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  1. The only bracket attached to the caravan is screwed to a small block of wood. I need to take the bracket off to see how that is attached. My thinking is to attach a length of wood along the side of the van ( using no more nails glue. ) then screwing into the van with cavity plugs. Then fix the brackets to the wood. I will post pictures once it’s done but it may be a week or two before I get chance to tackle the job. Thanks for your help Gordon
  2. I have one matching bracket on the one wall. The second is missing and the two on the other side are not there and no signs of them ever being fixed to the wall. I have managed to source 6 brackets on eBay,not sure of the size. But thanks for the offer. I can make the other bar, but need to know how to fix the remaining brackets to the caravan walls.
  3. Hi Gordon. Thanks for the reply. We have found only one of the 2x2 support bars. Plus only one bracket on the wall for the right side. No visible holes etc for the other three brackets. So can we buy the brackets and if so how do we attach them to the caravan
  4. Hi all looking for some help and direction, relating to the bunkbed on a Leda Cheviot. We have just brought a 1994 leda Cheviot, which I believe as he bunk bed at the rear. what i cant figure out is how you put it up. It is stored under the cupboard space, but we cant figure our how to build it up and if we are any parts missing Any help or pictures would be a great help
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