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  1. Hi All - I am considering a Sprite Major 6 - year 2012 - what are the main issues with these caravans? Is there a known damp problem with them - have been advised to swerve the Leaky Lunars from 2010 onwards ... need a 6 berth - with bunks but max tow weight for car is 1500 ... thanks in advance of your advice and information - Liz
  2. Liz E

    Tow match maze

    Hi All yes passed well before 1997 - have been towing caravans for more than 20 years now ... I can even reverse them - lol! I am thinking I will get a Ford Kuga 2.0 tdci - I have checked weights etc so all looking ok .. just got to find the right car now!! Thanks for your help though, Liz
  3. Hi I have just bought an elddis avante 505 caravan (2007). Going between all the match sites I am now totally lost and it looks like I need a Sherman tank to tow this van which only weighs 1380. I am hoping that there's a simpler way to clarify this as hoping to buy Tiguan or Tuscan or Peugeot to tow this, thanks for any clarity!
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