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  1. A few years ago I was unfortunate enough to clip a piece of angle iron that someone had left near a petrol pump. Didn't see it but certainly felt the front wheel find it. Instant puncture and the position - on edge of tread - made repair impossible. We were in France and, as always, covered by Red Pennant. The Santa Fe we had then (if only the new one had same!), carried a full size spare which was fitted. Red Pennant had arranged a breakdown truck and we were soon sorted. They also told us to purchase a new tyre for a spare. They made it clear that if we
  2. Why 2 trips please? Can't see any point in doing the job twice over - am I missing something?
  3. Presumably the surface heat reflects the internal heat of the panel and if the thermostat is located within it there's the problem!
  4. Current Hyundai Premium automatic SE 20 reg currently to follow both previous versions of the car. Very satisfied as you might deduce with a 3 loyalty record. Looked at the Kia when we bought the current model but frankly liked the look of the Hyundai better and the equipment level. All 3 cars have been extremely reliable and return around 25/26 towing. Solo around 33/35 and long run 45 ish. However, to be frank unless consumption was really bad a few more or a few less mpg would not sway me either way. The feeling of adequate power and security, the self levell
  5. Is anyone else feeling the loss of European touring holidays I wonder? (Tunnel reservation brought forward to end of August now and fingers crossed). So far as German towing my experience has always been good with regard to the autobahns. Apart from the long holdups that can occur travelling with the lorries in no overtaking sections has always been easy and relaxing. I've personally been delighted to find HGV spaced sensibly apart. Perhaps with no overtaking the urge to be 10 meters behind the vehicle in front disappears and thoughts of safety take over!
  6. Just a word of warning. I changed mine some time ago. Bought a new plug from the original tow bar fitters. I found a wiring diagram in the box but fortunately noticed it was not correct - the plug was made in Europe where different connections are made. Just be sure to use a UK diagram.
  7. 100% agree. Just back from a regular CL. £10 night with 16Amp. Vans minimum of 30 meters apart and further if you wish! Park facing as you wish and pipe your grey waste directly into longer grass or hedges. Even has 3 hard-standings if required. Ok - so chemical disposal is lift a cover and pour down a toilet bowl sunk into the ground/drain. Bucket of water does the flushing. Taps shared by two vans max and same with bins which are clearly marked for re-cycling. Why anyone spends £30 - £40 or more for a single night is beyond my understanding. Particul
  8. Yes. That's exactly what TyrePal say. So light make no real difference. I have them and my wheels are balanced. In reality caravan wheels from most manufactures arrive unbalanced as we all know. TyrePal addition totally insignificant.
  9. Just a thought! Anyone noticed warped door when van left over winter with no use? Now what causes that? Could it be water? It would be interesting to know the exact weights of a van when parked in the South of France for August and when parked in the UK for January!
  10. Reaching Boston using the route you've outlined is fine. The issue might be exactly where do you want to be in Boston when you arrive! Might I suggest you read any access information the site provides (if any) and, just to be sure, check your route using Google maps/earth. Sometimes the last half mile is the difficult bit and that can be influenced by the direction you are approaching the site from.
  11. As I understand it the reason that stop/start is disconnected is to minimise the dangers of frequent stopping of the engine whilst under stress. Turbos are not very happy without oil flow and it's usually suggested that the car is allowed to idle briefly after working hard. As for disabling electrical supply to the van then certainly in my car that doesn't happen and I would be astounded if it was a problem with any fairly recent car.
  12. Sound advice there!
  13. Can't say with the Tucson but I use it a lot when towing if the conditions are suitable. I have a Santa Fe and I would be astonished if the Tucson would not perform perfectly safely.
  14. There's a nice one on the Millau Bridge Aire that you're welcome to!
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