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  1. Hello, returned to carvanning after 25 years this year Had to change my car to better support my towing Can anyone tell me if there is a website for selling caravan accessories privately? I have an almost new towbar for a 2 year old X-Trail that I want to sell
  2. Mmm I am not sure the easy fgix is the same problem The end 'leaf' of the lock has broken off, so I am guessing I may need a new lock
  3. Just returned to caravanning after 25 years and bought a lovely used Bailey Pegasus Rimini All is great apart from the barrel of the lock to the 'wet' locker, which pulls out and even when its pushed in doesnt seem to turn the lock On the inside of the door, directly behanind the lock is a small panel with what appears to be a keyhole in it I was going to look in to see if a securing clip may have come away, but dont want to break it if a key is required Anyone experienced this? Solutions?
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