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  1. Wow ok I won’t bother then thank you all for your replies its only I drink a lot of water and can pick up on the taste very easily, I don’t like tea or coffee and don’t care for alcohol much ! think I’ll look for a water filtered jug type that fits in the caravan fridge any recommendations on make/type/size etc ?
  2. Hi Bailey pageant champagne 2007 model My question.. is the water supply 12mm or 15mm ? I know it has blue pipes if that helps Want to fit an in-line whale water filter But the vans in storage and to save me driving there I wondered if someone on here would know So I don’t go and order the wrong size filter. Regards Mark
  3. Thank you, that’s handy to know
  4. Thank you everyone, plenty of info there to be getting on with 👍🏼
  5. Hi all we are thinking of a 24” smart TV for the caravan my question is do they work or will it be buffering till the cows come home ? would not expect campsite WiFi to be quick enough so we are thinking of investing in a mobile WiFi box What are people using and how good are the results ? apologies if this is already on another thread i couldn’t find anything.......but then I am a bloke regards Say
  6. Hi all we brought our 2007 Bailey Pageant Champagne without a free standing table this is a long shot.... I don’t suppose anyone has one sitting in their garage/shed they forgot to include when they sold theirs ? regards Say
  7. Hi all we have recently brought a Bailey Pageant Champagne 2007 and oh my how things have changed since my first caravan almost 25 years ago and costing me all of £75 ! On a more serious note is there any thing in particular I need to know or just to be aware of about our new (to us) caravan ? Also awnings, Isabella was the Rolls Royce of awnings back in the day, is this still the case ? I use to pitch up at North Denes Lowestoft right in front of the sea wall. back then it was Council run site, I’m guessing that’s all changed now as can’t find anything on google about touring vans being allowed there. be a shame if that’s the case. regards Say
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