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  1. Great, thank you all for your prompt responses. Will double check on the car when I get in tonight. Found a test for this coming Saturday so might just fork out for it. We will more than likely upgrade to a bigger car at some point in the future anyway. Cheers
  2. Hello everyone, Lovely to meet you all. Complete newcomer here, 1st time caravan owner, but looking forward to chatting with you all and spending a lot more time in our home from home. I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question on my car + caravan weight, and whether I need to actually do a B + E test? I got my licence in 1999, so would need to get the licence to pull anything over a combined MAM of 3500kg I believe? Now I have a 2014 2.0 litre VW Passat TDi estate, the Blue Motion version. Our caravan is a 2006 Sprite Major 5. The laden weight of the caravan says 1338kg, but I'm getting various gross vehicle weights for our model of Passat. However I believe the DVLA has the "revenue" weight as 2180 based on a vehicle detail check, which totals 3518kg, so potentially 18kg over. Would I definitely need to do the licence being this close to the upper threshold? How do they check this when you are on the road with the car and caravan? I know I should do the test, but funds are a little tight at the moment so would like to put this off for a little bit. Is the DVLA revenue weight the same as gross vehicle weight / MAM of the vehicle? Thanks for any advice in advance, Dan
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