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  1. So, my mate and I fitted this cover a week ago and I went back to check it today. Van seems bone dry even though it was wet when we fitted the cover. Question: owing to some roof bars the roof has a puddle on it where the cover rises to go over these bars. I wondered about throwing something up there between roof and cover to ‘tent up’ the cover and increase run off but the roof is soft and I don’t want to puncture it or cause a depression. Thoughts?
  2. Already got a mover. Had work on car done at an independent garage today for £1250. Statement. Its a review forum.
  3. So, finally took caravan away for one night last weekend. Had a good time. On taking van back to storage I had to reverse it up a muddy/wet track which resulted in a strong clutch burning smell. Car not right after with no power delivery in 1st and 2nd. Took car to garage. Needs new clutch and dual mass flywheel. £2.9K from Kia.
  4. No leisure battery is fully charged and worked the motor mover this morning after no water last night.
  5. So the good lady and I just got home after our first night away in our caravan. We’ve had it since early August but with trips to see her sister in Canada and having it in to a caravan repair place to change the battery locker and check seals (see other thread.... frame is pretty rotten) we have only just got round to using it. We only went 30 mins away to Broadway in Worcestershire. Got it all set up easy enough but I just couldn’t get the Truma Ultrastore water heater to fill. Drain valve was closed (lay flat, not upright), tap open, pump switched on in van..... nothing. No noise from pump. On our way home I called in to a caravan place in Alcester and they checked the pump on a battery in store and it worked faultlessly. Fuse looks intact so I am unsure what to look at next? Please help!! I should say that I saw it all running a couple of months back and after a short while hot water came from the tap.
  6. Would you recommend the digital TV amplifier?
  7. My van has no aerial. I am looking at a reliable but cheap (as possible) way to receive TV. What kit would you go for? Not looking to fit a permanently mounted roof aerial. I have a small television with freeview tuner built in.
  8. Anybody used this cover? Is it any good?
  9. Bought a 5-ply breathable cover. See how it goes now.
  10. I am thinking of joining a club? Aside from ‘The Camping & Caravanning Club’ who should I be considering?
  11. What is the difference between 221 and 512? (Yes, 291!)
  12. Does this tend to be available in caravan accessory shops or is it a specialist/online only affair?
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