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  1. I have a ‘64 Kia Sportage 2.0L AWD with the manual box. I don’t think it likes pulling my van (under 1400kg MTPLM). In reverse I get that awful clutch smell!
  2. Would a 150 ps be noticeably less capable? Many forums say the 150 is smoother, plus the 190’s are quite rare.
  3. Manual box. MTPLM of van is 1375Kg. Will this tow acceptably?
  4. Away atm and the connection between the socket and the new sub-pump is temperamental. New socket for me! Chichester Caravans say £30 supplied. Is it a tricky job?
  5. Hi all. Spinflo 62000 Caprice 2020 (serial 2003073898). Colour is silver/grey. its the outer panel of the main oven compartment. Smashed by an inadequately secured table. Best place for replacement? Please help. TYVM. The label inside the opening says 2020. The label by the hob nobs says Caprice 2040.
  6. I tow a 2004 Adria Adiva 532 LD with a manual 2014 Kia Sportage 2.0L AWD. I would say the Kia is a little light for this van and perhaps a little low on power.
  7. The right hand side (or bottom if vertical rocker) of a switch turns on.
  8. I am looking for new female brass electrical connectors for the inlet socket. Anyone got any ideas? TIA
  9. I will investigate tap filters soonest but have just been out and bought a new pump. My old one was manufactured in 2003! I will also try and clean up/scratch the electrical contacts in the pump socket next time I go to the van.
  10. Can flow rate from taps on hot or cold be improved by buying a higher output submersible pump?
  11. Fixed. Had an engineer look at it. The contact between the pump and pump socket is dicey despite me attempting to clean the electrical contacts up. Got the pump working, filled the water tank/heater, lit the heater on gas. Water from taps was hot. Sorted. Thinking about a new pump and/or contacts or pump socket. Do these come together when purchased?
  12. So I went up to the storage area this morning to sort some other issues and whilst there my mate and I had a look inside the 2 plugs currently in situ. I suspect they are weathered through age and well, weather but there seems to be 2 red wires. I just put it all back together and spoke to a caravan engineer on site who is going to do the job by replacing the 2 cables with a single one with the 13 pin plug already moulded on for £70 all in, inc VAT.
  13. I bought the 13 pin plug by following a link I found on here (cannot find it now) and the plug took weeks to arrive. I’ve been putting it off for months and have now lost the included diagram showing which wires from 12N/S go where on 13 pin. Anyone got anything that may help?
  14. I've booked 2 sites for 3 nights each in July as a Caravan and Motorhome Club member. I'm assuming no toilet/shower blocks will be available. For me, caravanning will make it easier to isolate.
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