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  1. That's reassuring so thanks. I did hear some knocking yesterday when using the mover on returning home - not noticed that before. I've checked secure mountings and can't find any issues there. Another noise noticed as been a quiet "clicking" as the movers run - that's a new sounds I think! I'll ask my dealer to check it out when the van eventually goes in for a replacement window (small crack) that was ordered months ago!
  2. Just a quick question. How much movement should there be at the motor. The mounting is solid but the part that slides to engage the tyre is quite "sloppy" on ours? Wondering if this is relevant since ours seems to have deteriorated over time. The curb (lowered) , now needs attacking at an angle and the mover actually stops if too much is asked of it. Battery is not new but shows healthy voltage at the control panel. Wondering if it's time to replace it.
  3. New pump will cost you less than £10. I would advise getting one.
  4. If you take that example as the only way to do then job then you've given yourself rather a headache. I think best to look for the "loads more" where all you need apart from the fluids is a £8.00 - £10.00 12v pump and a couple of shortish lengths of garden hose, couple of plastic containers for old fluid and maybe a couple of "connectors" to match the hose to the in and out pipes at the header tank.
  5. How about driving the car out of local garage after service and 100 yds down the road at first bend horrendous noises from front wheels. All had only been finger tight. Same garage some years later serviced my wife's car and forgot to fill it with oil. Denied it and said it must have leaked out. I guess many of us have suffered such in the hands of the incompetent.
  6. The périphérique was once quite an interesting way to cross Paris. We used it without fuss a few times BUT many years ago. Recently we were stupid enough to pass close to Paris - not as far in as the périphérique - and will never do so again. Frankly the congestion is horrendous. Bit late now but I'd prefer to sail from Dover and travel in the UK. Join the motorways in Belgium and have a free journey.
  7. Front locker and save 6kg by removing the carrier
  8. In most cases the fitting is a 10 minute job and really easy Allen. Wires simply are pushed under the headlining at the top of the windscreen where they simply disappear. At the door pillar there will be a split in the trim and here again the wires are pushed inside and completely hidden from view. Pull back the rubber door seals around the front of the door opening and wires simply hide away under the rubber seals when pushed back and are completely invisible. In my case the car fuse box is under the steering wheel to the side of the car. The wires, again totally invisible were fed through an existing cutout and a suitable "piggy back" fuse popped into the fuse box. Sensible choice of fuse function will ensure the cam only runs with the ignition on. Truly a simple job and could not be of a higher standard.
  9. The inference regarding emptying toilets in the John & Mandy videos is that they use any public loo. They often speak of "park-ups" with water and a toilet. Is this what you do "wild campers" reading this thread? With the often wide and well designed cassette emptying points on sites (even CLs) where a hose is provided to clean up stray splashes I dread to think what a public toilet will be like after emptying a cassette there! Maybe I am reading to much into the clear references to "park-ups" with a toilet. Interested to learn the truth.
  10. Bit of an aside I know but I checked the links in the first post and discovered John & Mandy. Now I know that people live in narrow boats and a romantic bit of me says so would I if I could. But I'd really never come across anyone living full time in a van. How out of date I must be. I watched a couple of videos but found myself getting a bit annoyed - seemed to me that this was the pinnacle of free living and using public facilities to avoid any costs. Thankfully, so far as I know, full time van livers are not common. Many, if not most, motorhomers use sites and pay for facilities as other campers do. The hue and cry that often surfaces is always directed at the few who, like John & Mandy, feel they should get something for nothing. Now, I'm not sure what prompted this thread (unless it was John & Mandy) but I'm beginning to understand the views of the majority regarding "wild camping". It would be interesting to hear from anyone who primarily camps "wild" and their views on the practice.
  11. It couldn't be anything to do with the frequency of posts on Forums where contributors are encouraged to "reject, reject, reject" could it!
  12. I think it's this one.: https://www.amazon.co.uk/CARAVAN-CAMPER-FITTING-OBLONG-OUTLET/dp/B006QUGDXG/ref=asc_df_B006QUGDXG/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310744208542&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5632241762027624771&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006886&hvtargid=pla-751071240127&psc=1 Very simple to fit since cutout already there. Sealant as already noted, perhaps slightly larger screws toi get a firm grip and almost certainly simply re-connect existing cable. Just to make things easier see if you can pull the cable out through the cutout a little to make connections outside the van then offer up with sealant and screw down. Sorry Hadn't noticed you already identified the socket. I wouldn't have posted had I realised that.
  13. Just as an aside - I only remembered it a couple of minutes ago. When we were touring New Zealand (by car and stopping each night in motels/hotels !) we noticed many motorhomes all over both North and South Islands. One wag at a hotel we were talking to was not a fan. His view was that many were being hired and driven by tourists with no prior experience. Judging by the convoys we suffered on a couple of occasions I can't help but think he was right. Interestingly though he told me what the New Zealanders called a motorhome : "Road Maggot".
  14. Well everyone sincere thanks to all who contributed their ideas and experiences. I'm really not bothered about the electric, what I would describe as grills, and was hoping I could be persuaded to go Cadac because of not only its versatility but also its suitability as a replacement for a traditional gas BBQ. Reading your advice I'm convinced that I should soldier on with my smelly, fat covered, dirty and smoky gas BBQ. But.............I'm equally convinced that we should carry our home griddle pan and perhaps a wok. I suspect all three will still weigh less than a Cadac and provide similar versatility but a better BBQ result. Jury back and decision made. My thanks again.
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