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  1. We just wondered if anyone has ever replaced a full caravan awning window as a diy project. We bought an 1990 Elddis Whirlwind xl, which came with an awning. It seems almost as old as the caravan, all one piece and with suction cups. That's less of a problem however than the fact that the side windows are deliberately opaque. This means that when you are sitting in the caravan your field of vision is entirely blinkered. We have been looking at buying clear plastic appropriate for boats, awnings, gazebos etc, and using sticky tape to attach it to the border of the opaque window. We don't want to sew it in because of piercing or straining the current surround. We have been reading about some tapes that are almost invisible, but just wondered if anyone has every attempted this kind of job. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Brilliant, thank you so much Jaydug. You have given wonderfully clear instructions on what had me scratching my head for quite some while. Thank you. I'll now give it a go and thank you to Gordon too for coming back and having another look at my post. I will let you know how I got on. Christine and Len
  3. Gordon, Thank you so much for your reply, but I really haven't described what I meant at all well. I meant the knob that is used to keep the window open. It's in the picture of the whole stay. It sits on the tube itself and you turn it on both stays to hold the window open. Ours are sheared and inside on the piece that stays on the tube is a nut, the knob bit comprises the screw bolt. I do hope this makes more sense. I'm sorry to say, I just don't know how to send any pictures but I know amazon and ebay and a whole raft of caravan companies sell them in pairs for up to £12 but there is no information on how to get the old ones off and the new ones on. Hope this makes more sense. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. Christine and Len
  4. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I haven't got the hang of all the wizardry that goes with it. This question may have been asked before, but we have a newly acquired 1990 Elddis Whirlwind. A cracking little caravan which suits us oldies down to the ground. We are not new to caravanning, but it's been a fair few years since we've done it. Anyway, my question is to do with the twirly knobs on the windows. All but two are sheared. Now I know you can get new knobs online, but my question is how do they fit on. I haven't yet crossed the barrier of unscrewing the whole window stay, and don't want to have to do it twice just to see how it might work, I would rather have some sage advice on how to go about taking the old knob off and putting the new one on. The stays are the sort that have the rubber toggle fitment at the end and the screws holding the top of the stay on have a pyramid kind of set up at the top. Any information would be gratefully received as I would prefer to keep the old stays with their toggle than by new stays with lever handles and the ensuing new fitments. Many many thanks.
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