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  1. Hi That is a very kind offer - thank you. I went to the caravan at the weekend and have now managed to get some but not all of the lights working, plus the electric ignition for the gas fridge which is much needed! Next time I go I will bring back the manual and see if it would help to have a couple of specific pages translated. I might not be there for a few weeks though.
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. What I really want is a manual that I can read in English or translate as the one I have is in German. I have emailed LMC customer services but not heard anything back yet. The electrics were all working fine and then stopped and I can't work out why. I have booked a caravan electrician to take a look but it could be something really simple like a switch or fuse.
  3. Hi I have a Tec Weltbummler 545 TDF 2001 4 berth caravan which I recently bought. I have a problem with the electrics and the manual I have is in German. Does anyone know how I can access Tec caravan manuals online? Any ideas or information most welcome. Thanks
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