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  1. My honest and frank caravan dealer friend admits that the touring caravan industry is still stuck in the 70's, just like the car industry of that era sending our poor quality products to polite and timid customers. Until we kick up a fuss and refuse to accept poor quality construction, failure by dealers to carry out a PDI, and indifference in dealing with faults, nothing will change. I run a 400 unit storage caravan facility. I am fed up handing back expensive, poorly built and ill prepared products to dealers who lose interest once the owner has paid. I see brand new caravans with a complete absence of bulkhead bolts and screws, causing them to creak and come loose off the chassis, as well as countless water ingress issues, and brittle interiors and fitments. I speak with caravan owners and service engineers who find "faulty" water systems totally dry, meaning they have never been filled, commissioned or tested before delivery....Shameful!!! I myself I have owned two `German tourers [not faultless but built with some care] and would never hand money to British manufacturers who continue to take the mickey out of its customers! Remember what happened to British car makers who took their buyers for granted??? .... Bust!
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