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    I enjoy working with electronics, building projects up and learning new skills on the way, I'm a sparky by trade, I love being out in my garden building with wood and trying to get everything just right - well trying, and most importantly of all my family means the world to me
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  1. So on the v5c max MTPLM is 1200kg I'm OK with towing as used to tow cherry picker for work (sparky) iv been doing some research and looking with my budget I'm looking at late 90s, I'm hoping that with the 4 birth and the awning may sleep the eldest and possibly his friend. Me and my partner check Facebook daily, can always give her a lick of paint, one thing iv found we live in a higher price area for caravans unless I'm will to travel 3 4 hrs lol
  2. I have one friend who will come check the van over with me all ready asked him thanks
  3. Hello everyone as the title suggests I'm struggling with my first time buy, I have a xsara Picasso 56 plate, and from what I work out I need a caravan under 1000kg which leaves me with 200kg for weight in the caravan, I can no way afford a new car so that's well out the question and only a budget of £1300 the search is not going very well, we really need a 4 berth. One of the main reasons why we want a caravan is that out younger son is autistic and doesn't do well with new places and we've been advised to try a caravan and let him get used to the idea first before we go away. My older son is not doing well as me and my partner thinks he feels pushed out because of the time our youngest takes, and he keeps telling us how his friends are going away, we've not really been away since we sadly lost our daughter. We live in Wisbech if anyone knows of any close to us, any help or advice and guidance people can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi all I was recommended to the forum by a friend so ill be asking for advice as I'm new to caravaning
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