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  1. Well said you two. Thankfully I'm about to venture abroad and can't wait to enjoy the French lifestyle. I have many good friends who are French and, these apart I can't say I've had anything but courtesy in their country. I also wonder why people find fault with things the locals take for granted. Ok. The first time I saw a "pissoir" against the church wall in FULL view of any entering or leaving I was a tad concerned. But it's like most things - if you don't like it don't go. Or contribute to a thread such as this one to point out your personal difficulties with the culture.
  2. We'll be close to Le Lavandou very soon. (St Clair) So sad to see the Canadairs fighting the fires and the smoke and ash has to be seen to be believed. They do say that regeneration is quite rapid and there are benefits but sadly not so for the people caught up in the fires.
  3. Size looks ok but hope you've got plenty of sandpaper-emery cloth!
  4. We bought a 2019 Eccles 480 in preference to the Elegance (not sure where the Conqueror fits in) simply because it had more space above the door to fit our Caravanstore. There was not sufficient room on the Elegance . After adding the Alde and the AL-KO and uprating the chassis to 1500 kg we found ourselves with a payload of 248 kg which was the second reason for our choice.
  5. Is it not called CONVENIENCE! We will be taking a fridge full of our usual produce and if stopped then be prepared to have it confiscated. I really can't see French Customs entering every caravan or motorhome to search for illicit food.
  6. I'm not a motorhome owner and have no argument with those who are. (I have friends who own motorhomes). Certainly in Europe Aires are extremely popular and bring in a bit of revenue to the local town I'm sure. However, I do wonder if this is at the expense of camp sites? This pic illustrates the dilemma - parked 50 meters from the entrance to the Municipal Camp Site Les Greves in Aixe-sur-Vienne. Free to the motorhome and a loss for the site. I'm sure there are many who feel that "wild camping" floats their boat and that's why they bought a motorhome, and others who always prefer to pay for the security and facilities on a site. Aware of the popularity of motor homes and the number of Aires around I just wonder if there are implications for Camp Sites.
  7. Try using the tool that comes with the mover. Red handled "T" shaped. Used to turn the shaft on the motor to ensure both sides are in sync. I'm sure detailed instructions are around someone.
  8. Is it really harder to balance with smaller wheels? Serious question. Been thinking of getting a couple of bikes with smaller wheels and now hearing this has rung a few bells.
  9. A Caravanstore with optional side panels might be good for you. (Similar to the Thule) We use ours exclusively when in Europe. The canopy is 2.5 meters deep and in our case 4.1 meters wide. Canopy out even for a single night if weather warrants it and one end, both ends, front, drop down end sunshade, drop down front sun shade as and when required. Canopy only takes a couple of minutes. Add an end for another 5 mins fully pegged down For us it ticks every box including sturdy and able to withstand reasonable wind. For prices I'm sure you will find this and other suitable "awnings" advertised with prices. (You speak of a "roll out" which I'm assuming means a bag hung on your awning rail btw.) If it's a roof mounted type then can't help. In the UK it's removed to be replaced with a lightweight air awning.
  10. Entirely agree. The Highway Code is a "living" document and must reflect current custom and practice. When I sit in my large steel box, surrounded by "crumple zones and air bags" then I have a responsibility towards all users of our roads and pavements. Legislation is for a purpose and as a member of society I do my best to follow it. To suggest it should never change is facile. Having said all that like many others I fume when cyclists ignore road signs and cycle dangerously on pavements. Surely legislation to improve safety for all of us in vital, not least pedestrians who don't have the comfort of a "steel cage" when they cross a road.
  11. We booked the tunnel through the CMC thinking that safely in our car would be better than on a ferry. (Normally we sail Hull - Zeebrugge). Lock-down forced us to amend the date and the CMC were 100% happy to do this for us without fuss. We now have a tunnel booked for late August this year and, conditions permitting, will be in France until the end of September. When this latest crossing was arranged we received a refund of £55 from the CMC as the new crossing was that much cheaper than the original. Accepted we all may have differing experiences with the "third party" arranged crossings our experience has been 100% perfect and we've had no difficulties contacting the CMC to make amendments. In addition our Red Pennant insurance was refunded in full.
  12. Am I correct in assuming the main reason you are reluctant top fit a motor-mover is weight? We too have an Eccles 480, 2019 year. One of the reasons we bought this van rather than the "Elegance" version was a lower door (able to fit our Caravanstore "bag" awning) and the easily achieved extra payload to cope with a bike rack and 2 cycles. In our case we asked for an upgrade to 1500 kg before delivery and it was free. I think you may need to pay a small amount for retro re-grading. We now have a payload of 248 kg. Enough for motor-mover and couple of bikes plus anything else we might decide to bring (more or less!) I've no idea about Mr Shifta style movers but I do know standard movers do a great job. My advice, for what it's worth, is upgrade your weight and fit a standard mover. In our case I can achieve a nose weight of anything from 80 kg let's say up to 100 kg with ease. My preferred nose weight is 95 kg and that's simple to set even with the bikes on the rear of the van. All this assumes you have all that is necessary to drag 1500 kg of course. Ohhhhhhh Another thing I might add. I removed the spare wheel holder from under the van (and saved about 6 kg I think) and used the central "knob" on the carrier that holds the spare in place to fit the spare in the front locker on the "light side" of the van (ie nearside). Easy job and I now have a clean easily accessible spare if ever needed.
  13. Did you miss my earlier post then? "Would a specific note in the handbook that tells an owner to turn off the ISG when towing elicit an apology for Duncan and his experienced fitter? " The handbook specifically states that ISG is turned off when towing.
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