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  1. Just to advise anyone who finds the spotlight bulbs too bright, 5w ones instead of the 10w ones fitted give a less blinding light but are still bright enough.
  2. Hi Joanie Could be. The main thing against it for me is i am 6ft 3 and need all the headroom i can get. A rail would reduce headroom by a good 3 or 4 inches. The plastic narrow rail is less than an inch so is more appropriate and i think neater than having a rail hanging down.
  3. Thanks to all that replied, helpful apart from sunglasses!!. The bulbs were 12v 10w so have ordered some 5w ones from e bay so presumably they will not be as glaringly bright.
  4. Finding it ideal for us. Back to dealer in a couple of weeks for a new decal on the side, agreed on its purchase. I have made 2 minor adjustments so far. Put new legs on the table so it is freestanding. This means it can be used outside or in the caravan with the small flap up giving extra space eating/ table space. Put curtain up today. Didnt want to use screws so 90cms of flat plastic rail and strong sticker pads. The curtain folds/ stores at the bottom of the bed so cannot be seen from the seating area. Also ordered 4 5w spotlight bulbs today as the existing ones are 10w and we find them a bit blinding. Let me know what you decide to do about curtain. Our way appears secure and was easy.
  5. Tend to agree that cmc sites are getting expensive. Just spent 3 nights at Chatsworth cmc which was over £109. We have recently joined the ccc club and to date used one site. Cost inc senior discount and midweek offer was considerably cheaper than cmc albeit toilet and shower facilities were not as numerous. A cmc warden at Chatsworth stated they are rarely full due to no shows/late cancellations as the new rules allow members to book 12 months in advance with no deposit. We have some friends who book about a dozen summer sites in December 2018 but cancel them a few days before if the weather is poor or they don't fancy going Out of 12 sites they will only end up using about 8!! Cmc system needs amending.
  6. Would rather not fit a dimmer Nilrem as we just want them permanently dimmer not really adjustable...
  7. Halogen bulbs GD485. Would replace them with either if they were not as bright....
  8. We have recently purchased a bailey orion but are finding the spotlights too bright. Can anyone advise if it is possible to fit lower wattage ones and if so where they can be obtained from. Thanks
  9. Pablo69


    Hi all Just took possession today of a 2011 Orion to replace our 2006 Sprite Alpine 4. We have purchased it from a main dealer in East Yorkshire and he has serviced it , fitted 3 new tyres and carried out a damp check (all clear). Very happy with it and we have a 12 month warranty. Going to Chatsworth on Sunday for 3 days to road test it. Do any members have any suggestions as to checks i could and should make myself to ensure that everything is as it should be?? Thanks.
  10. In the process of trading in a 2006 Sprite Alpine and buying a 2011 Bailey Orion 430 4. I have noticed that the Orion has no internal curtain to divide the double bed from the rest of the van. Have any members put one up themselves. I do not want to use screws for the rail, I intend to glue/no more nails a light track to the ceiling. I would need a rail with a "flat back" to aid affixing. Any suggestions or comments please from other DIY's. Thanks
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