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  1. Thanks for that everyone. Would you advise a mobile service on site? I had planned to tow it to a service station five miles away.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. It's a 1994 Sprite Europa 500L. Looks like it's an aluminium skin with the composite panels stuck in place. I'm going to go to a caravan repair shop on the way to work today, and ask about the paneling supplies and other bits. I'll definitely need to replace the wall panel. I don't want to start cocking around with floor bolts, so potentially some wood hardener on that. It's not a massive area that's damaged, and the surrounding areas are all hard when tapped. It's going in for a brake and lights check early next week once we can move it. Will get them to give it a once over for any other issues. The chassis and underfloor are all fine, so it's not going to fall to pieces once we start towing it, and let's face it, we got it for next to nothing. A basic repair and enjoy it for a year or so before scrapping it is what's going to happen here. Will keep you updated. Cheers, Nick
  3. Thanks. May need a little bodywork as it's caused some minor water ingress and rot.
  4. So, we've bought a second hand caravan for a pretty low price. Caveat emptor and all that. Looked ok, smelt ok inside, and apparently doesn't leak. We noticed a ding on the side, and on further investigation, noticed some water ingress and a damaged wall panel. For the price, we weren't going to quibble. Once we really got down to looking at the caravan today, I've noticed a little more damage than initially thought, but am hoping it's a simple case of cutting out the damaged panels and replacing. Damage pics attached. The outside is a little worse now as I started poking around with it. My question is, the panels look like they're 3/4 inch thick foam core with a plywood veneer. Where can I get these from? I presume it's a simple case of cutting out the damage and replacing it with new paneling? Epoxy resin for the outside to seal it? Cheers, Nick A few more damage pictures. Nearside kerb front of the caravan, wall and floor. Not widespread. What are the round bolt looking things on the floor? This isn't the main supporting floor, and the undersides are fine. Both floor and wall seem to be made up of the same foam core/plywood veneer.
  5. Need a recommendation for something to patch a small hole on the outside of the caravan.
  6. Evening all, We've taken the rather bold step into owning a caravan. I know nothing about caravans, but my wife bought a second hand one this week off Facebook on a whim. We need to start caravanning she said. It's a Sprite Europa 500 L. It's been sitting for a year on a campsite, and looks like bad language removed. Good price though. Initial inspection was it didn't smell damp, but we noticed some ingress from a damaged nearside kerb outside panel on further inspection after buying. The undersides, chassis and most of the shell look ok, and the damp interior panels seem to be salvageable and not too widespread . One spot, nearside front. That's it. Hopefully shouldn't be too much to fix, and will post some pics asking for advice once we get over to it again tomorrow. Will post a few more pics tomorrow and requests for advice once we start getting our hands dirty. Cheers,
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