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  1. A use a trolley with motor mover attached. (Battery makes the loo tank seem quite light). Had a few strange looks but something very special about sitting in a comfy chair and pressing buttons to guide the thing to the emptying spot. I then send my wife to actually empty it.
  2. You can have our step if you visit the Millau parking. Easily done!
  3. So did ours. After 3,000 miles in Europe I'd had enough. Not read the complete thread so apologies if this has been said already My dealer changed brakes under warranty. He said that there were many Swift vans with the same problem and it was caused when pads without asbestos were introduced. They squealed! It seems the replacement ones have something substituted for the former asbestos (according to the dealer) and all is quiet. Towed a fair bit since change and still quiet.
  4. Try warming the old sticker with a hair drier. I've removed originals and carefully saved them in case next owner wants the lighter plate.
  5. Squash

    13 pin plug.

    Perhaps it is normal. I must say mine needs hardly any turning to connect but certainly some! It doesn't make immediate contact as I push it straight in - the turn makes the connection.
  6. Squash

    13 pin plug.

    As you twist the 13 pin plug in the socket you will hear the ATC test only after beginning to turn the plug. The locking by twisting is vital but certainly the electrical connection is not made before the plug is turned.
  7. This surely is the most important consideration - where exactly the sensor is placed. I can't see it mattering at all where it's placed so long as the temperature set is appropriate. Mine is in "open air" about 6 inches below the large upper vent opening on my Eccles directly to the rear of the fridge. I simply set the control to suit that particular spot! For information I used this controller: https://uk.banggood.com/Geekcreit-W3230-DC-12V-AC110V-220V-20A-LED-Digital-Temperature-Controller-Thermostat-Thermometer-Temperature-Control-Switch-Sensor-Meter-p-1416355.html?gmcCountry=GB&currency=GBP&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgcs&utm_content=garman&utm_campaign=pla-gbg-rm-all-purchase-pc&ad_id=323612825005&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2efrBRD3ARIsAEnt0eiecF63N3nYjoA-hFdnaH1eQpNBVGNu_gKhVcbMsNNKURXmGRBJM-waApGiEALw_wcB&ID=515547&cur_warehouse=USA I used a 140 mm fan which is "silent". Nanoxia Deepo Silence . Rated noise is 13.4 dBH at full belt. The fan is mounted on a 2 mm thick aluminium plate which is fastened to the van rather than the vent and completely free from vibration and transmitted sound - well, I can't hear it inside the van. Outside you need to stand next to the vent to know it's on so no disturbing neighbours.
  8. Squash

    Levelling Caravan

    No! Caravans can be parked on slopes front to back and side to side. I'd be amazed if everyone who stored at home had dead level ground wouldn't you?
  9. Oh dear! I would unhitch and use the mover!
  10. On 07/09/2019 at 17:30, Legal Eagle said: You cannot just reject it and claim a refund under consumer law. 1 hour ago, Alan Stanley said: In the first 30 days you have the right to reject goods that are not of satisfactory quality. I think if you read the complete answers each gave they concur. Legal said: "There are criteria which must be met...............................!" Alan said: "Given your description.................................!" The danger is taking parts of posts, and presuming those sections stand alone without qualification! However I certainly see the "amusing" side as you point out.
  11. If I were you I would take the least stressful and safest method. If I were you I would not worry one jot about the "assumed" legality of your actions - just do it. How many times have you seen a police vehicle outside your house waiting for you to emerge? Why look for issues that are so unlikely to raise their head. And bottom line how many police officers would do more than help you by stopping traffic or, if they felt the need, give you friendly advice. Quite understand the stress but just do it the way you think best.
  12. Have to say 100% agree. Mind you I have been to Northern Spain and enjoyed it. Add Switzerland to your list and you've pretty well covered it. I suspect that you don't drive to the Dordogne, stay 2 weeks on a site and return home. We certainly don't. The sites are places to stop more than anything else and a base to explore from. We'll be off again next year whatever the Brexit situation. It's a "lifestyle" thing for many I feel.
  13. Astonished and suggest there is a problem with them. I had Reich in the past with no issues. They moved the van up the kerb outside my house but, as with all movers, if one side hits the kerb first the van will try to rotate. What they never did was actually turn in the opposite direction i.e. "unwound" as it were - that suggests a fault somewhere I think. I seem to remember once setting off having forgotten to release the movers. The van wheels did not turn as I moved forwards - just skidded on the gravel. We rely on our Powertouch to hold the van on quite a steep hill when hitching and unhitching. It pull/pushes the van up kerbs and it holds it completely still when on a ramp. I'm sure you've enough experience to know how to adjust for a swivel (grandma and sucking eggs springs to mind) but if the mover is allowing the wheels to turn and turning itself then that's a problem I think.
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