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  1. Oh really i never had an issue with it apart from that but went for the same just due to the fact i knew it fitted its stainless inside so no enamel to flake off and after all it lasted 10 years in something that rattles them around something rotten so dont think it did too badly really
  2. How did I not find that one it’s exactly the same as the one in my van just made by a different manufacturer may have to order that get that slung in the van Best part is it’s basically like-for-like has stainless interior so won’t chip enamel flake or anything like that brilliant will keep the van basically looking exactly the same bonus
  3. Any ideas what one and did it fit in the end and yes mines a 2011 so 10 year old now Also kind of in reply to other on my other post before it got wiped its a daewoo kor6n7rs and dimensions are h-27.9 w-46.5 D-34.2 and looking at it theres not much room so nothing much bigger than that will fit
  4. Hi have put a post already to do with this sorry if not allowed but i desperate need im looking for a new microwave To replace the fitted one in my van as it has packed up this holiday but going away again next weekend and need the microwave so was hoping to obtain a replacement that will fit in the place of the old one
  5. Hi all got a bailey orion with a daewoo microwave and over our last holiday it only wants to work for short bursts of approx 2-3 mins then wont do anything so need a replacement but no idea what to go for can anyone help in where to go what to buy for it need one thatll fit in place of original
  6. Hi there just bought a new caravan and been given the option of oko tyre sealant and dont know if its worth going for not heard of it but in theory it sounds like a good idea but obv they always do but just wondered if anyone has any experience of the stuff
  7. Hopefully going to look and possibly buy one tomorrow been told I’m being bought one as my current van is starting to fall to bits lol and this one looks reasonable it’s more the fact this one falls into the weight i can pull that’s swayed me to this one
  8. Now thinking of getting one of these any opinions on these
  9. my first tow car was a 2004 skoda octavia 90bhp 1.9 tdi which was a little bit weasy thing had dont 200000 miles too but still went ok and pulled my lunar solar 462 van allway to scotland and wales a couple of times and then replaced that one with a 2003 octavia estate 1.9tdi 110bhp so bit pokier and just rolled over the 100000 mark now
  10. hi there so i have a couple of solar panels i would like to fit to my caravan already have solar charge controller for my fold up panel so thats no issue its just the fitting of panels and wiring up top what i want to know is i have 1 50w panel and 1 100w panel both semi flexable can i just stick them directly to the roof with sikaflex 512 or do i need something different and can i wire panels up in parralel to obtain more ampage or will the smaller panel just hinder the 100 w panel and can i plug it all in on the roof and have just the two wires from splitter through the roof ive got the general idea in my head just not sure whats best any help would be appriciated TIA
  11. ok so a friend of mine has just purchased a 1990ish abi ace pioneer and it seems to have been fairly butchered not horrific but few issues unsure as to wghere the battery should be as appears to have been deleted for some reason and other question would be what is the switch on the controll panel round circle with two dot in it pic is where he thinks battery should be any help would be appriciated
  12. Sorry im late replying there the instructions that came with the kit i figured it out in the end the instructions are (bad language removed) really no real installation instructions at all pretty much but all i really needed after all was the tightening torques
  13. Well the most part is that i will be using an inverter for verious things and need the extra ah i know the issues that can occur in a way but just wanted to make sure there was nothing i had missed
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