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  1. It’s not the booking and cancelling that concerns me many things can lead to a cancellation Its booking two sites for the exact same time one of which you could never use . To me that’s blocking and should be frowned upon Or selfish take your pick. Would you do the same if you had to risk a lost deposit for the one you choose not to take. I somehow doubt you would.
  2. Hedging/blocking whatever you choose to call it it could still prevent someone getting the booking they wanted just so you get the one you want. Your morals may be different to mine
  3. Two sites for the same dates which is entirely different to the situation you described above simples
  4. So effectively your putting blockers in and possibly preventing someone else from booking. How long before you go will you cancel and open up the one pitch you won’t be able to use Grand idea I’m off to book 52 weeks of separate holidays just in case 👍👍👍
  5. Always surprising to find out what turns people on 😂
  6. All thank you so much proving again what a friendly helpful bunch of people caravanners are
  7. OK sorry for the confusion i have generated It is a blown air system which at the moment i have set to run from the sites electricity and set to come on at 10 degress C Now i am obviously not sure how this works ( apologies ) but i think i am gathering it does not need a water supply is this correct. The reason for asking is i have turned the switch off which runs the water pump ( connected to aqua roll externally ) and I am concerned I may do some damage by doing this , should the temp drop below 10 degrees C Reading jezzerb reply ( thank you
  8. Good morning If the blown air heating system is fully primed and running as normal do you also have to keep the pump running if you plan to run the heating ? So basically just leave the heating set to a temp but with the pump turned off,whilst away from the van, would this be an issue or not Thanks Steve
  9. If ignorance really is bliss then the op has probably had a very happy life
  10. Its with a firm called " smarty " normally £20 discounted until midnight So i basically put the sim in an old phone which allows tethering and then i can run laptop, firestick etc with no problem, guess it matters less that i don't plan to use the phone as a phone ? Good to know , thank you for the help guys
  11. I have found one for £18 a month unlimited with the option to cancel anytime
  12. Hello advice please , could i insert a sim with unlimited data into an unused mobile phone tether as a hotspot to run things like amazon fire stick and netflix etc. Or am i being to simplistic ?
  13. So could you use an old phone with an unlimited data sim to tether and stream netflix amazon etc ?? or am i simply missing something very obvious Steve
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