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  1. Sorry im late replying there the instructions that came with the kit i figured it out in the end the instructions are (bad language removed) really no real installation instructions at all pretty much but all i really needed after all was the tightening torques
  2. Well the most part is that i will be using an inverter for verious things and need the extra ah i know the issues that can occur in a way but just wanted to make sure there was nothing i had missed
  3. Well thinking either having a second battery connected with the existing one but not sure yet the one thats on there is almost brand new anyway so shouldnt be too bad really but not sure yet ive got a nearly new car battery which im half tempted to use but someone said you cant use a car battery im not sure of the difference but if thats the case ill get another leisure battery
  4. Thats ok as i will use a quick remove disconnect and store in car on travel so wont weigh van down jus a bit in car and i dont take a huge great deal of weight anyhow most of heavy stuff goes in car and the battey im going to use that i already have isnt very old anyway the main difference will be the make
  5. Hi just looking at putting a second battery on my caravan and was just wondering if it would make much difference having two different batterys as in both roughly the same capacity if not the same but different brands
  6. Thats the thing there website doesnt list this stabiliser and neither does bpw website
  7. That makes sense then anybody know where i would find some good instructions on how to fit it im confident that i can do it without but wouldnt mind knowing that im doing it right
  8. Oh im now very confused as ive now recieved my new stabiliser ordered a bpw stabiliser to be greeted by an alko one isc typ zkas but looks same as the bpw one
  9. Was just this minute speaking to somone about the bpw one so think i may be going with that one by the looks of it hopefully not too hard to fit
  10. I already have a stabiliser simelar to the bulldog but the attactchment wont fit to my swan neck tow bar because of the angles of the bar itsself
  11. So looking for a new stabiliser was looking at the Al-Ko 3004 but just realised on one listing it says not suitable for 45 mm shaft just measured mine and it’s a 45 mm shaft so what are my options I’m going away in a couple of weeks and now I’m panicking slightly as don’t want to really toe my caravan all the way to Wales without a stabiliser
  12. Hi im looking for help with a friends caravan which has been butchered somewhat and were looking for pictures of how it should look its a elddis golden crown 154 4birth i think
  13. Its ok looking at them but where do you find a range of 12v compatible ones
  14. 23 would be too big in my little 2 bith i think my 19 ive got at the mo just fits and is about right so wouldnt want to go much bigger really and yeah hd just dont know whats put there and what is a good unit dont want to buy one then have to buy one again next year
  15. And theres not much on what tvs to be fair im after 19 inch and want 12v as going off grid but dont know much about them so dont know wether a cello is good enough or wether to go for avtex or vision plus
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