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  1. If ignorance really is bliss then the op has probably had a very happy life
  2. Its with a firm called " smarty " normally £20 discounted until midnight So i basically put the sim in an old phone which allows tethering and then i can run laptop, firestick etc with no problem, guess it matters less that i don't plan to use the phone as a phone ? Good to know , thank you for the help guys
  3. I have found one for £18 a month unlimited with the option to cancel anytime
  4. Hello advice please , could i insert a sim with unlimited data into an unused mobile phone tether as a hotspot to run things like amazon fire stick and netflix etc. Or am i being to simplistic ?
  5. So could you use an old phone with an unlimited data sim to tether and stream netflix amazon etc ?? or am i simply missing something very obvious Steve
  6. I too can not offer advice, but what i will offer is my well wishes for the future for you and your daughters, hats off to you. You have chosen a fine place to ask for advice, it has some very well informed and funny people and compassionate too.
  7. With the puriclean Do you need to leave it overnight And can you use the heating/hotwater whilst it's being left to do its job Thank you
  8. Good evening I am looking at the possibility of a seasonal pitch for the next season starting in 2021 The area we area particularly interested in is Garstang Lancashire Happy to consider places within 15 miles or so Must be dog and child friendly Thank you in advance for any of your helpful replies Steve
  9. Thanks for the heads up hadn't noticed that, just off to take it out of the awning before someone sees it 👀
  10. Pity you're not my neighbour
  11. Bonus then 😀 I was going to go pink but was worried what folk here may think 👍
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0717697Z9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_USZ9Eb9C31XE0 Decided to go with this. Hopefully price and brand wont offend anyone Not sure about the neighbours though
  13. Thank you it would appear that could be the most effective solution
  14. Again who is suggesting impressing anybody 🙄 So you firmly believe every Dyson sold is to impress neighbours 😂😂😂
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