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  1. Yeah, so I thought the same about the PRV and the heat (its mid 30s here), however I pumped it up last night at about 10pm when the temp was down to mid / high 20s and it had gone limp by the morning - not flat but certainly bowing to the point where I had to duck to get out and pump it up again. This makes me think it's not a temp thing as it was cooler overnight and so in theory should still have been rigid.... So from what i can tell it has 1 inflation point with a PrV on the left hand side - which I've tightened, and on the right hand side it had a deflation point with no PRV
  2. Hi all, I've just bought an outdoor revolution 400 air awning, due to various reasons I was only able to test it briefly to make sure it worked before we left for France. I kinda assumed that after spending a good amount of hard earned cash on an awning that it would work.... So I've been in France 3 days and had to pump up the awning on average 3 times a day. Which is annoying. Especially as we're here for another 2 weeks or so. I've adjusted the pressure release valve and this has done Jack all, so I'm assuming that the awning has a punct
  3. Hi I've just bought exactly the same awning (outdoor revolution esport air 400) and have exactly the same problem... have to pump it up 3 times a day which is not ideal as we're in France! I did test it before we came out but it was only for a short while. Problem is that we're in france for 3 weeks so I dont have the opportunity to get a replacement- how did you identify where the air leak was? Is there an easy way? So at least I could repair it whilst we're in France. Thanks!
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