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  1. When I spoke to ClubCare, they told me the insurers had been giving discounts in recent years that they shouldnt have, and that was the reason for the extortionate rise. Its just insurance speak for 'we aren't making enough money' I guess?
  2. Hi, I have a swift challenger 560 (2018) with an older Truma mover on it. The guy who fitted it, didnt run it afterwards and I find it 'clicks' quite loudly when its moving forward I have had him back to it, he adjusted it but same prblem. MOtor appears fine, just doesnt sound good I know when it was fitted, it had to be fitted in reverse on this model, I am not sure if thats the problem I am looking for a Motor mover fitter in the north manchester area, any recommendations?
  3. I returned to caravanning in 2019. Shortly after, I scraped a panel on my van and had a £1000 repair claim on my insurance. I renewed with Clubcare in 2020 and it went up slightly (to around £160) but I have just received a letter giving me a renewal quote of £577!!!!! I assumed it was a mistake and called them. After three calls featuring a combined wait of over an hour, I was told "its because you had a claim". I couldnt believe what I was hearing! They are going to raise my premium by almost half of the cost of the claim. I might as well have paid for the repair myself! Of course I went elsewhere and got it for £200 Anyone else had such a stiff rise from Clubcare??
  4. Thank Martin, as I thought. I will contact the dealer
  5. I have bought a 2018 Challenger 560 (private sale) and my kitchen and bathroom taps are both leaking. Suspect frost though seller says it was drained. Been quoted £265 to replace both taps (£96 each). anyone know what actually splits? And can that part be replaced without the cost of complete tap assembly? I think the seller might pay but.....
  6. Hello, returned to carvanning after 25 years this year Had to change my car to better support my towing Can anyone tell me if there is a website for selling caravan accessories privately? I have an almost new towbar for a 2 year old X-Trail that I want to sell
  7. Mmm I am not sure the easy fgix is the same problem The end 'leaf' of the lock has broken off, so I am guessing I may need a new lock
  8. Just returned to caravanning after 25 years and bought a lovely used Bailey Pegasus Rimini All is great apart from the barrel of the lock to the 'wet' locker, which pulls out and even when its pushed in doesnt seem to turn the lock On the inside of the door, directly behanind the lock is a small panel with what appears to be a keyhole in it I was going to look in to see if a securing clip may have come away, but dont want to break it if a key is required Anyone experienced this? Solutions?
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