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  1. At 21 my car was a 1300 ford escort GT in radiant red with black vinyl roof, that was in 1972, used to go flat out down new M5 towards Devon, used to get about 4 gallons for a £1, ah what fun times.
  2. Hi, I to was going to purchace a German van but was put off by draw bar length, it looked unsightly, I know this might be strange but first appearances matter, but the quality of the interior was superb, far better than UK vans but you may need a heavy car to tow as this comes at a price weight wise.
  3. It is only when reading these threads that you realise that perhaps caravan manufacturing has reached the bottom of cost cutting, my old Abbeys that I used to have never suffered any failure or damp issues and were built like a tank, this is definitely my last new van as the worry of what will go wrong next ain't worth the hassle.
  4. As a quick update, the locks were replaced, have used van for a pleasant week and nothing seems to be wrong, just waiting now for the leaks to start if it follows the last two new swifts I have had in last 10 years!!!!!!!
  5. Personally I think the extra test to tow larger vans is a good idea, having last week seen a fool trying to reverse a large van in a narrow lane for 30 mins, eventually the bus driver got out and reversed it for him, this give caravaning a worse name than it already has.
  6. I have sympathy with you on car weight to van ratio, it took me six months to find right van for my ford mondeo Tittanium X, I also looked at the Sprite range and was amassed to find the Quattro ew was light enough for the car, after having the car re weighted to take in the weight of fitted tow bar ( over 25 kg) car limit of 1800kg towing it fell in at 95% of cars mets.
  7. It seems I had a narrow escape as I was going to purchase a lunar but bought a Quattro instead, but this is back at dealer as it was faulty, seems to be an issue with caravans in general as they all look to cut costs, probably gone to far with rubbish foreign parts at knock down prices.
  8. It is back with the dealer, I only used for two nights beginning of July, took it straight back, and have not seen it since as the lock barrels are on back order, which they say is code for a build issue, which is why I wondered if any one else has had problems,
  9. Hi, I am new to this, I have been caravaning well over 30 years with no problems with vans, I finally decided to purchase a new Quattro EW when using for first time the locker lock barrels all came out with key this does not fill me with confidence, anyone else had similar issues with these vans or am I just unlucky.
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