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  1. Thanks all, I have picked one that you guys recommended :)
  2. Hi, does anyone recommend a good Portable Pressure Washer, apart from me using a sponge LOL
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice, after discovering it was not a satellite dish I managed to get main TV working, now just struggling with bedroom one, I'm sure I will get there. cheers all
  4. Hi, can't seem to find app called Freepoint UK it brings up TV catchup shows, is that the correct name I just thought the dish was a different look for caravans
  5. Now I'm not sure if I even have a satellite dish, its certainly not round like a house dish, more square, inside cupboard a small box with a blue light on and it says digital TV amplifier, so does this mean I should only get digital TV, sorry for appearing stupid, this is my first caravan
  6. Hi, I always have problems tuning in TVs so it must be me, I have a swift Eccles 635 and the main TV has 2 sockets one for satellite and a TV aerial, the bedroom just the one aerial socket, I can get digital TV on the main TV but not satellite and the bedroom I get nothing. In the bedroom because I don't have a satellite socket I assume I should only get digital TV am I correct? and what am I doing wrong on the main TV where I should get both digital and satellite TV? Hope someone has some genius tactic for me
  7. Wow excellent example
  8. Ok I think I get the message, don't do it, thanks for replies and I will 100% take your advice
  9. So are you ok to sleep in a Motorhome while on the road? what's the difference, is it just the movement being more scary?
  10. Does anyone ever sleep in a moving on the road Caravan? Rod
  11. What are opinions on Solar Panels, do they work well, if so any recommendations on the best
  12. Hi, I'm being told its an ALKO Euro overrun device with two way assisted handbrake is that similar to the ALKO 3004?
  13. Hi, can someone advise me if this would be fine for a Sprint Eccles 635, I emailed the guy selling it and he says he doesn't know, or can anyone recommend another :) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183727045194?ul_noapp=true Thanks. Rod
  14. Hi Bubble, pen and pad has been with me since purchase LOL cheers
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