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  1. Super quick reply, I take it these leads have both ends male , if that is so you have answered my question I believe
  2. Hi could someone advise what type of lead I need to connect my TV to the caravan aerial. Have not tried it as yet as I have been watching recorded TV through a laptop. Thanks in advance from a caravan novice
  3. I am aware there seem to be two ways ( to my knowledge ) of having a continuous water supply to the van. One with the float in the aqua roll , other directly into the van. Are there any prohibiting factors into the second option that i need to consider. I am aware of the requirements for food grade hose etc. Thanks in advance Steve (new and trying to learn )
  4. That is again good information . I too am towing a Bailey Pegasus and am deliberately trying to keep it fairly light. I did have the thought whilst towing the other day, that it must be fairly subjective, i mentioned to my better half that unless someone with years of experience were to jump into the drivers seat and give their opinion on how it was driving, then i am merely trying to find a comfortable place for myself. I do however feel reasonably confident when towing. I hope that made some kind of sense, but i am going to continue to experiment with loading configurations.
  5. That looks like the smallest tow vehicle i have seen, how does it cope
  6. Exactly that, I was charged £7 per day, and the full fee for one night stay when i went back, money they probably wouldn't have taken otherwise.
  7. Great advice chaps, so it seems it boils down a little to personal experience and/or preference . We are planning on taking our first reasonably long trip around Easter ( 250 miles or so ) and would like by then, to have a decent understanding ( with help from you guys ) of how to get the best towing experience. So thanks and keep the tips coming
  8. Hello I am located in the North West near to Wigan and am wondering about stay and leave sites. Somewhere you can stay for a night or two that are happy for you to leave your van and come back the following weekend, for a fee of course. One we stayed at recently was Park Cliffe. Within 70 or so miles of me decent facilities and open all year round. Thanks in advance. Steve
  9. Thank you , that's the kind of advice i was looking for, so is it the general opinion that nose weight is most critical.
  10. Excuse me if this is the wrong place. But the payload thing is confusing me a little. If for example your tow vehicle is large enough to carry everything you want to take, would it be better just just load the car, or are there advantages from a towing perspective to having some weight in the van. My inclination is to load the car , but i am more than happy to be educated. Thanks in advance Steve
  11. Just as an update, the small handle does indeed stay in place ( upright ) just needs a firmer pull than i was giving it . Thank you to all who took the time to help and advise much appreciated, it's nice for a newbie to know you are here. Steve
  12. Stevan thank you that puts my mind at rest
  13. Apologies for the mistake leading title of my original post and thank you for correcting The concern I have as I'm sure you'll understand is knowing I am correctly and most importantly safely hitched. That's the main reason I was questioning the position of the smaller handle on hitching Some great information and friendly advice from you all which I shall check out next time I visit the van to practise hitching So if the handle does not stay up before hitching ,and i need to hold it up can you confirm this is ok and will not prevent correct hitching or do I need someone to look at it Great forum friendly people thank you . Steve
  14. Hello hopefully someone can help Very new to this but a tad confused We have a van with an Alko3004 stabaliser fitted. We went to practise hitching today and encountered this problem. Should the hitchlock ( the smaller of two handles ) be in an upright position before lowering onto the tow ball or do you need to hold it up. If it should be up but isn't, or wont , what does this suggest. If you need to hold it up to connect is this the sign of a problem that would prevent me towing Should it easily go into the upright position Thanks in advance for any help and guidance Steve
  15. Thank you all for the very helpful and kindly put advice I'm sure I'll be back with more questions as time goes on So for now caravan is safely stored waiting for our first adventure
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