluctance to argue on the part of airline staff. Perhaps a lady in a fur coat and sunglasses with dogs might be different even though apparently without booked seats or documentation for the dogs. Amazing.
  10. If you are simply adding an extra socket and have the tiniest bit of common sense there's not a lot that could be dangerous. I've never worried about such additions (where needed in previous vans) nor will I in the future. It amuses me how people trawl through Google looking for snippets of information, the odd quote from a report, the anecdotal evidence from something a friend once told them and so on. If you really consider making any electrical addition to your van might be an issue, or be an insurance concern, then simply don't do it!
  11. After following the advice above just one thing more. Be sure to wind the jockey wheel up after hitching and be certain it locates in the slot at the bottom of the tube. This will stop it unwinding during travel. Obviously also pull it right up before clamping for the road.
  12. Although you are not planning to drive just a word of warning to anyone who is! (Oh, and I'm sure you'll have no difficulty with Vesuvius). I've driven in Rome, Paris and other potentially "difficult" places but Naples takes the biscuit. We stayed in Torre del Greco - between Naples and Pompeii. The motorway is relatively "normal" but if you venture onto the smaller roads then expect the unexpected. Red lights mean nothing. Stop signs are to be ignored. No overtaking is merely a challenge. I could go on. We stayed in an Airbnb our hosts warned us that this part of Italy is virtually lawless with regard to driving - I totally agree. The host actually offered to take us to the station and pick us up later when we visited Naples. Having experienced it when we arrived we accepted his offer.
  13. Like most I had real misgivings regarding carrying bikes on the rear of any caravan. I have a 2019 Eccles 480, one of the considerations for changing from my Lunar Clubman was the carrying of bikes. My Eccles is uprated to 1500 kg. The Eccles has all the things mentioned by the OP, including large fridge, Alde, ATC, solar etc. I preferred the Eccles because the Challenger had an "entertainment" thingy placed in the nearside locker. Firstly we rarely take a TV caravanning but if we did we certainly would not be sitting in an awning (that's the idea of Challenger set-up) watching TV to the annoyance of fellow campers. ( We actually have a Fiamma Caravanstore Canopy with one end and one shorter than standard, front panel - we either use just the canopy, or with one end, or with front and end to make an "L". Speed of getting in and out prime concerns. Would recommend if you go abroad where full awnings are maybe not needed. In addition we carry our chairs and other large equipment in that front nearside locker. The "entertainment" thingy would not allow us to do that. The original payload was 132 kg with a MTPLM of 1384 kg. I have gained and extra 116 kg thus giving me a total of 248 kg payload. This is the main difference that may not suit if a maximum of 1400 kg is required. When I brought the van home for the first time unloaded, as I unhitched the hitch rose and I had to press down on it to stop the van tipping backwards. I hasten to say I live on a hill but I was, nevertheless a tad concerned. I've now towed around 3,000 miles with 2 bikes plus the rack, a total weight of 36kg, on the back of the van without the slightest problem. However - and this is the rub - I would never have attempted this without the upgrade. By carrying heavy stuff in the gas locker (including moving the spare there) I was able to achieve a nose-weight of around 80 kg which I think is massive part of the answer for stability. Without the capacity to carry weight at the front, and especially bearing in mind the strange experience unhitching with an empty van, I would not have attempted to tow with rear mounted bikes. I think you should consider the loading of your van before making a decision. Especially achievable nose-weight. A small lowering of the effect of carrying the bikes can be gained by shifting the rear most carrier channel forwards to the part designed to carry a third bike. This shifts the outer bike's weight forward by around 6 or 7 inches and therefore helps to reduce the pendulum/lever effect. It may be significant that my 480 is not a long van (6.6 m) and the hitch I'm sure is further forward from the front locker than that on my Lunar. Whatever the reasons I can say that stability was not an issue at any time and that includes overtaking and some rather naughty speeds at times. Fast overtaking white vans are simply not felt - I was more aware when towing the Clubman. Maybe this is one area, certainly with this van and a chassis upgrade, that Swift has got it decidedly right. I am completely happy with my set-up. Soooooooooo In summary: 1. Consider both Eccles and Challenger. 2. Make a decision regarding the "entertainment" pack intruding into front nearside locker. 3. Definitely get the van upgraded to provide the leeway for increasing nose weight. If you can't do this in my opinion forget rear mounted racks. 4. The cheaper bike rack is lighter than the posh version and just as strong. 4. Our view after using the van this year is that there is more space and storage in this 2 berth than our Lunar Clubman 4 berth. We are happy with making beds and have found the Duvalays we use extremely convenient. The beds are really comfortable. 5. Towing is a pleasure and the speed of siting van - with Caravanstore - as much a joy as siting ever can be. Good luck with your purchase. And well done if you read all this!
  14. Suppose you can walk home if you've forgotten anything!
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