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  1. I think ill have to ring round , cant see why ALKO is so much more than the milenco equivalent especially when your only buying the lozenge and they want getting on for £300 each!!
  2. Pick up new van end of September, it has the AL-KO recievers but have been looking at the milenco alternative, has anyone any experience of these?, they look like they will be easier to put on especially on a twin axle? have read some things about people saying insurance will only accept the AL-KO locks? is this true? the van will be in secure storage with cctv etc, so will this outweigh the possible saving by using AL-KO with regards the insurance. Cheers
  3. Bargain, Wish there were some that price down here!
  4. Ibstock we are, so not far, I did ring Ashby but seemed a bit steep on price compared to other sites I have seen with the same rating (£50 / MONTH) Appleby down the road was coming in at over £100 per year less but still has the Cassoa gold rating.
  5. HI, Picking out van up September, need to find some storage ideally within north Leicestershire, I have tried Appleby storage but they are full, I was hoping someone local to us may be on here and could give some recommendations? cheers
  6. Any recommendations for sat navs or apps, to use with caravan?
  7. Anybody bought from these before?
  8. When I used to have VW transporter there is also a Salop vans which I think is part of the same group and the prices there were 3-5k above anywhere else
  9. I used to work down the road from them, shrewsbury? We are waiting for a house sale to go through anyway before we can purchase so didnt want to be going to far away as i cant actually buy it yet! 😩 probably end up waiting for the NEC show to come round by the time house is completed etc
  10. I agree about the quality we looked at bailey pegasus grande and then the swift, swift feels much nicer inside looks and build quality
  11. Thanks for that, seems you a pretty happy with the van then? We have looked at a sprite super quattro db and loved the extra width seemed to make the van feel twice as wide! That one has now sold and struggling to find another fairly local. Looks like we will be waiting for the 2020 models to start coming out before we buy now.
  12. out of interest what dealer did you buy from, we are east midands based.
  13. Thanks for the info, i think we are in the same boat as you dont see the benefit of slightly bigger kitchen to loose 2 bunks. Build quality seem ok? Stands up to family life?
  14. Kids are 2 and 7, it will be used all year round. We liked the fixed bunks as for the kids we wouldnt have to make and take down beds every morning/night. But like you say the kitchen does seem a bit narrow. Does it affect how you can use the kitchen? Or is it a pain if someone wants to walk past?
  15. Anybody have any real world reviews on these vans? Have narrowed our search to these 2 i think for now!!🙈
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