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  1. Thank you for the help Griff good tips on storage etc appreciated
  2. I think we have decided to buy the dedicated cover for our van. That way all issues raised here will be covered Thanks again for the excellent and informative advice Steve
  3. ROAD LEGAL To make sure you are road legal and can be seen whilst travelling during the day or night, we provide push-in LED eye lights and reflective strips for you to make sure you’re safe and towing legally. That was from the website ( official ) selling tow pro lite cover
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies Which does raise an interesting question if towing with a front universal cover in the dark is illegal or not
  5. So are you saying it isn't legal and all the universal covers should not be used
  6. Do the lights need to be on view ? Was thinking universal covers wouldn't always expose the lights
  7. Hello just looking for advice I know the tow pro covers are sold as van specific and please excuse this if it's a silly question But would a unicorn cover fit a pegasus van how different are they Thanks Steve
  8. stephendutton63


    Just awful looking too in my opinion would look miles better if the screws looked like they belonged or even fitted flush Though I am certain they are up to the job they were intended for
  9. That's great thank you I forgot to even say it was located in the rear bathroom and you guys are still helpful Thanks again
  10. Good day one and all. The light over the sink in our Bailey Pegasus Brindisi is not working. I have had a quick ( very ) look,and can't see how to take it apart the replace and failed bulb/bulbs/LEDs So can anyone point a relative newcomer ( 3 months ) in the right direction please, one of how to gain access to and two what bulbs/LEDs i need to replace Thank you in advance for replies and reading . Steve
  11. Super quick reply, I take it these leads have both ends male , if that is so you have answered my question I believe
  12. Hi could someone advise what type of lead I need to connect my TV to the caravan aerial. Have not tried it as yet as I have been watching recorded TV through a laptop. Thanks in advance from a caravan novice
  13. I am aware there seem to be two ways ( to my knowledge ) of having a continuous water supply to the van. One with the float in the aqua roll , other directly into the van. Are there any prohibiting factors into the second option that i need to consider. I am aware of the requirements for food grade hose etc. Thanks in advance Steve (new and trying to learn )
  14. That is again good information . I too am towing a Bailey Pegasus and am deliberately trying to keep it fairly light. I did have the thought whilst towing the other day, that it must be fairly subjective, i mentioned to my better half that unless someone with years of experience were to jump into the drivers seat and give their opinion on how it was driving, then i am merely trying to find a comfortable place for myself. I do however feel reasonably confident when towing. I hope that made some kind of sense, but i am going to continue to experiment with loading configurations.
  15. That looks like the smallest tow vehicle i have seen, how does it cope
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