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  1. Hi im looking for help with a friends caravan which has been butchered somewhat and were looking for pictures of how it should look its a elddis golden crown 154 4birth i think
  2. Its ok looking at them but where do you find a range of 12v compatible ones
  3. 23 would be too big in my little 2 bith i think my 19 ive got at the mo just fits and is about right so wouldnt want to go much bigger really and yeah hd just dont know whats put there and what is a good unit dont want to buy one then have to buy one again next year
  4. And theres not much on what tvs to be fair im after 19 inch and want 12v as going off grid but dont know much about them so dont know wether a cello is good enough or wether to go for avtex or vision plus
  5. I did but loads of old posts and differing needs
  6. Hi i need a new tv and would like some advice on which one to go for as want a 12v one so i can go off grid but dont know what to go for
  7. Its the outside waste pipe to wastehog and its the old 19mm internal dia hose cant seem to get it anywhere 18mm 23mm or 28mm but none fit as need 19mm internal. steven that one you pointed out may be the one i will look into it
  8. Hi i have an older caravan of 1997 and wondering where i can find suitable waste pipe as none of the shops near me have it just 23mm and 28 mm
  9. Adam180t

    Zig x7

    Haha oh well it works after the first 10-15sec so got us thru the week in scotland
  10. Adam180t

    Zig x7

    Anyone have any experience with the zig x7 charger ive fitted one to my caravan to charge battery after the original one popped obviously a second hand one it does work but when you turn it on for a short while it makes a slight squeek noise then after some while starts working is this normal
  11. Would i definitely be ok plumbing a charger directly to the battery terminals as ive had several people say it wont work or it will put to much strain on the charger/battery as it wont have the direct power from the transformer/charger
  12. Are numax chargers any good for what im after they seem to be a reasonable price was looking at the zig x70 as well
  13. As to the budget just not silly prices really for what you get i dont want to buy bad language removed thats not gonna last and really looking for a like for like current so around 12a
  14. Ah well i use mine fairly heavy so would need a higher ampere rated unit and am on a budget big time as work is very slow
  15. What charger shud i go for if i buy a new replacement to put under seat
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