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  1. 41 minutes ago, Fireman Iain said:

    We’ve an older Outdoor Revolution awning. Does yours have a single inflation point, or several, as ours does? It’s possible that the pressure release valve or dynamic speed valve need tightening in the bladders, there should be a tool in the kit supplied. I had a similar problem with one of our bladders and tightening the valves sorted it.


    If if you have multiple inflation points, is the same issue affecting them all?


     Given the heat wave reported in France at the moment, could the PRVs be operating due to the heat, needing reinflation as the weather cools in the evening?



    Yeah, so I thought the same about the PRV and the heat (its mid 30s here), however I pumped it up last night at about 10pm when the temp was down to mid / high 20s and it had gone limp by the morning - not flat but certainly bowing to the point where I had to duck to get out and pump it up again.  This makes me think it's not a temp thing as it was cooler overnight and so in theory should still have been rigid....


    So from what i can tell it has 1 inflation point with a PrV on the left hand side - which I've tightened, and on the right hand side it had a deflation point with no PRV from what I can tell. 


    I'll tighten the PRV again tomorrow but dont want to over tighten it! 

  2. Hi all,

    I've just bought an outdoor revolution 400 air awning, due to various reasons I was only able to test it briefly to make sure it worked before we left for France.


    I kinda assumed that after spending a good amount of hard earned cash on an awning that it would work....


    So I've been in France 3 days and had to pump up the awning on average 3 times a day. 


    Which is annoying. Especially as we're here for another 2 weeks or so.


    I've adjusted the pressure release valve and this has done Jack all, so I'm assuming that the awning has a puncture... 😔🤦‍♂️ 


    Has anyone successfully repaired a puncture on the go and how on earth did you do it? I've no idea how I'd go about even finding the air leak....


    Got to say I'm a bit disappointed with Outdoor revolution as it was sold to me by a reputable dealer who said it was 'quality'. I cant be doing with an awning falling down on me on holiday, so it'll be a refund when we get back to blighty. So will be going back to pole awning I think, but in the meantime does anyone have any advice?


    Thanks  in advance 

  3. On 01/07/2019 at 17:07, Rick and Pat said:

    We had a leak in one of the tubes at the top where the tube is sealed repaired this all was fine for the rest of our stay. On our second outing with the awning we had another leak in another tube in exactly the same place. once again we repaired it and all was OK. We wil see what happens when we go away for the third time. Another problem we have had is that the tubes slide down inside the sleeves and when the awning is inflated we have about 2 ft of the sleeve that is not inflated at the top. We then have to undo the sleeve to slide the tube in to the correct position.

    Hi  I've just bought exactly the same awning (outdoor revolution esport air 400) and have exactly the same problem... have to pump it up 3 times a day which is not ideal as we're in France! I did test it before we came out but it was only for a short while. Problem is that we're in france for 3 weeks so I dont have the opportunity to get a replacement- how did you identify where the air leak was? Is there an easy way? So at least I could repair it whilst we're in France. Thanks!

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