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  1. For the record I wasn't looking advice on "chancing it" I was mearly asking about being 59kg over what the implications are.. As I have my class 2 I do know a bit about weights etc and I also know that There is a grey area when overloading where it is not punishable if I remember correctly this would be 5% as in the picture fines start when you between 5 and 10%
  2. I'll avoid that then I think. Cheers. Any recommendations of lightweight caravans?
  3. cheers for the confirmation , now to try and find a decent 4 berth within the limit and isn't gonna break the bank. Another question... If for example I bought a caravan at 1259... What are the possible outcomes if stopped etc... ?
  4. Hey all, I'm going to be buying our first family caravan. Problem is we only have a standard car license at this time. Cat B both passed in 2009 Just trying to figure out our maximum mtplm for our tow car. Picture attached of weight plate for the car. Would I be right in thinking that because the mgw of the car is 2300 that our Mtplm has to be 1200 or below to keep within the combination 3500? At some point we will be doing a trailer test but want to sample the caravanning scene before we go on to spend a lot more than we need too. To make sure we are going to get the use of a caravan etc Thanks in advanced, Mike
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