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  1. My 2004 caravan appears to not have a plug hole in the shower tray/bathroom floor. I have a shower head on a hose (doubles as the sink tap) and a shower curtain. Is this normal?
  2. Many thanks for your reassuring words.
  3. I’m about to pick up a 2015/65 manual hatchback 2.0L TDi 190 ps. Anyone used one as a tug? Any good?
  4. Looking at changing my car as my 2014/64 2.0L Crdi134bhp AWD Kia Sportage feels a bit weak and the clutch has gone once already, which cost £1250 to replace with the DMF. On a recent trip with our 2004 Adria (MTPLM 1375kg) the clutch was burning again! Thinking about a 15/16 Mazda 6, probably a saloon, 2.2L diesel with 175 bhp as this has higher torque. Would an auto be a better option for towing? A FWD non-SUV would be better for my 185 mile commute! Please discuss.
  5. I have a ‘64 Kia Sportage 2.0L AWD with the manual box. I don’t think it likes pulling my van (under 1400kg MTPLM). In reverse I get that awful clutch smell!
  6. Would a 150 ps be noticeably less capable? Many forums say the 150 is smoother, plus the 190’s are quite rare.
  7. Manual box. MTPLM of van is 1375Kg. Will this tow acceptably?
  8. Away atm and the connection between the socket and the new sub-pump is temperamental. New socket for me! Chichester Caravans say £30 supplied. Is it a tricky job?
  9. Hi all. Spinflo 62000 Caprice 2020 (serial 2003073898). Colour is silver/grey. its the outer panel of the main oven compartment. Smashed by an inadequately secured table. Best place for replacement? Please help. TYVM. The label inside the opening says 2020. The label by the hob nobs says Caprice 2040.
  10. I tow a 2004 Adria Adiva 532 LD with a manual 2014 Kia Sportage 2.0L AWD. I would say the Kia is a little light for this van and perhaps a little low on power.
  11. The right hand side (or bottom if vertical rocker) of a switch turns on.
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