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  1. I have just phoned them and there is an adapter. I am going over to Homestead and they are going to fit it to the lock for me. Mark from milenco said they are going to include it with the lock in future. thank you for your help Pertaining to wheels again, can anyone recommend a torque wrench to use for the wheel bolts on the Orion? I only got the van yesterday and it has been a steep learning curve.
  2. Does anyone use a Milenco wraith wheel lock?
  3. I have bought a Milenco wheel lock and have found it difficult to fit. There isn’t enough space round the bolt for the lick. Any advice or whatever wheel lick to use.
  4. I was told that I could have a separate connection wired from the car. I was told that with the multi pin socket alone, the fridge would not be powered while driving and charging the battery.
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