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  1. Sounds to me like a reasonable excuse to get the van out , she could then have her own enclosed space 😄
  2. So you understood the message as I believe it wasnt that difficult to comprehend also Well done to you 👍
  3. I guess nearly 38000 people might suggest neither was ok If only they could
  4. Well I guess that it has been said you can do that rightly or wrongly
  5. So can you please tell us how long the virus lasts on various surfaces. I assume you know for all surfaces
  6. Come on Ern it was quite clever and a bit funny ,but I thought it was true Thanks for pointing that out to me Just out of curiosity what were the clues that it was made up
  7. What's this waking people up at 6am to move them on malarkey that's just an early morning alarm call Better still, wait till they settle down for the evening , make an unholy banging racket on doors and windows , fine them, and hope they have had a beer or three and pull them for drink driving But no they are more than likely politely ask them to please return home
  8. Where does it mention voucher I'm sure he said the deposit had been relocated hence still protected the same as the original deposit ( I think ) But I'm sure he appreciated your cheery optimism
  9. I guess the gullible will always be gullible The more savvy less so Not of Ebay's making really
  10. Ending the lockdown to soon could ruin things in the most dramatic way for a lot of people but hey ho
  11. Suppose that depends if your loyalty is to your bank account, or theirs, I know where I prefer my money to be kept.
  12. I think the point is you missed the point the quote you referenced was making. They could offer you a voucher for double , which it seems you might accept, but IF ( that's a Plodd thing ) the company goes bust , voucher could potentially be worthless I think that was the point being made . Therefore cash refund is king
  13. stephendutton63


    Are you seriously saying you were told to drink more alcohol by a medical professional
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