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  1. Just came here to ask pretty much the same question as this thread, so thanks for the info! However one question, before running Puriclean through the system should I remove the 'brick stopper' or can I just run it through literally as is without taking anything out of the normal set up?
  2. I did consider sucking it up a straw to siphon it out but decided I didn't want my mouth anywhere near it! I'll give changing the level of the caravan around to see if I can get it to shift. Otherwise I guess I could stick a sponge in there and suck it out that way.
  3. Thank you. That was actually quite obvious and has emptied most of it. However, there is still an amount of water in the fill pipe (that you twist out). Is there any way to get that out other than soaking it up with a sponge or something?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how to empty the flush fill pipe on a Thetford C402? Obviously I can empty the flush tank by running the flush until empty however the filler pipe remains full and can't for the life of me work out how to empty it! Thanks.
  5. Ours is a 2010. Trouble is not knowing what comes out of what means I might end up double counting it, or not counting it if its something I've considered as factory fitted but actually needs to be considered separetely.
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me what Sprite/Swift cover under 'essential habitation equipment payload'? The handbook doesn't mention it but says "the MRO includes an allowance for gas, the electric hook up, cables as well as the fluids and liquids required for normal caravan operation". However, the specification book lists the MRO and essential habitation weights separately so now I'm confused as to what comes under what?! Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm looking to get a tow car to pull a van about 1440kg MTPLM. I don't have a massive budget (about 3k) so am looking at about 07-09 models depending on the car. I don't really want a massive car (4x4, suv etc) as I need to use it for day to day life, commuting etc so want to keep it relatively economical. I'm fairly inexperienced but have B+E so ideally the car would be as heavy as possible (bearing in mind not wanting a massive vehicle). Does anyone have any opinions on what might be best? Other than above I'm fairly open minded! Thanks.
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