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  1. Nail on the head. Take me for prime example. I’m 39, passed my test in 1998, have a family of four and started researching into caravan ownership. On discovering the weight limitations the initial buzz I had has been quashed. Many like me will won’t want the hassle of doing further tests, instead we will find an alternative. I now understand why younger families are leaning toward the likes of transporters and other panel van conversions. So if your selling a caravan today you audience will be mostly 40+ but in ten years time...
  2. That little legislation passed in 1997 is starting to catch up. For those coming into their 40’s finding a caravan is set to become a challenging task. This made for a good read; http://tow3500.co.uk/death-of-the-luxury-caravan Which got me thinking, for people who own caravans looking to sell on to perhaps the next generation, the target audience would appear to be shrinking.
  3. Wow that is an eye opener! Thanks for the advice. This is the problem it would be my first van and I’m not experienced enough to carry out this due diligence. The other van I have in my sights is; https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/195720044696869/ Yes it more, but that is top of my budget. Probably the wrong thread but which would you go for and why?
  4. Good observation. Jury is out on the electrics, slowly coming to the conclusion what I thought was a great find is far from UK spec.
  5. I’m glad I asked, you have raised some worthy points. I obviously need to find the answer to these questions because if this is not UK spec and if the payload is going to be a problem then that will be a stumbling block and I don’t want to waste the sellers time. I lost out on the original eBay listening but the initial buyer pulled out so I kept in touch. The listing (now closed) can be found here; https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163769561991
  6. Thank you for your feedback. This is a 2009 model so it’s sub 7k. I’m a little bit confused, one other comment I have is that the ‘Moving’ edition was made for the European market. I thought the Nova was made for the UK market?
  7. Viewing a 4 berth 2009 model this evening. Does anyone happen to know much about this particular model, anything I should look out for? Details below; The layout is fixed single beds at the front of the 'van which can be made up to a king size bed. The kitchen area is in the middle on one side with wardrobe to one side and large drawer underneath. The bathroom is also central on the other side of the van with flushing toilet wash basin & shower. The wrap around lounge seating at the rear, which is in a neutral colour, converts to a double bed. There are loads of internal storage throughout. There are fly screens and blackout blinds to all the windows and the large sunroof. Truma Blown air heating and separate additional gas heater, Truma water heater and fresh water tank. Hymer caravans are superbly insulated and can be used throughout the winter as well as the summer. The Fridge freezer is like new and works on 230 volt, 12v and gas. The inside of the Hymer is almost like new, has no nasty smells and there are no damp issues as you would expect as it’s a quality Hymer. The van had a service and habitation check earlier this year. On the roof there is a large solar panel which keeps the new 110 leisure battery charged. Outside the caravan side panels were painted in the optional silver grey that Hymer were offering at that time. The aluminium body is in excellent condition although there are a few marks expected of a caravan that has been around since 2009. The original alloy wheels are like new with good tyres and an unused spare in the front locker. The front locker lid has cracks to the fibreglass - apparently a common fault as I found on the internet. I have the Hymer logbook and an invoice from when the van was sold secondhand in France in 2014 for 17,950 Euros! There’s the original cycle rack on the back, also a wind out Thule Omnistor awning canopy with fold out legs, a motor mover and there are three large storage lockers for the sun beds, BBQ, etc etc which are accessible from inside under the beds as well as outside. The MRO is 1350kg and MTPLM is 1500 kg.
  8. What’s the weight on this Adria? Any tow car recommendations?
  9. Thank you! is this a similar set up yours? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/195720044696869/
  10. There’s an adria adora 612 dp close to me, struggling to see past this one. Maybe not as reliable as those mentioned above but I think it’s worth a look.
  11. Sounds like you are talking from experience? You own/owned a German made caravan?
  12. Bailey Pageant, great will take a look. A few people have mentioned the German UK spec - Hymer, Knaus, Dethleffs. Not many around though and I suspect parts/servicing could be an issue.
  13. Haha. I teed that right up! So at current rates that would give you about 8k back.
  14. and you had a caravan budget of 8k for a family of 4. What would you get and why?
  15. Something similar to this..? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/994083100982540/
  16. Ooh, and there’s a Sudwind. OK, it’s not UK spec but 2011 and price wise it’s in the same ballpark. What’s the catch? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/567095510487218/
  17. Thanks. Yep, these are the only two available. Was looking for a fixed bed though. Strange why why there is a gulf in costs between these two.
  18. I couldn’t agree more and I’m happy to play the waiting game. Given my model search was so narrow, I was merely just reaching out to understand if there were other caravans people thought were worth considering.
  19. Still not having much joy. Maybe I need to expand my choices. Any suggestions? Family of 4 (6&3). UKCS and festivals.
  20. and that there is why I joined this forum. Thank you Sir. Star Class is favourable because of the UK spec. Is there a Hymer UK spec equivalent?
  21. I’m not having much luck sourcing one of these. Looking for something 2007-2008 sub 8k, 4 berth. Tried eBay, Auto Trader, Gumtree...nothing. Am I not looking in the right places? Happy to travel to Europe to pick one up if that’s an option? Thanks.
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