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  1. Dryjoint


    Will have to wait and see now as correspondence gone to dealer, Bailey and finance company
  2. Dryjoint


    That's almost exactly the usage our new caravan had within that time. List of faults: 1. Large 5ft panel fell off ceiling. 2. Wall mounted microwave cupboard started falling off wall, repaired, starting falling again. 3. 8 cupboard doors came loose due to screws being overtightened. 4. Badly installed wiring stopped one drawer closing properly. 5. Straps retaining front locker came loose. 6. Alarm battery not connected. 7. Alde heating left on purge setting 8. Nails sticking out of woodwork near front window 9. Curtain track damaged when fitted. 10. Plastic trim peeling off. 11. Seat cushions visibly compressed and not returning to original shape. 12. Problem with Alko brakes squealing when going slowly. 13. Alde heating pipes badly fitted so creaking noise every time they heated up, and fixings for pipes coming loose. 14. Both pairs of side bench hinges came loose due to screws being too short. 15. Roof starting to collapse at front. Dropped 2cm outside Thats the sorts of things i am talking about . The brakes get that hot you cant touch the drums. Parts falling out of the alko hitch etc. These are safety features and as such should be correct. We have lost all confidence in that particular van but not the pamplona . I for one will not put it on the the car or tow it anywhere, it poses a risk to other road users and ourselves.
  3. Dryjoint


    How many faults would be expected on a 5 month old Pamplona having done les than a thousand miles and used for 36 days.
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