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  1. Yes there is a flap but I don't think it seals, I think I'll just try leaving the cap off to start with and see how that goes. I go away again end of August so I'll try then. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Thanks it's worth looking into although It doesn't necessarily start after it's been flushed. I have at least once filled it, checked it's OK then had to go out immediately only to find the pan half full when I get back. I didn't realise there was another vent, how hard is it to get to?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the delay in replying back, I've been away. There's a flap on the outside then a quarter turn cap, it looks like it vents through the cap. I've disassembled the cap and everything appears to be as it should be, no dirt, broken spring or anything like that. Plus after reassembling I can blow and suck through the vent hole in the cap (after making sure it's clean) so I don't think it's that. I had hoped someone would say, "that happened to me and all I had to do was-----" I'll try leaving the cap off next time I'm away, although I'm doubtful about whether it'll help
  4. I can't find anyone who seems to have this problem, when I refill the flush water a lot of it leaks into the toilet bowl. This doesn't seem to happen immediately as I can be watching through the window while I'm filling from the outside. I have previously filled it, checked it's alright and returned an hour later to find the bowl half full of pink flush water. Not only is it wasting the pink solution but also filling the toilet cassette far too quickly. I am quite mechanically minded but I can't work out what's happening. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to correct it?
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