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  1. Thanks SamD. I hope you're right. However, ours is a 4 birth, not a 2 birth and when we measured the A line it was more like 825cms but not sure our measuring was that accurate. I think we really need to find out the year but don't know how. :-(
  2. thanks Shipbroker, That's really useful. Do you have any idea what year our caravan might be or what size we might need? We bought it 3rd hand so no paperwork!
  3. Hi everyone, Our old Abi Monza awning is dying and we need to find a replacement fast. Can we get a generic awning and if so what size - 8/9? Or do we need an actual Abi Monza 1400CT one and if so, where is the best place to look? Many thanks. Paula
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